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Kaweco Special Dip Pen and Speedball Steel Brush — Unboxing and Review

Kaweco Special Dip Pen and Speedball Steel Brush — Unboxing and Review

Hey. Hello. My name is Peter. I am interested in being friends with you, but before we get into that I, well pretty much what the whole video is
going to be about is us looking at this new pen I got it is a
Kaweco or Kaweco, maybe. I’m not sure how to say it. And this was
sent to me by Goldspot pens and nice, I’ve got to say a tin-tin it’s some
sort of metal tin that it came in, which looks nice. Feels nice. And this
is not an average fountain pen. In fact, you might not call it a fountain pen
at all cause it’s actually a dip pen as far as I can tell here we have a nice little,
Kaweco sticker Uh, probably put that on my water bottle. Nice. Effectively sticker bombed. Anyways, back to the pen. Oh here it is. This is called the Kaweco special. So here’s a little cap that
goes in there. All right. I guess we’ll get to that
later, but the cap doesn’t seem to work that well and it was a nice little case that comes in. I’m going to see if there’s anything
under here just for the sake of thoroughness and there was nothing under there,
but if there were any hidden items, little bits of lore or anything, I’m
sure that’s where it would have been. All right, so these two pieces
are completely made of metal. This is like a little tail that goes
on the back end I think to make it seem more like a classical dip
pen shape or something. Ooh, kind of an awful sound. There you go. I don’t think you’re supposed to like
fill this up with anything like I’m not sure why that comes on and
off. Maybe just so it’s, it’s smaller and it’s easier to ship, but I dunno. There it is and as you
can see here, it came with one nib. I think I have a few more
nibs leftover somewhere. Hello, leftover nibs. Where are you? Well, for some other dip pen I reviewed, I
think it was the Zebra something or other, I got a bunch of nibs, but we’ll just review
this nib and actually, I also got another nib this thing. Look at this. We’ll also
see how this nib works. Maybe the funkiest, uh, weirdest
looking nib I’ve ever seen. I got to set a, a weird
little like used art store. The art store isn’t used, but the
supplies they’re in are used. Um, so I’m not entirely sure what this
thing is for, but it’s built like a, like a flat what are those things
called the flat bladed shovels I’m talking about maybe for shoveling
gravel off the road or whatever, but um, it’s pretty crazy looking. Alright, so next thing
we need of course is ink. I have this red watermen ink
here that I have not opened yet. You know, I use a lot of black ink and so it’s
nice to mix it up every once in awhile. Let’s go with red for once. Oh, vibrant. Okay. We’re going
to take this, first of all, try out this nib, which
seems a little bit flexible, which I guess is the point of a dip pen.
Now this can come in and out, right? If you want to replace it. I don’t
know where all my other nibs are. Uh, but as you can see, this says
Lee Leonard, Leon Leonhard, 30 England, if that means anything to you. Obviously I’m not a super aficionado
of bit pens cause I don’t know exactly what that means, but I’m guessing it’s
some sort of pen nib. I’m going to dip Nice. Oh, it’s really flowing. Is this one of those things that was
supposed to burn or wash first. Every time I complain about
a pen nib, someone says, Peter, you should have burned it or washed it. Or there’s something about oils on
it they put on there to preserve it. Should I burn it? Should I wash it? Those
seem like two very different things. I can see how both of them will
get rid of oils on the nib. Obviously I will go with
the more exciting option. How do I know if it’s too much? Do you think that’s good?
Can I do it too much? uh, as I wait for it to cool down, I will tell you that the pen
itself feels good in my hand. Uh, I wouldn’t touch the tip right
now. It’ll probably burn yourself. Maybe a good way to get a
brand if you really want that, if you’re into that sort of thing.
I don’t know if it’s still hot. I feel like my lips are chapped. Is that what just happens in the winter? Right. It’s cool to the touch. Now
let us once again attempt to dip, and write. I don’t know what I’m writing All right. I mean it’s doing better. This one, a lot of these fountain
pens and dip pens that I use. Like it feels okay to push up. You know, obviously these work best when
you’re like dragged down. Right. And pulled down with them. Uh,
but this one is like so sharp. It like digs into the
paper when I push it up, I don’t really know if I’m
supposed to be doing that. Maybe I’m supposed to Everything I do is supposed to
be comprised of down strokes. It feels very scratchy if you’re into
that. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. It’s just a sensation I’m experiencing. It could be the paper too though. All right. Here’s a different
kind of paper. I mean, it definitely does seem to be working
better putting it to the flame. It doesn’t hold a lot of ink. Like how often are you
supposed to be dipping this? Like I can write like two and a half
letters before I have to dip again. Am I flexing it too much? I’m not sure if I don’t flex it as
much though. You know, maybe you can draw more lines
before I have to refill it. Is there something obvious
I’m doing wrong here. It’s just annoying to not be
able to write like a full sentence. Not even like five words. Right. Maybe I am supposed to be putting
ink inside of the body of it. Well, the really the only satisfying
strokes to make with this are the up and down ones. I mean
the top to bottom ones, the sideways ones are really overly
scratchy and seem to dig into the paper. Same with the bottom to top and you
can’t flex it at all that way if you’ve tried to flex it and move
upwards. Of course it digs in, which may be the intended way to use
it. Right. I don’t know. I’m no Calligraphist, this, maybe
this, this is intended, this pen could be intended for
someone entirely different than me. Like a casual just person
who likes to write with pens. This could be for, you know, like
calligraphy enthusiasts who know that real, the the right
way to treat a pen, which I’ve seen time and time again that
I don’t necessarily know how to treat some pens, but that’s interesting. All right. I’m, I’m trying to remember how this stacks
up to the other dip pen I used the Zebra, whatever it was called. I can’t
remember. Anyway, let’s try this other, let’s try this nib. Oh,
I thought for a second. Maybe it wouldn’t even fit
in the ink bottle. Right. I’m going to put this in here. I think it fits. It’s a little tight. Okay. Dipping it all the way in there. now a bloody spade. There’s a lot of ink a whole lot. It’s very satisfying though. If you want
to use a lot of ink very quickly. Maybe this is like the
fountain pen equivalent. of like a Magnum Sharpie,
you know, if you just want to to a huge area all at once. Definitely holds more
ink than the other one. Extremely satisfactory. maybe I should draw with this
today instead of the other nib. It’s still reviewing this pen, right? It’s just this pen with a cool nib and
maybe we can use up a whole bottle of ink. I do have a big piece of paper we
can use. I think we’ll do that. It’s very wet. Somehow. I’ve gotten none of it on my hands so far, but I shouldn’t say I shouldn’t
speak too soon. I just jinxed myself. That’s a thing. We all know it. How’s this look? Oh yeah. It’s a nice
big hunk So I’m gonna use this
ink in this pen and uh, I’ll draw on it. Eventually I got down to work
with this. Well, I looked it up. I did a little bit more research and this
is actually called a steel brush made by speedball, which is a popular producer of pen nibs, pen holders, pen sets, calligraphy et cetera. And um, basically
the idea behind them is, uh, that you can do all sorts of different
calligraphy and with these bigger ones, these things they call steel
brushes as you can do like, I guess make big signs do like
lettering for signs and stuff. This, this one that says three fourth,
uh, I think that’s the inch. That’s the size and inches, right? It’s three quarters of an inch and
it goes down to like half an inch. And it’d be like a couple eights of an
inch and a quarter of an inch if you want different sizes. But I think I have the biggest
one here that I found at the, uh, at the used art supply store.
And of course I was silly. It did originally come in a sealed box. So it wasn’t even a used art supply. It was a completely brand new art supply
that I guess someone had just left there. And I don’t know why it’s
called a used. Um, actually not, I think it’s called a
used art supply store. That place is called shelf life
and I think that’s how they, that’s how they advertise themselves.
But most of the stuff I got from there, in fact the piece of paper
that I drew on here today, I also got from there also,
um, did not seem pre used, which I mean is I guess it’s good. I don’t really want to pre used
piece of paper. Uh, but yeah. Yeah. So it’s called, uh, it’s
called a steel brush by speedball. If you want to look up more about
this crazy weird looking nib, and yes it can hold a lot of ink. I
did two drawings here with it. The first one was, it was fun
and satisfying, but it didn’t, I don’t know, I didn’t really
like how it turned out. Right. Looking at it didn’t really excite
me. The results weren’t as fun. Uh, so after, after that one
after I, that was kind of a, the first one was kind of a like
a reconnaissance mission. We’re kind of feeling it out a little bit
more, see how the pen, the nib works. Okay. And then after that I
felt more comfortable with
going in and doing another drawing, which in which
I was a little more, uh, free and more comfortable with it. And I did like a lot more
shorter, uh, reckless strokes. I wasn’t as comfortable with it. I was a lot happier how
it with how it turned out. The red was very dramatic. This
Waterman ink red, very, uh, striking and sharp and bloody and I
did get some of it on my hands finally. Uh, which is weird. People aren’t used to seeing
people walking around with
like a bunch of red all over your hands. Although I
think if I had been real blood, that sort of thing turns,
you know, when it dries, it becomes a darker red. Doesn’t
always stay that bright. I don’t know. I’m not a blood scientist. A hematologist, is that what those are called? Anyways, as far as this pen review goes, I like the Kaweco special. I think
that’s what this pen is called. As far as a pen, a pen holder, is that what it’s called? Like it feels
good. It feels solid. It’s all metal. Uh, I’m not sure what the little screwing
and unscrewing of the back part does, but I like how it’s slightly angled. It’s
got, it’s like a hexagon or something. Right. So it doesn’t
roll around too much. Um, I’m not as enthusiastic
about the nib it comes with. But like I mentioned before, one of the great and wonderful things
about dip pens is that you can buy so many different types of nibs and just keep
switching them out as long as you get like, you know, the the right size. And there’s like a pretty
standardized system for that, I think. So there’s no problem. You just get a nib holder you like and
then get whatever nibs you like and you’re good to go. And hopefully it’ll
all get sorted as, as far as how much, you know, maybe the amount I had to
dip with that nib was totally normal. I just wasn’t used to it. I’m not
sure. Or maybe other nibs do better. I know there are nibs I’ve used in past
videos, they have like little, little, little pieces of metal on top of
the nib to help hold more ink. And I’m not sure it’s all right. Sometimes it’s kind of therapeutic
to have to go back and keep dipping. So it’s not the worst thing in the
world. But yeah, I mean I’d recommend it. Um, let me look how much this was. Okay. These are $50 on the Goldspot
website. That’s who sent this to me. And it says, the description says something about
how these transcend time and are just as attractive today as they were when they
were first created years ago. And now, I don’t know how many years ago that
was, but at least more than two, I suppose. It says, each pen is made
of high quality aluminum. Right? There you have it. It says the raw aluminum service is
designed to be soft so that as your pen commingles with your keys and other items, it acquires a worn look
unique to you. Now, I do like that idea because I
have kept a couple of my, uh, like I have like a lead holder that I’ve
been keeping in my pocket I’d carrying with me and it’s becoming worn
and more personalized. Right. And that it’s meaning it did, it really
does mean more to me because of that. Uh, but this pen, I’m not sure about being a dip pen
because the cap that it came with doesn’t really fit on there that well. And I guess you don’t have to keep the
back pointy end on there cause it would make it kind of long. I don’t know. I just don’t know about putting
this in your pocket. That’s all. I’m a little skeptical about that. This seems to me more like a leave at
home on your writing desk sort of pen. Uh, but other than that. I like it there’s a time and place, right? This does doesn’t seem like a pocket pen, but maybe other people can figure out
things for their pockets that I can’t anyways. Can you guys tell I’m
a little stuffed up right now? I sneezed about 14, um,
thousand times yesterday. So, uh, if you have any
like vitamin C vibes, you can send me, just kind of wiggle
your fingers in my general direction, send those vitamin C vibes. Thank you.
And, uh, all right, I’ll see you later. Thanks for watching. All
right, goodbye. Goodbye.

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