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Jolly Animals – The Yellow Cow, Arabic

Jolly Animals – The Yellow Cow, Arabic

The Yellow Cow is the first book in a series of stories based on animals mentioned in the Holy Qur’an. ‘I always say ‘Moo!’ and I’m too big to jump.’ ‘I’m too old to frolic and too young to snooze…’ ‘I’m strong and well mannered, which one will you choose?’ As a child, I used to dream of writing children’s stories and after my daughter was born, this matter became more personal. So I wanted to write her fables inspired by animals from the Holy Qur’an. So I combined an animal from the Holy Qur’an and my storytelling skills to come up with The Yellow Cow. ”Mooooo!’ and I’m too big to jump.’ ‘Whose over there under the tree? A girl and a boy are looking for me.’ ‘Why am I special what can it be?’ (In Arabic) ‘I always say ‘Moo!’, and I’m too big to jump.’ My wife, Lama, has dreamt of writing stories for children since we ourselves were little kids. When our daughter was born in Australia she developed a new found love for animals; so we decided to write her stories based on her love for animals and our love for the Holy Qur’an. (In Arabic) ‘This cow plows the fields and that one waters the plants…’ Consequently, we established a startup called Jolly Animals, through which we launched our first crowdfunding campaign enabling us to publish our first book (In Arabic) ‘While I stay nice and clean’ (In Arabic) ‘Counting hard-working ants’ (Counting ants together) Two, Three, Four, Five! How many ants are there? (Everyone) ‘Five ants!’ I was insistent on translating our book to Arabic because I wanted to introduce a different kind of Arabic product to the market. I wanted to participate in spreading my beautiful language so I decided to contact my father-in-law; he told me that he could not professionally translate it, but I replied by praising his language skills. I asked him to start the base, and we’ll get it edited at a later stage. (In Arabic) ‘While I stay nice and clean…’ (‘Cow! Cow!’) Two months later, I received an unexpected call from my father saying that he had sent the translation He was delighted that Lama will now stop nagging him for it. By God’s grace, six weeks after that call… my father passed away. and that was the incentive behind publishing The Yellow Cow in Arabic. The Yellow Cow (In Arabic) Translated by Mazen Al Kaissi An ongoing charity for his beautiful soul.

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    في سبتمبر ، توفي والدي مازن من سكتة دماغية مفاجئة تاركًا وراءه ترجمة عربية غير كاملة لكتاب البقرة الصفراء. أريد أن أعطي كلماته الفرصة للحياة. أريد أن يعيش اسمه. لقد صنعت هذه الحملة حتى نتمكن من تقديم صدق جارية عن روحه. كما ستذهب الكتب والألعاب من الحملة إلى رسم الابتسامات على وجوه الأطفال اللاجئين. ساعدوني في إنهاء ما بدأه.

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    In September, my father passed away from a sudden brain stroke, leaving behind an unfinished Arabic draft of The Yellow Cow book. Weeks before his passing, my wife and founder of Jolly Animals, Lama, had asked my father to translate the first draft of The Yellow Cow in Arabic… And now that he’s gone, there was only one thing we were going to do with it. Publish it, with as little change as possible. This video explains the story of that book.

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