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Jet Pens Haul – January 2015

Jet Pens Haul – January 2015

Hi Everyone! Kristina here. Today I’m going
to be showing you a haul from They were kind enough to send me some store
credits and I asked all of you on Facebook what you would like me to buy and possibly
review or just show you what it is on camera. So, I’m going to show you what I bought. Some
of these were requested, some were ones that I just thought you guys would be interested
in. So the first thing. In fact I think it was one of the ones most requested. Is this
watercolor set. This Pearlescent Watercolor set. I don’t know if you can see the kind
of shimmer on those water colors, but I’m going to go ahead and open this up and see
how it does. So this is a very inexpensive water color set. So my expectations aren’t
super high. But we’re just going to kind of see exactly what they look like. I’ve just
got some watercolor strips here. I’ve got a watercolor brush that I just finished using
for a video. So I’m going to go ahead and… See where did it go… Where’d my paintbrush go? There we go. Alright so, let’s see here. Let’s just start
with this really pretty magenta color. So, I think it needs quite a bit of water to get
it started. There we go. Now some of it’s moving. I’m just going to keep mixing this
until the paint turns a little bit thicker, because then it will show up more on camera.
With these dry water color cakes that are like this, you really do have to really work
with it and try to get some good color going. Especially with these inexpensive sets. Okay… It is quite dull right now. I wonder if as
it dries if it gets more of that shimmer to it. We will see. In fact, maybe I’ll try wetting my card stock
here and then I can bring in that color and see if move around. I can see a little more
of the shimmer that way. Let’s add another color. In fact I’m just going to add water a bunch
of these just to get them wet and have it start soaking up some of that water. Okay…I can see the shimmer lots more on
this blue one. I’m going to zoom in so you guys can see…it
working. Hopefully you’ll be able to see that on camera.
Not sure if you will or not. I’m going to add some more blue. You can kind of see that
move around. You really do have to work with the paints. You have to add quite a bit of
water, let it sit; let it soak into the pan, so that it really starts to get really pigmented.
Otherwise it’s very very pale. After usinga really nice water color set right before
I filmed this video I definitely can tell the comparison between the two. If that makes
sense. It’s a good thing this one is inexpensive. I don’t think it’s meant to be a super, you
know, quality expensive set. It’s just something fun to play with. Alright I’m going to try
this really vibrant blue. Just going to get this surface wet so that
the colors move around. I’ll pick up that minty green color. I’m just
going to add it to the water color over here. The color is really spreading now. So I think that the secret is to get lots
of pigment going. Lots of water in this blue one. Hopefully I can mix up enough color that
it won’t be too thin. You almost have to scrub with the pan to try to get that color to come
up. So I’ve got some more color going. Okay, so overall these colors aren’t super
pigmented. You do kind of get what you pay for. I think they’re kind of fun to play with.
I don’t know that I would dedicate a lot of time to it, just because I do have that knowledge
of the comparison to the another type of watercolors that, well are more expensive they are higher
quality in my opinion. I’m going to go ahead and dry this. Okay, hope you guys can see that shimmer.
Kind of that pearlescent look. It is really kind of different. Really subtle effect. It’s
not super bright and shimmery. So keep that in mind. Here is that other piece that I did
earlier. It’s not dry yet. Let me quickly dry it. Okay, so there’s that shimmer on that one.
Once again it’s kind of more subtle effect, but it is kind of cool. Okay so here’s that
water shimmer or Pearlescent water color set. Alright another thing that I bought was this
pencil case. I thought it was just really really neat. Let me close it up so you can
see exactly what it is. This is Moving Option from Nomatic Inc. It has a little snap on
one end, so you could unzip it all the way. So it has a really large compartment here.
You can see all the stuff I have inside. These are all things I’m going to take out and show
you guys. There’s a little tiny pocket right here. Then the rest of it is just open. There
is a zipper pocket right here in the front. This has a lot of space in it. It also has
this flap that comes out. Even more space inside and these are divided. So it’s really
great if you have little Post-its or stickies. These would be a great pencil case for all
of you planner’s obsessed people. Planner addicts. If you wanted to put all of your
Post-Its and stickers and things in these pockets. I like that it has this flap that
keep everything secure. So, this comes in a multitude of different colors. I chose red,
because red is one of my favorite colors. But you can definitely choose other ones.
So, what I have inside is. Copic has a new Opaque White. The one that I have is actually
in a jar and it’s the one that is really goopy and it dries up quickly… In fact let me grab it… This is their old version of the Copic Opaque
White and it’s not as convenient as to what this promises to be. So it has. Basically
it has a built in really fine brush. Oh, that’s nice. So you can do really thin lined white on your
illustrations. So I’m not going to try it right now, but it promises to be really good.
It does close a lot tighter. So I kind of think it’s going to be a good change. So I
think I’ll really like this. Alright what else do I have in here? Along
those same lines with Copic. A few of you were asking me to try the Copic
Atyou Spica, I’m not sure how to say it. They’re basically like glitter markers. They’re
supposed to look really cool on dark card stocks or on top of your coloring, so I have
some cardstock here. Oooo. That is really pretty; I’m going to
zoom in so you guys can see. I’ll try not to lose the sharpness, but you can see. I
can see a little bit of shimmer in person. I’m not sure if the camera is picking it up,
but you can see a little bit of that. It does stay wet for a longer period of time. I’m
going to try the clear. Okay. That is very clear. As it’s drying it’s
fading. Left behind a little bit of sparkle. Not a ton. Definitely not as much as a Wink
of Stella Glitter Brush Pen. I’m going to switch to to some white card stock… for these other ones. Here is some red. Okay,
that one I’m not seeing any sparkle. There is like two little sparkles. So that one’s
not. I’m not that impressed with that one. This one is gold. This one has quite a bit
of sparkle. I’m not sure if you guys can see all that. There’s actually quite a bit of
sparkle showing through. I could image if you painted or used this on top of some yellow
Copic coloring it would be really pretty. This one is called Blossom. Oooo, and it’s
really dry. Look at that it’s already running out. That’s kind of a disappointment. Oh well, I’m not super impressed with these.
I think the gold is probably my favorite, just because it doesn’t kind of show up a
little bit more than the others. I really only got 5 colors to try for you guys. So,
take them at what you will. Okay, also in here I have. Some of you wanted
to know about the Pilot Frixion highlighters. I thought they were really kind of cool looking.
So I want to grab some note-book paper… Here’s some notebook paper and I’m going to
pretend that I’m highlighting something. I’ll just be like ta da. Highlighting. Looks like
a regular highlighter. I’m going to do a little bit of… Test handwriting with just a ball point pen. I’m going to zoom in for you guys too. Okay, so I’m going to highlight over the top
of this, because I want to make sure that it’s not going to smear. It looks like it
did okay. So this thing with these friction pens is on the other end there’s an eraser
and you’re supposed to be able to erase everything. Oh wow! That is kind of really cool. It erases really
really well. I think those of you that like to highlight text books or even books as you’re
reading them would really love this, because later if you wanted to share the book with
someone else you could go back and erase your highlights. I think that could be interesting.
So that’s kind of really cool. So the other two types of pens that I bought to show you
guys are Platinum Preppy. They are fountain pens. I get the medium and also a fine point.
I believe you have to screw off the bottom and then it has the ink cartridge and you
need to push that on until it glides in. Then you can put that barrel back on. You have
to wait for the ink to kind of move all the way into the tip of the pen. So that might
take a minute. I’m just going to let that sit and I’m going to prep this other one at
the same time. The other one was black this one is red. So once again you just take the
ink cartridge and press it on until it snaps all the way down into the barrel. Or into
the tip. Screw on that barrel. Alright, I’m going to put the cap back on and just let
that sit for a little bit while we wait for it to get all the way to the tip. Sometimes
these kind of take a while. So I’m just going to let that sit. Oh, that’s pretty fast. That’s nice. So… Okay, so this is the fine point. I’ll zoom in for you guys. Okay So considering that one went pretty fast,
this one probably ready and it is. This is the other one. It’s definitely thicker than the fine point. These are kind of cool. The red color is almost
like a hot pink and the black is supposed to be black, but it’s almost like a dark gray.
So that is just something to note. I think these kinds of pens are kind of fun. They’re
relatively inexpensive. If you have never tried a fountain pen before this might be
a fun thing to try out. Okay. And the last thing I go. These have
been around for a long long time. I know lots of people who love these. These are Paper
Mate Flair felt tip pens. I got a set of 16. Planner enthusiasts really love these. They
have loved them for many years. I know a lot of people either love these or they love the
LePen Markers. I have just never really tried these out, so I thought I would give them
a try. So I’m not sure what color this is, but Paper Mate Flair. That’s what we’re going
for. Okay, I like how they write. Sometimes my
handwriting changes depending on the type of pen I’m using. I kind of like using a more
casual script with these pens. Let’s try another color. We will try purple, since we are kind
of going on the purple magenta kick here. These are medium. I don’t think they’re quite fine enough for
writing in a planner for me. Let’s see if it goes through the paper. It really doesn’t
show through the paper much at all. This is rather thin paper. I think you’d be okay to
use it on your planner pages, except for your extremely thin one. I know the filofax
paper is quite thin so I wouldn’t recommend using it on that. Although, I know a lot of
people really love it on their filofax. So, it’s probably just kind of one of those
you mileage may vary type situations. If you like it or not. I do like that there’s lots
of different colors. If you are not a fan of the super super thin Marvy LePen Markers.
You might like these that have a little bit bigger of a barrel. A little bit more like
your usual pen types, so you might enjoy it more than the Le Pens. I tend to not have
a problem with the Lepens, even though they are thin. These feel more like your average
pen. The black is quite black. Especially compared to the Platinum Preppy Pen. Let’s
see those together. Yeah you can really tell the difference on
those. Okay so there’s a really informal haul and review. I hope you guys enjoyed and
let me know down in the comments what your favorite item that I have shown here today.
What you favorite item was. Just let me know down in the comments. Because I’m just curious.
I think it would be really fun to find out what you guys liked the most. Thank you so
much for watching and I will be back on Monday for my usual card videos. Thanks for watching.

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    I got that watercolor set but in plain colors and it's so dull compared to my tube paints that I got for four euro for twelve and that set in the shop I got it cost six I'm dissapointed to be honest

  • TerrieJ DimestoreDivaTV says:

    I am getting the watercolor set. Not everyone wants their paintings to shine to the gods. Adding a slight luminescence to an existing hue is much more attractive to me, a little glow to certain elements. It's all to do with what you want. I was going to get Winsor and Newton Iridescence medium, but this gives a lot of options for a lower cost and is more portable, and will show me if I am interested if I am interested in investing in Finetek Thanks for sharing.

  • Suzanne Beyer says:

    That highlighter is way cool!

  • Zdravko Dubravec says:

    Would be great that you have more playlists with product test and hauls …. but i like your videos so much …. i wached so many of them that my youtube feed is just crafting now lol ….

  • Sue Abell says:

    I have that pearlescent watercolor set and even though it’s very inexpensive it works fine for my purposes, which is to use them on black or dark cardstock for backgrounds for cards. I like these haul types of videos, helps with making decisions about future purchases. Thanks.

  • Catherine Flusche says:

    I use platinum preppy as my main writer. They're super cheap ($4) and I don't really worry about mixing inks in it. I have only "broken" one and that was because the cap was no longer sitting tightly.
    I had a medium point that I loved (the one that broke) and I decided to try the fine point. The fine point works great with the cartridge that comes with it, but didn't lay down enough ink for my liking with my "fancy" ink samples. It also clogged really easily (only with the samples, NOT with the cartridge) and was just annoying to use. So, I ordered another medium point (which works like a dream) and have used the cartridges in the fine point just to use up the ink (I can refill the cartridges with my ink samples when I'm not in the mood to wait for the barrel to dry after being an eyedropper pen).
    So I highly recommend the medium point; the fine point not so much.

  • Madeline Brownlee says:

    I'm new to your channel and already love, love it!!! Just wondering if you have tried Twinkling H2O's?

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