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JESUS, (Arabic, Modern Standard), Jesus and Zaccheus

JESUS, (Arabic, Modern Standard), Jesus and Zaccheus

As Jesus was on his way
to Jerusalem large crowds met
him everywhere. People were asking Him to show them
the way to salvation and to teach them more
about the kingdom of God. This man really is a prophet. My Lord and Master, save me! Oh Lord, save us! Save us! Praise the Lord! Show us the true way, Lord! That’s the tax collector! The people were beginning to accept
Him as Lord and Master In Jericho there was a tax collector
named Zacchaeus. He wanted to see Jesus
so much that he climbed a tree
to get above the crowd. Hurry down, Zacchaeus. For I must stay in your house today. My house? Who’d want to stay in his house? How does Zacchaeus know Jesus? Listen. I give half of my belongings
to the poor, and if I have cheated anyone, I will pay him back
four times as much! I don’t believe it! A tax collector
paying back his taxes! Impossible! Salvation has come
to this house today. For this man also is a
descendent of Abraham! The Son of Man came to
seek and to save the lost.

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