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J.Burrows Erasable Gel Pens Overview

J.Burrows Erasable Gel Pens Overview

Erase mistakes written in ink using a J.Burrows
Erasable Gel Pen. These gel pens write in an erasable ink that
is removed from your page using the rubber on the end of the pen, and can be written
over immediately afterwards. They feature a soft, rubberised grip so that
you can write in comfort for longer without becoming tired as well as a lid with a pocket
clip so that you can easily take them on the go. The pens have 0.7 mm nibs which create thin
lines perfect for a range of applications such as note taking. Available in different colours and pack sizes,
these J.Burrows Erasable Gel Pens are perfect for anyone who wants to be able to erase mistakes
they make in ink. You can purchase them from your local Officeworks
store, or buy them online today.

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