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IZ*ONE WONYOUNG (원영) – Sailing 0805 (그 여름 0805) Cover (Color Coded Lyrics Han/Rom/Eng/가사)

Whoo yeah Between the passing seasons among the etched memories I remember the first day that I saw you A sunny summer day, Your innocent laughter Did you know that dazzling moment will become an eternity Sometimes, There were moments filled with tears But this will be a long journey that will outshine the past Sailing into the night Under the night sky filled with darkness Even though we cannot see the end We are again and again and again Even though it may become faint over the years I won’t stop like the promise on that summer day I won’t wander not knowing where to go During countless wanderings In which I found a vividly sparkling star at the end of a long voyage You are the world I met, When I detoured, it’s you You know it’s true Stay together sailing into the night Who made the deep darkness in all the sea turn pink For you, Again and again and again Even over the years, I won’t be shaken I won’t stop like the radiant girl that summer I won’t change like the unchanging wish every summer Promise me

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