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IT IS SO HARD / Trying To Speak Arabic

IT IS SO HARD / Trying To Speak Arabic

hello guys welcome to my channel my name is Helen and that was really exist is my first video and english and i want to tell you guys before you going on command and six oh my gosh are using English so bad i want to tell you that I still learning English so please lord izumi guys this video I will triumph speaking Arabic because i have so many friends who child language and i decided to do the video because i think it would be funny so let’s go relation to reach I speak arabic and ohmygod going through is so hard to do what I Rajai sorry guys for all words that I think wrong ok because i don’t speak Arabic I feel any English so the Germany’s engine the first thing i would try to speak in Arabic is hi how are you let’s see how to fade and RV I like I let big fuss over a good to learn that night I like it’s a hunter and we try to say my name is Helen place the whole could speak in an RV always goes over your it’s not so high rises give me Helly like the station it’s me Helen let’s try hungry I and then use your another yarn will guide her remembers figured the ride always tried to be i would like you have some food you put are making instant be very very hard ok so be it oh yeah I don’t always say let’s try going to add my way I would I trouble with guys like that going out about my way yeah i would I weather brings them or anything yeah i would like to add and I don’t know where ya think you can do this that have only had about you and I wonder movie and then I went to hear what he had and out of nowhere and in the United years when I don’t know where literally year I with that lesson with their best our mom is how we do this video really comes to life and get your heart college try thinking of easy or get online guess I what try again speak some hard because I give you this is very eyes it’s like impossible to use legs stripes happy birthday the stripes in the woods certainly you always decide he’s only targeting the whole study hours i think it’s morally be safe as the sole horrible nice try the less than and we try to speak arabic i hope you are well I like yeah future where I like that girl well I don’t future where do I don’t know the measure and I think you want another known since I was beaches you don’t know if I hope you enjoyed the video and the youth you giant you can give your life and subscribe to my channel if you want to see more visual like this a really sorry about my english target is still learning start for an award that I straight for all the RV and move because he always not any was all tree and the usual I Spears common years out if you have some ideas to meters that I can do so thank you guys for Lexington video and /

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