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Israelis: Is it okay if Arabs serve in the Israeli army?

Israelis: Is it okay if Arabs serve in the Israeli army?

Ortal and Idan
Azur What do you think of Arabs
that serve in the Israeli army? Excellent Excellent It doesn’t scare you?
– No Why should they serve? Because everyone here in the country needs to give back and if you give back and it doesn’t matter what
nationality or background Simply, everyone has to serve in the army Including combat units? It doesn’t matter in what they need to give back Everyone They are equal citizen There is no difference Eliyahu
Tel Aviv Is it okay that Arabs want to serve
or serve in the army? Is it ok? For you? It can cause security problems Why? Why? Because they want to annihilate us
so how can they serve? How can serve our interests? An Arab that wants to serve he doesn’t want to annihilate us Maybe he is a mole Doreen
Petah Tikva Is it okay if Arabs serve in the army? Yes At all levels? Does it matter
if a combat unit? I think yes, they need to serve in the army I think they need to serve in the army Why are you against the army? Yossi Holon I was in the army
in the artillery unit and what I wanted to do
they wouldn’t let me do everything was stubborness there Only after I sat in army jail
did I get what I wanted and until today, I am against the army What did you want? I wanted to be in ….
I was in the artillery unit and every unit drove me crazy And I see what is happening in the army so I don’t think…
I am against the army You won’t send your children to the army? Yes, I have problems with that
with my wife I will send them but
not to combat units No way to a combat unit Regular units, yes What do you think of Arabs
that want to serve in the army? I have no problem with that Muslims, others? There are also Christians now
serving in the army I have friends
I grew up in Jaffa I have Muslim, Christian friends all groups I have no problem with them You aren’t afraid of them having weapons?
– No Hava
Beit Shemesh Is it okay that Arabs serve in
the army, IDF? It depends what role there are roles they can do
and help the country, so why not Let’s say there is someone Arab Muslim who wants to…
(someone interupting) It depends what rank he is he just shouldn’t be
in a security role, a classified security role that could damage the country Of course they can, it’s fine like if he helps as an ambulance driver
he can do that or a paramedic, stuff like that to help Let’s say he wants to be a combat soldier? Combat is a bit problematic Why? There are also Jews that we can’t be
combat soldiers Of course but let’s say he is in shape and he wants to protect his country I don’t think it’s possible he needs to protect If he thinks this is his country
I don’t think he can be a combat soldier You don’t think this is his country? What did you say? If he thinks this is his country then how can he be a soldier for us? He thinks this is his country
that’s what he thinks He thinks I don’t think so You probably have a lot of
Arab friends in Ramle, right? Here and there In school, did you interact with each other? or was it a school with only Jews? It was a mixed school And until today, they are your friends
– True Do they serve in the army? Some do, some don’t Interesting. Tell us about that There are those who serve the ones from the Bedouin sector They contribute what they can I also have a Muslim friend
who was in army training with me But there are some people
who think differently It’s mixed (opinions) You can’t give a country here, a country there I am right wing
my views are right wing I say that they should get a country and from there we will know… Where is that country? Not here Where? In the West Bank/Gaza? They should find a country That they have to leave? This is our country It’s not someone else’s country You understand? We are here, 70 years? Right? and we only suffer We suffer from rockets, wars
and all this shit You understand? They lack for nothing Yishai
Hadera Is it okay that Arabs serve in the army? If he is equal here then if he doesn’t serve in the army
then he should in something else The army? No Why? Why? Oh What is that question? They have no belonging to the country If tomorrow, someone from
an Arab country comes to them and gives them something
they will go back there They don’t have a Jewish identity that they care about the Jews Let’s say someone does
Let’s say someone from Wadi Ara wants to serve in the army So then yes If he wants…. Muslim? No problem, for me
it doesn’t matter if he is Muslim If he supports the country
supports the principle our right to be here then great And if not, you were going to say
he should do national service? Yes, he should go in the
direction of national service where there are lots of things to do to do in the society as Arabs, Jews, Christians, Muslims Hospitals, old age homes public works Many things Just like all the Haredim
don’t serve in the army they work in ZAKA
which I work in by the way United Hatzalah Ezer Mizion Lots of organizations and institutions instead instead of army service which in terms of social effectiveness helps more than just serving in the army Jackie
Kfar Shmaryahu (asking a Jewish Israeli accompanying me) (asking an Arab Muslim Israeli
accompanying me)

80 Replies to “Israelis: Is it okay if Arabs serve in the Israeli army?”

  • schurgy16 says:

    Under 10 views gang

  • Desert Vox says:

    ZIONISTS come in all shapes and forms, although the middle- and top- controllers of that race-centric ideology are actual racists. The top controllers aren't even Jews, to the chagrin many clueless Zionazis. Remove that external support, and the entire Zionazi project will collapse in a matter of days.

  • jovan lipovatz says:

    Ask Arabs if Jews should be able to serve in their various armies.

  • Commented on wrong video says:

    I have a new TV also, just like yours.

  • Eternal Fisherman says:

    My goodness were those Israelis in this video overweight.

  • LordElites says:

    As an Arab Muslism I don't think All Arabs should be in the Israeli Army. If the Arab is Jewish or Christian then thats ok , but an Arab Muslims, no way because they would be fighting there own people not just in gaza, but in other places in the the middle east. If WW3 started Right now I would rather go to jail then getting drafted to fight Iran, because I would be fighting fellow muslims, even though they are the bad guys and they are shias I would still never fight. I would also never fight a Jew or Christian, but I would especially not fight a Muslim. Only if I have to.

  • Serapis Christos says:

    i am a sephardi and i know that god did not give any thing to any one , a freaking god does not exist. stop reading bullshit .

  • I like to move it, move it says:

    In Israel the darker the skin the more right-wing

  • Mohammad A says:

    10:45 this is what we are dealing with people😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭listen to him AHAHAHAHA how dumb can they get!😂😭my man said if they introduced the death penalties there would be no suicide bombers😂😭😂😭😭😭😂u complete moron

  • The Protector says:

    I'd be more concerned about Russians serving quite frankly. Never know when one could be a mole working for the FSB, passing state secrets back to the Kremlin. Also, there is a serious problem of neo-nutzis infiltrating the armed forces in the US and Canada. These two categories may also overlap.

  • Some day you will miss me says:

    Only traitor like druze and some of nomads in the south serve with Zionist gangs. Anyway we never considered them as Palestinians.

  • The Huguenot says:

    10:00 thats 100 percent right. Abraham got it, eventually lost it and exhiled to egypt generations later, then thru moses and joshua, given back to jews. God wants the Jewish people to have that land, but because of disobedience they continue to lose it to surrounding people. God used the UN votes to give the land back to them. But it's only a matter of time they lose it again.

  • Some day you will miss me says:

    Berber and Arab jews are frightened from Arab because they know Ashkenazi Jews can return to their homeland in Europe when Palestinians liberate their land, but for them they know no one will welcome them in Arab countries because they sold their properties in their countries to take over Palestinians homes and lands.

  • Matias Brachini says:

    9:55 " Abraham, Issac, Jacob…." ; " …they got it from god…" ahahahahahahahahahahaha the typical Bib-nion.

  • Linda Steckel says:

    I am fine with it. It shows personal courage as they probably take a lot of flack from their communities.
    It also shows that they are loyal to Israel.

  • I like to move it, move it says:

    Not just Israeli Arabs , also the Palestinians should be drafted🇮🇱

  • Matias Brachini says:

    Corey: if you don't ban the righ-wing israelis and yanks from this channell, the views will continue to go down. I know you know this but I also know you're afraid of them.

  • Iraqi Israeli says:

    The trick is simple. Arabs from the north get placed in the southern front. Bedouins from the south get placed in the northern front. This way they don't have to kill their relatives just across the border 😋😎🇮🇱🤤🤤🤤

  • Iraqi Israeli says:

    The problem is that Mizrahim have imported into Israel their chauvinist right-wing views they learned from Arabs.

  • Kerza AG says:

    Then make every Palestinian an Israeli citizen, and allow for the right of return.

  • Starhopper says:

    I'm with 1:44 I think they should serve in one way or another, if loyal to Israel (ie thorough screening required). It's their country too. However, those that are anti-Zionist, shouldn't be in the country, much less the military.

  • davedealer says:

    I love the head scratching logic of that last person. If israel adopted the death penalty there would be no more suicide bombers.

  • Mr Nice Guy says:

    I have many Arab friends…BUT!

  • Ash Kenazi says:

    The reason why I think anti-Semitism exists is because the majority of Ashkenazi Jews think they are morally and intellectually superior to the rest of humanity. They are extremely tribalistic when it comes to their race and only care about furthering their own group's interests even at the expense of others. And they constantly make themselves out to be victims to avoid any criticism/consequences for their own behavior/actions towards others, and to justify their own behavior/actions towards others in their own minds. That is not based out of hatred or envy, but from my own observations of their own behavior. And I think the only solution to getting rid of anti-Semitism would be for them to move to Israel.

  • jamana imad musfan ahmed al bahri says:

    ew never

  • jamana imad musfan ahmed al bahri says:

    thats like asking would Ukrainians serve in the russian army
    f no

  • gregtubez says:

    How are you gonna give a suicide bomber then death penalty! Lmao

  • Alex Sunderland says:

    There are no any other Arab in israel please say Palestinians.

  • aviel ego says:

    I know it's too late, but Happy New Year everyone!

  • ZuLKiNG says:

    More typical Corey begging for handouts while asking Jews most of the hard questions and challenging them while avoiding challenging Arabs on their equally bad, if not worse, views.

  • Alex Sunderland says:

    The ugly guy with grey hair and sunglasses didn't study the history the so called jews ashkenazis are not Semites first of all but the mizrahim maybe so regardless let's consider them even real Israelis so how biblical israelis get those lands they massacred and ethnic cleansed all the Semites in the these lands in big genocide like: amorites,jabusites,canaanites, amalekites,philistines,midianites & etc so learn before you speak nonsense and Jerusalem was belonging to jebusites before israelis took it by force another thing is the so called jewish is not under Al-Aqsa Mosque that's zionist propoganda and let me tell you the Arabs didn't take the land from you but from the romans who were threatening Arabs constantly.

  • Some day you will miss me says:

    In Palestine we used to say to ugly person , "hey why do you looks ugly like Druze?"

  • Ant B says:

    Anyone loyal to the state should serve.

  • perakole says:

    Some of them still after 71 years don't think Arabs (Palestinians) are humans, citizens of Israel.

  • perakole says:

    How ignorant is this American/Canadian at the end? Unmeasurable.

  • Ron Warshawsky says:

    They do serve for many years – Druze, Bedouins, Cherkessian, Arab Christians. During the last years Arab Muslim youth is also volunteering to Tzahal. There were Arab top level generals in Israeli army and top level police officials.

  • Maximilian Jehuda Ewert says:

    "if there was a death penalty there were no suicide bombings" – because of post suicide executions?

  • Diablo 6 says:

    The army does background check on everyone. Anyone who is zionist and loyal to the country then they can serve. I know many israeli Arabs who are in the IDF and are proud to be in it. The IDF is the backbone of this country and every loyal citizen who is able should serve.

  • Yair Solomon says:

    Israelis here a lot of the time conflate arabs also with palestinians with a palestinian ID, there are a lot of arabs where i served mostly beduian muslims and they get the job done.

  • Ugrak Pletkiilik says:

    even I know the answer to that and Im Asian.

  • thimothi albani says:

    Look at Arabs and Israelites… You will find out that they are from same ethnicity

  • Björn Lindqvist says:

    "Read the Bible, dude" Not the answer you'd expect from a Jewish Israeli 🙂

  • 2019 ma kore says:

    צריכים לקדם את זה בצורה דיי סלקטיבית,
    הבטחון קודם לכל שוויון.
    אבל לגבי שירות לאומי צריכים לחייב אותם!

  • 2019 ma kore says:

    1:25 קורי את התמימות שלך תשאיר בקנדה בקשה.

  • Robert Schrauder says:

    how about first try to get 90% of them to stop boting for pro Hamas/hezbollah parties to the knesset instead of going full nutjob mode for recruiting jihadist to the military

  • Καπτεν Χαρλοκ says:

    Many Jewish people are very openminded and lovely. Unfortunately as an outsider i hear mostly bad things about Israel and Jews in generally.

  • RAMjbeiha says:

    It good that some of them know the truth that they have been here for 70 years only
    Last guy making excuse that god gave him the land . Corey laughed also

  • Juba Numidia says:

    You're a good person Corey


    Corey.. maybe go a different direction?

  • MARDIN _ says:

    The more they look like arabs the more racist they are 😂


    Jews or Christians, ok in the army! Muslims, i'm not sure!!!

  • Mlako M.E says:

    Corey, where you did find this people?
    They don't know nothing 😂
    A lot of Muslims and Christians serve in IDF .

    And you need to learn basic things before you ask questions.

  • Versti says:

    I'm a Christian Arab, in 11th grade, and I honestly can't wait to finish high school, and join the IDF (Kravi/Combat soldier), this country is our country, it's Jewish at heart but it also allows Arabs to live here, and it's the safest country in the Middle East for Christians, so yes I will protect it and give back to the country after years of it and it's citizens (especially the Jews) giving to me, and protect the Jews and Arabs alike, I'm ready to lay down my life just to protect it and it's citizens (all of them).

    EDIT: when I said "our country" I didn't mean Arabs, I meant our as in Jews and Arabs and any citizen. Before someone takes it out of context and hates on me.

  • Mark Simons says:

    I'm getting and advertisement for sharpening knives in the middle of this video. Not very appropriate, is it?

  • mikha007 says:

    homosexuals are being punished lately as well…..maybe its to do with the Devine ?

  • Steven Grossman says:

    Polygraph proven NOT to work…

  • Steven Grossman says:

    Vaanunu didn't give military secrets, he gave nuclear secrets.

  • exodus21v20 says:

    You might as well ask if it was okay for jews to be made guard in the nazi concentation camps!

  • kahn267 says:

    Some of the best guys I served with were Arabs, Bedouins in Sayerot, it was truly beautiful, they are our brothers and with fluent Arabic, truly helped operationally

  • Tasfia says:

    3:34 what’s wrong with an Israeli Arab believing that Israel is his/her country?

  • x4ssraelx says:

    you can really tell that the last guy came from america… in all the worst aspects.

  • je&moi-meme * says:

    Is Corey pro-"palestinian" or something?

  • Tasfia says:

    I can’t even imagine how hard it would be for a Muslim to live in Israel.

  • Mark Simons says:

    If you listen to the comments from the Palestinian side of the fence there are lots of comments that make it clear that they want the Jews to "go back where they came from".
    I have no idea how many Israeli Arabs have family and friends on the other side of that fence.

  • Lady Nim says:

    Hi @Corey Gil-Shuster – I would be happy to contribute to your patreon. Are you able / willing to accept smaller donations per month from the membership levels stated on your patreon home page? Thanks.

  • outline says:

    Taqiyya people are only loyal to jihad

  • The Xhaxahka File Weixel says:

    What about Druze?

  • mey roc says:

    What? Arabs do serve in the Israeli army. More and more.

  • dogbert52 says:

    I am pretty sure they already volunteer to defend their land but its Always nice to hear varied opinions on the subject.

  • mey roc says:

    It is nice that Arab youth are beginning to understand feel patriotic towards Israel. They realize that joining the army will enhance their lives and future as Israelis. Good for them!

  • Thundar Spikershott says:

    What a dopey woman at the start. Give them a weapon so they can shoot her with it as long as it’s equal. They’ll “give back” her head I hope.

  • Slada MC says:


  • Thundar Spikershott says:

    You interrupt too much and lead the person’s answer. Learn to listen more.!

  • Thundar Spikershott says:

    The last guy was dead on balls accurate.! As long as people like HIM are in Israel they are worth supporting.

  • ForeverRepublic says:

    There are hundreds of graves all across Israel of Arab soldiers killed in our wars. If you want to call them cowards or disloyal then say it to their mothers and widows.

    If we want to eventually annex Judea and Samaria and fully integrate the Arabs then we need to get use to the idea of them in the army. Israeli is a nationality, not religion. And even though the Arabs in Hebron curse us, I very strongly believe their grandchildren and great grandchildren will be Israeli citizens (and be fully okay with it).

  • Benjamin K. says:

    Jackie from Kfar Shmaryahu talks a lot of sense. (6:15)

  • Shidoshi Makaveli the Done says:

    Fuck the zionist….
    #soral @[email protected]_Kulture

  • Слава Союзу Советских Социалистических Республик says:

    The Jeωs were able to profitably sell their boogie man to the dumber nations.

    But if you can put a national stamp on G-d the way the Jeωs did, how do you put it on something better than their boogie man?

  • Clovis SAS says:

    Actually, The Most High gave Israel to the Israelites but they had to fight the Canaanites, the guy in the last interview is teaching the Torah yet doesn't know the land was taken from other people Exodus 13:11 And it shall be when the LORD shall bring thee into the land of the Canaanites, as he sware unto thee and to thy fathers, and shall give it thee,

  • Mark Simons says:

    No one has mentioned that Muslims might make unreasonable demands on catering offered by the IDF.

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