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Israelis: Do you hate Arabs?

Do you hate Arabs?
God forbid! not at all Do you hate Arabs?
– No. I don’t hate Arabs. I have nothing against Arabs. I even come from a movement – a political movement Its main idea is to make the Arabs, the Israeli Arabs a part of us Which movement?
– Likud. Jabotinsky, Begin It’s a movement that believes that Arabs that exist
in Israel should be a part of the Jewish state I don’t hate Arabs. I hate the people who
are trying to hurt and kill Jewish people because of them being Jewish or Zionist. Do you hate Arabs?
– No! I don’t hate Arabs. Not at all. I felt the question was phrased wrong. I changed it to “Do you know people who hate Arabs”, to allow
people to be more open with their views. The question is: “Do you hate Arabs”? But I know that’s sort of a hard thing to ask, so: Do you know people who hate Arabs? I think we need a solution. I don’t know what solutions – but a solution that creates peace between these two nations. I don’t hate Arabs. I hate the Arabs that
killed my best friend in a bombing That happened?
– Yes! Not just once, you know. We all know each other. I hate the Arabs that create the hate. Because I think that the boy in my age, down there in Gaza wants peace. He wants quiet, he wants a job.
He doesn’t want to live in poor ways. and in the … In the … sewage Ah, In the sewage I think that the Arabs that hate – these are the Arabs we don’t like. We don’t love I think if you go to Gaza with this camera and ask people if they want peace, love and a
relationship with Israel – they will say yes. Not Hamas – but the regular people Like me. Do you know Israelis who hate Arabs? If I do?
-Yes! I know uneducated people who don’t know the history, and yes: They are ignorant. No – who hate Arabs!
– Only the ignorant people. When people are not ignorant they cannot hate a whole population and generalize – No. They can hate terrorists, but Arabs? Why would you hate Arabs? Why would you hate Canadians, hate Italians? You only hate those that are not treating you the right way! Not according to the law. That’s it, finish! What do you mean … “Hate” I asked the question!
– Finish! No, I don’t. Do you know people who hate Arabs? Yes!
– Okay. Do you have anything else to say about it? No.
– Ok. Do you know people that hate Arabs? I don’t think so!
-Ok. Do you know anyone who hates Arabs? If I know about?
– Do you know anyone who hates Arabs? Of course. I (do) know.
– Ok! And? A lot? What, my opinion?
– Yes! No, I’m not hating Arabs. I don’t like the people who make bombs, and everything like this. I don’t hate all of the Arabs. Ok, but you know people who do? I don’t know. Maybe … in the TV. But I don’t its true Nobody hates all the Arabs; maybe people that make a problem, or something. Do you know people who hate Arabs? If I know?
– Yes. No, not really.
– Ok. What do you mean by “not really”? What do you mean by ‘not really’? You know – after there’s a terror attack or
something, everybody’s like ‘The Arabs, the Arabs!’ ‘They are not ok’ – You know. But, not really! I don’t think that someone hates them. Do you know people who hate Arabs? Yes.
– Ok! Do yourself hate Arabs? To some extent – yes.
– Ok. Explain! Basically, I lived in Jerusalem all my life. And I worked with Arabs. Some of them were actually considered my friends. I mean, I love them very much. But the minute you start speaking about politics then you receive a totally different image. I mean, you can go to the weddings You can be good friends with them But the fact is that they don’t want you in their country. On their land.
– Ok This is how they perceive you So I have a very difficult – I don’t want to say ‘hate’! But I have a very difficult time to get to … I don’t think you can reach a dialogue or can get to the middle with someone
who doesn’t really want you here, whatsoever. So if I hear what you’re saying you’re saying that your… ..whatever we call it ‘hate’ is a reaction to not feeling accepted What is your background? Your family background Half- Yeminite, half-spanish, Spharidic
– Sphardic Yes.
– Ok. If you want to ask Israelis a question send an email to [email protected]

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