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Israeli Cuisine and Arabic Street Food in Israel

Israeli Cuisine and Arabic Street Food in Israel

So today is our first morning in Israel. It
is our first time in the Middle East and we’re super excited. And to start things off we’re
going to be doing a food tour around Jaffa. Where we’re just going to try lots of traditional
Israeli dishes. Now Sam and I aren’t very familiar with Israeli food. Like we know Hummus
and Shakshouka. And baklava. So we’re excited to try some new dishes and see what we like
and see what we don’t like. So enjoy! Jews and Muslims argue over the best hummus.
He’s Muslim. I think he’s making a great hummus. But don’t quote me. Don’t quote me. How to
buy hummus. So I’m going to do. I’m going to be lucky. I’m going to do the first one.
Okay. So there is a few methods. We can argue on that. But basically that’s what I do. Don’t
kill me in here. I do this. You basically do this. You just. Sorry, I’m not going to
be very methodical. Mmmmm, that’s good. That’s how I eat it as well. It’s so tasty. Happy
dance at the end. So hummus taste test. I love hummus. I’m know
I’m going to like this. Do you like spicy food?
Big massive amounts of it. How is that? Hummus in Israel?
We believe in double dipping in Israel, okay? So much flavor. Wow! Wonderful 🙂
And you’re allowed to double dip I just heard. Even better!
I’m going to grab a big chunk. Some chickpeas in there. No holding back.
MMMM, yeah. Isn’t that good? Isn’t that amazing? It’s really creamy and smooth. I’m going to
double dip. Breaking bread. So what are you going to be
trying? We’re trying Shakshouka next. It’s a mixture of tomatoes, peppers and some egg.
So let’s have a taste. I’m not entirely sure how to do this.
Just dip it! Grab some. There you go. This is hot.
I’m going to burn myself. Mmmmm, how is it? That’s some tomatoe-ey goodness!
That’s really nice. Okay, say couscous taste test. Lots of vegetables.
It’s really good and light. Also very flavorful as well.
Background music playing. Looks like a pastry stuffed with cheese and
some sesame seeds on top. It’s super hot. Owe! You can kind of see the cheese there.
Mmmmm. Oh yeah, you can. I really like the cheese. Is it salty? It
is salty. I don’t know if it is feta or what. Cottage cheese? Either way it’s really good.
Alright, so I am trying something called malabi. It’s a dessert.
It’s sweet like a pudding but it’s consistency is a bit like jello. really delicious. Really
really sweet. It has a syrup and sugar on top. Yeah, it’s really really sweet.
With shredded coconut. Really? More dessert? This is so good. So
you are having? kanafeh. It’s warm. like a pudding. With sugary hairs on the outside.
I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s just really nice.
So the food tour was amazing. We got to try so many different kinds of foods. We were
actually full early on but the food was just so good that we kept eating, eating and eating.
And I got introduced to some new kinds of desserts that I had never tried before they
were really sweet and really delicious. For lunch today we’re having a Druze meal
and I’m standing right beside an olive tree. Ooh, with little olives. You can see them.
Background music playing. And she’s preparing kebabs. There is cabbage,
there is stuffed lime beans. Background music playing.
We’re going to have a feast of a buffet about to take place, so
come let me show you all the good food. Background music playing.
So the food is amazing. I think my favorite so far is this chicken. Which is stuffed with
rice and lots of spices. This is such an amazing feast. Everything
I’ve tried so far has been good. Background music playing.
That was the feast of all feasts. I am super stuffed. I promised myself I was only going
to have one plate but I ended up going back for seconds and then also dessert. So today we are at Dan Gourmet here in Tel
Aviv. We are going to be taking a cooking class and it is starting.
We add some sugar and this is the mixing method. Everything goes together.
Background music playing. I’ve got my apron on and I’m ready to cook.
So what are you doing now? I’ve been put in charge of flipping eggplants.
Background music playing. Sizzling sound.
Background music playing. Sizzling noises.
Background music playing. So we’re trying some tahini now. And apparently
we’re going to
be using that for the meat. It’s really tangy. Background music playing.
Some nice tahini. This is our version of pizza. Background music playing.
You’re struggling Sam. What’s happening right now. I’m the worst cook in the kitchen. You
need some flour. Background music playing.
Here I’ve got Lahmacun. Hopefully I pronounced it properly. It’s got lamb and tahini. Oh,
it’s going to be good. It’s like Israeli pizza. Hahaha. Delicious.
Lahmacun. This one is a little toasted. We forgot it in the oven. So, extra crispy. Mmmmm.
That’s really good. Can you taste the tahini? You can really taste the lamb. That’s my favorite
part. The lamb meat. Mmmmmm. Background music playing.
So we have our charred eggplant with tahini ready to be devoured.
So it’s picnic time. What are you carrying? This is just for me. Just kidding. What is
everyone else eating? What is everyone else having?
So here is the fruit of our labors. We’ve got a nice little picnic feast. Let’s check
that out. Oooh! And a beautiful patio setting.
Background music playing. So that concludes our cooking class at Dan
Gourmet. We’ve been here for two and a half hours just cooking and eating and trying everything
we’ve made so we are stuffed and hopefully we’ll get to try some of these recipes eventually
once we have a kitchen of our own. Background music playing.
So this evening we’re doing a pretty exciting project. We’re here at Haifa University and
the students from two universities in the region have come together and we have been
working to cook some food from the region. Some Israeli food.
So this is kind of like a pop up kitchen. We’re cooking outdoors and we’ve got all range
and levels of cooks. From lowest – me. From people who are almost like master chefs in
their own home. It’s been fun. It has been. Background music.
So we made a karobee, carrot, fresh mint, walnut and fresh parley salad. We put a little
of fig, honey glaze on it and some fresh lemon juice. And salt and pepper and we have a masterpiece.
And the matchsticks were cut by this young man named Nomadic Samuel. He just happened
to come in and land right here in Haifa and he’s cooking with us, so now he’s going to
go from being a travel blogger to a food blogger. Now that he can make matchstick carrots he
thinks he’s Gordon Ramsay. What have we got over here? This is our anti-pasta.
And I’ve got my hands. I need to put lemon here. So you’re squeezing lemon on top of
it. On top of the eggplant and garlic. That smells good.
Background music playing. Looks like pears with brown sugar and cinnamon.
This is the crumble. Is it like an apple crumble? It’s a pear crumble. It’s like apple crumble
but with pears. Background music playing.
So the fruits of your labor. I actually helped make this if you can believe it. All of this
fine chopping. Mmmmmm. So can you give us a tour of your plate? Compliments
of Ally from Ally’s Kitchen. She taught me how to chop today. hahaha.
A tour of my plate. So we are having eggplant over her. Tabouleh and this was made with
cauliflower. We have our stew with potatoes and chicken, carrots. And this lovely salad
with walnuts and carrots that Sam helped make. And which one did you help make? I made the
stew. Background music playing. My name is Elad. I’m a Krembo expert. This
is Israeli sweet. Now as I was saying. There are two types of people in this world. The
first type that actually eats the Krembo from the top and second one which I don’t understand
why for some reason start from down on the bottom. There is a biscuit down at the bottom.
Just open up your mouth okay and you choose either to hold just like that or just like
that. Since I belong to the first group. I’m a topper. Exactly. I’m a topper. I’m going
to start from the top. I’m going to open up my mouth. My swallowing hole and just like
that and I’m going to give it a bite. The whole thing? No.
Audrey is next. Audrey. Audrey. So now the bottom is ruined thank you Ally. What am I
supposed to do? Please. Oh my gosh. That was a good bite Audrey. You’ve got a nice mastication.
Hahahaha! Your turn. Yeah. Oh yeah! I can devour that.
Come on Kevin! Kevin! Kevin! Yeah! Oh, Kevin perfect. I think that’s a glamour
shot. We need a glamour shot. Of the bite marks! hahaha!
Then you take the top of your finger. Finger nail actually. And you place it on to the
surface. Stiff surface. Then you go through the paper in strips. Okay.
Straighten it. Straighten it. This is what we used to do with Wrigley spearmint
wrappers. Gum wrappers. Cool! And it gives you joy?
Like bubble wrap. Take a look at how beautiful and neat that
is. What do you have there? Yeah, it’s a goblet on fire. No, just kidding. It’s a wine glass.

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    Some of the foods have Arabian influences,since many Jews were living all over the middle east. Some of the foods are purely European influences, therefore not Arabic, and certainly not Palestinian

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