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Israeli Arabs: Will you serve in the Israeli army?

Iksal Are you willing to serve in the army
or do National Service? I would do National Service But if it was manditory, I would
serve in the army too Do you think it… I don’t have to so I don’t What is positive and what is negative about that? Positive, you feel you are an Israeli citizen you support and protect your country Negative is that you go to battle
with your grandparents and your parents Do you mean the internal argument with your
family or you fight against your own nation? No, you don’t understand me On the one hand, I help and protect
my country, proctect my parents but I also have relatives there that
I would be fighting Where do your relatives live? In the West Bank we were one nation
and we were split Baayan
Kfar Mazra Are you willing to serve in the army
or do National Service? I did it. Two years of National Service What did you do? I helped kids at the school in my village a year in the kindergarden
and a year in the primary school I learned alot from the kids Jonathan
Haifa I did two years of National Service I was at Rambam hospital in Haifa I did administrative work with personel I was also responsible for taking in
more than 70 new people to serve there Of the 70, 30 were Arabs who served at the hospital I was there to help them with any issues I was interviewed alot by the Arab and Aramaic
media to get more to volunteer in National Service It is a positive thing
it helps develop your career it is a way in to education and to skills development I can tell you that serving helped me
develop socially to meet other people and see work places which gives you one or two years experience which is really positive Plus you get a student grant at the end of your service Samir
Ramle In your opinion, should Arabs have
to serve in the army … No National Service yes Why not the army? My brother may be in the West Bank My cousin…. The kids don’t want to serve In this area, we disagree The Druze don’t think like that The Druze say I live here. I have to protect the country. I don’t care that my brother is on the other side
If I have to kill him, I will kill him for my country That’s the Druze There are also the Catholic Christian (Arabs)
in Nazareth if they want to serve in the army, they do They can volunteer in the army Christians can I know a (Christian Arab) guy here
in Ramle who works for the army I want to say…
What’s your name? The political levels in Israel are not
interested to have Muslims serve in the army for security reasons They don’t trust them, don’t trust them But there are many Muslim Bedouins who serve, almost every Bedouin
serves in the IDF and they get to high ranks, even
if I am not mistaken, to Brigadier General Bedouin I met a woman whose son is in the Golani Brigade
(one of the highest combat brigades) who is Muslim and not Bedouin, in the north He is a Muslim Palestinian We are all Palestinians He defines himself, if I understood correctly Muslim, Zionist, Israeli Why not? Good for him Here we have Christians, who say they are Christians Christian Israelis and that they are not Arabs What is being an Arab?
an overall definition religion is religion
and it is something seperate In the north, they serve in the army, serve in the police In 1948, they took 7000 Arabs
between ages 16 to 45 They put them in prison For how long? For 9 months They told them that anyone who wants
to work in Tel Aviv to meet them bring their ID cards and get on the trucks all the young people went to the road
and got on the trucks and they took them to prison where the Assaf Harofeh hospital is now
was a British camp, they locked them there Why did they lock them up? The Israeli army that conquered Ramle and Lod were afraid that young people would
go against the Israeli army So they locked them up there After a week or two, people didn’t
know where their children went Didn’t they tell the families? The elders all went to the government
ministry buildings It’s the church bells
It’s noon now It’s electronic now Once it was rung by hand Yes, a month ago they replaced it
at the church here with electric bells You became lazy They told them the men were in jail After about a month, month and a half They brought the Christians to pray
at the churches on Sunday On Fridays, they brought the Muslims to the mosque From jail?
Yes They would bring them on trucks They had triangles on their coats
so you could see they were prisoners After the army decided to release them they said that anyone who wants
to work for the army can Why? The Christian and Muslim Arabs
here worked alot with the British when they were here All kinds of professions- electricians,
metal workers, carpenters, machine workers skilled people They worked at the airport with the British about a thousand guys working at Bet Dagan where the police station is That’s where they worked for the army My brother in law worked for the army 45 years my olderst sister’s husband
was a tank mechanic If God forbid, there was a war
he stayed there to work Why would prisoners agree to work for them?
I personally would be so angry But they said, sure, we will work for you They worked and made money So they did it for the money? People have to eat, no? Tamara
Nazereth Wahid
Tira Would you serve in the army
or do National Service? National Service Lynn
Jaffa If you do the army, you are being untrue to your values National Service you are serving what you believe Good for you Both are important Patrick
Jaffa Why is army service important? Because you are protecting the state of Israel If we have no soldiers, we
have no one to proctect us Also National Service is good All are good Who are they protecting against? Against attacks from our enemies Who are these enemies? You want names?
Yes all sorts Gaza and Palestinians and Hamas in the end, we are all human Amira
Jaffa Nur
Jaffa Do you think everyone has to serve
in the army or do National Service? Abu Jalil
Jaffa I have nothing to answer on the issue
I have nothing against you or anyone else Muhammad
Sakhnin For sure, no Why? I will split the answer into two parts The first why no to the army and
the second why not National Service I won’t do the army because the
army conquers my nation and I cannot be a part of that in general but I have another personal reason I define myself as a pacifist
I don’t believe in armies Even if I was in a different country
I wouldn’t join the army But the main reason I won’t serve
specifically in the Israeli army because it conquered the Palestinian nation and National Service? National Service. I am against making
rights conditional on obligations the trend, the view of the country that they want to condition our rights
in the Arab sectors on National Service I think we need to be against that Also, that view is not in coordination
with the Arab leadership it was discussed by government and army people only There is a proposal from the
Arab Higher Monitoring Committee to have the National Service be
managed by the local municipalities so it is run by the elected (Arab) leaders I think that is more suitable and better But in general, I am against forced service It needs to be a choice But if the majority of Jews do it
and they are 80% of the country… I don’t think the Jews need to do it either I really believe that no one should be forced
to serve in the army or National Service National Service is, in my view,
a cheap labour force The problem in the Arab sector is
a lack of options in the job force There is a very high unemployment rate
(in the Arab sector) So instead of those 1000 serving
for 800 shekels a month Place people who will work for a full wage That way you lessen unemployment and you give people the means
to live with respect

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