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Is that… CAT MOUNTAIN?! – 500 Drawing Prompts #135

Is that… CAT MOUNTAIN?! – 500 Drawing Prompts #135

Well, Hello.
Fancy meeting you here. Yep. It’s Wednesday again.
It’s prompt #135. Y’all know the- Oh my gosh my markers coming out. Y’all know the drill. Let’s just get into it. We have three prompts. “Hands” The artist enemy. “Wood fencing.” Cute! And… “Cave mouth”…? I’m assuming that means the entrance to a cave… but that would be cute to make it an actual mouth… Let’s get to sketching Obviously once I had the idea of making it a figurative and literal cave mouth I had to do that idea. So that’s something that I ended up sticking with throughout all of the sketching. So first off we have just a silly little… troll looking face out of the mountain with some very conveniently shaped rock formations doing peace signs.
How cute is that? And then we have a shadow of a girl looking over the mountain because obviously this would be a very… common, I guess, touristy place to go look at because I mean look how cute this is.
Is that not adorable? If there was a natural face I mean, I guess if there was even a fake face, not that I’ve actually seen Mount Rushmore at all. But that’s not cute. Mount Rushmore isn’t cute.
I want like an adorable face in the cave doing peace signs. That’s cute. Anyways, I wanted to sketch different faces that this cave face could be making. I was trying to make it look both natural with rock formations and unnatural because it needed to look like a face. Oh, and I guess if you haven’t seen it by this point, the wooden fence is just like a picket fence or some sort of wooden fence that is going either across the mountain or keeping the girl or tourists from entering the mountain. To be honest at this point I wasn’t even coming up with anything I absolutely loved, but I figured I gotta roll with something because this prompt isn’t gonna draw itself. So let’s just get into it. So even when I entered the penciling phase, I wasn’t 100% sure on what I was going to do. Especially for the mountain face. I knew I just wanted some girl looking over the mountain, I really wasn’t prepared I guess for like a story or a meaning for her. I did just kind of want her to be generic, though later on after I penciled it, I was like
“Man I wish I made her like some sort of adventure, and she was gonna go into this cave and like find stuff.” Which later I kind of do do a little bit. I penciled this piece and then later I just thought it was so boring that I ended up editing it a little bit off of camera, so it’s going to change quite a bit. So as of now, it is that generic hands and sort of troll looking face, but later I thought it would be really cute if the mountain looked like a cat and the girl was like hiking with her dog and they were like looking at it and they were opposites. Maybe they’re just super dog people and they don’t like cats, They’re like
“Dang it. We have to go look into this cat. cave. We have to go adventure into this cat cave where there’s a bunch of wild cats that live and we hate cats. So we’re just gonna take a moment to look over this mountain in dread and just not want to go adventure inside of it. But we have to go adventure inside of it.” So here it is.
Here is our new pencil of the prompt. We have our cat mountain and our dog adventurer and our girl and they’re looking at the mountain. I think this is definitely a lot more cute.
It definitely filled in the space a lot more than the girl alone. And obviously the cat Mountain is a lot more cuter than that troll thing. Though I did make it kind of like a stupid cat Mountain.
Like I have the eyes going in opposite directions. I figured because it is a mountain it would be cuter, or at least it would make more sense to make it like this rough rugged not so adorable looking cat…? Obviously, it’s quite old if it’s a mountain cat. I have some plain rock peaks in the background to represent the ears of the cat and the two rocks are supposed to look like paws. I’m not sure how much I really succeeded at that. I tried to make the cracks look like the separation between the toes, but, you know, I did what I could. I have actually drawn a cat mountain sort of series back in, I think, 2016 when I first got into watercolors that year. So, a little inspiration from that.
I think I have the mouth a waterfall, so it looks like it’s just like constantly barfing water. It’s really cute. I think it turned out a lot more cuter than this,
but this piece is supposed to be a little more… I guess I kind of strayed from my usual style when it came to the mountain. I- I say I put more detail into it, but like for my style I put more detail into it. It’s not quite as stylized and shapely and simple that I normally would do. For some reason I just thought it would make more sense to contrast a more detailed mountain in separation from the characters that were really close to the viewer. I think it works. I’m not super into the way that the mountain turned out. But you know what? You gotta try things to see what works and I have decided that I really like to stylize and simplify things. So, obviously I can’t read your mind, but you might be wondering why I’m not using masking fluid to easily paint not only this borderless look around the mountain background area, but also having to painstakingly paint around all of these tiny little wooden fence pieces. Well, here’s the thing. Yes I did make a video testing, like what, over 30 masking fluids…? But I’m still terrified to use masking fluid. I’m still scared that even though I tested masking fluid and have proof that some of them won’t tear up your paper, I am just so terrified that because I’m working on actual art piece it might take longer to finish the art piece and the masking fluid will be on the paper longer and it’ll tear up my paper and I’m just so… Ever since those few pieces that I did where it just tore up the paper,
I’m just too scared to use masking fluid again>I was really close to doing it on this one, but I talked myself out of it and said and it’s not that hard to paint around the little wooden stakes and I also just really do like that hand made personal touch feeling that a rough border has.
I think it’s really cute and something that adds something a little special to traditional art compared to digital. It’s just a rough so handmade feeling. One of these days I will use the masking fluid. I mean my goodness. I have so much masking fluid, I need to ding dang use it. I’m just too scared to. But anyways, I didn’t have any major incidents that caused for masking fluid, so I think it turned out okay.
It just would have been probably faster and easier. So color choice with this piece, I was thinking about doing like a sunset but I decided to be really basic and just do a blue sky and green trees. I did know that I wanted our characters to be a little bit on the lighter side just to contrast that mountain because I was going to have some darker greens in there. I wanted to make sure that they did pop off of that mountain and They didn’t blend into it because these are two very separate aspects of this illustration and I wanted to make sure that they stayed that way. So I wanted to make sure I picked lighter colors for our characters, and I also thought it would be really cute if I made our characters very similar to each other. So I made the girl blonde with a red hair tie, and I made the dog yellow, or a blonde dog, and gave it a red collar.
So they are matching. It would have been really cute though, I’m looking at it, if I gave the dog like a striped bandana to match her striped shirt. But anyways, they seem pretty close enough, which is super adorable. I did add some larger wild cats on to the cat Mountain just to add some extra mystery to it and show that there are cats living around this conveniently shaped cat mountain. It’s not super duper mysterious or anything but I do think just a little detail of some shadowed cats on that mountain is really cute though I definitely made their shadows very large. I mean, who am I to say that these cats aren’t just actually huge giant cats. I mean they’re like as tall as the trees. But hey, you know what?
This is a magical world where they have magical cats that are as large as trees. This could be just like a sanctuary and just a place that is blocked off for nature. I don’t know this world. Anyways, it is pretty cute. It is pretty simple and… there it is. There is our prompt. And I’ll see you guys on the end card. [Music] Last week’s prompt was really simple and left quite open for you guys.
It was “Time machine.” I really enjoyed this stylized and adorable silly piece by @r_d_party, who created the scene where I think someone is traveling in time and they are hanging out themself. Old, middle aged, and a baby. It’s just so cute and silly and I just love that old man. What can I say? I have a weakness for old men. I love the circle frame and the colors. This piece is just so fun and everyone is just so conveniently censored from their nudity. Love it. And our second featured artist is @beccareillyart, who created this really lovely large scene. I just love how open and big it is.
It shows how open this field is. And in the distance we have this time machine of this guy waving, but then closer to us we have this house with this couple and the guy is very suspicious in holding the gun towards him.
It’s just really fun. I love this scene. It looks mysterious. The mood of the sky and the earthy colors just makes this look so mysterious, like something bad’s gonna happen. And that’s it. Good luck on this week’s props, and I’ll see you in the next video. Stay golden! Bye. [Music] Have a good day. 🙂

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