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is good handwriting really matter???

is good handwriting really matter???

good handwriting a must needed thing for all the student basically who has it,he doesn’t give too much shit about it and people like me,who don’t have it for them it’s like a precious thing so let me tell you a story many years ago when I first discovered that my handwriting is shit actually more than a shit the day after I started training like Kung Fu to improve my handwriting I started taking tips for good handwriting from my teachers and professional I start my practice after three or four month of practice the improvement of my handwriting is now the question is is it really good handwriting necessary and if it then why it is important ok forget all of this now let me ask you a simple question? do you think,good handwriting really matter and if you answer is yes congratulation you are a dick head but if you answer is no K.O bro welcome to the family bro ok ok ok before going into a conclusion let’s get to know why good handwriting important according to our teacher if you handwriting is good then you will get more numbers in your paper ok ok ok I really don’t know why they always say that if your handwriting is good than you will get more number.I mean it’s absolutely a lie

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