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Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Western Calligraphy Creativity Tips

Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Western Calligraphy Creativity Tips

In all object making there is the craft aspect,
the design aspect, and the concept aspect. So the craft has to do with a skill, the manual
skill in this case, and how you are working with color or so on. And the design is how
you lay out your manuscript and how it’s going to end up looking. But the concept is more
above all of that. It’s what your basic idea is and what your basic intent is for communicating.
Now that leads me to the idea of the body, the mind and the spirit. It’s almost as if
these relate to each other. Now in terms of the ah ha, getting the ah ha experience and
the creative process in general, we can boil it down to this idea, there is the idea of
saturation, incubation, and illumination. So saturation is you working hard, incubation
is you’ve worked too hard, you walk away from it, you’ve got a problem to solve, and illumination
is somehow that, that problem solves itself, it comes to the surface and you have your
ah ha. There is a whole book, or two or five, written about that idea. Now here is something
fun, I want you to know that you can look forward to three good signs if in your practice
of calligraphy, it is a good sign when you can enact what you think.

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