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Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : The Acanthus Leaf & Calligraphy: Part 3

Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : The Acanthus Leaf & Calligraphy: Part 3

This is a very, very bold and simple piece
that was designed for a client and, so this is just a color copy. But it was designed
to be in a frame over a doorway. So, hence, it’s sort of big and bold and simple design.
But I’ve incorporated the use of, you know, a simple idea of an acanthus leaf. So one
of the things, you know, I want to point out to you is that with the design of acanthus
leaves, more often than not, what you’re going to do is you’re going to design it so that
it’s as if it has two sides, you know, in the real leaf it’s just green, but in art,
you know, as a decorative element, it can have two sides. So, the side turning over
can be another color. So here we go with blue and yellow being like opposites, or here we
have even more than one color coming into play. So, what you wind up with is just something
that basically enriches the page. What you want to make sure of is that you hold onto,
when you’re rendering these things, you’ve got your proportions to think about, but you
also just want to hold onto to the whole flowing movement of these beautiful forms, so they
can be thinner, or wider, or larger, or smaller. When I say larger or smaller, what you do
want to do is make sure that all of the elements of your design are in harmony with each other.
So you wouldn’t want to have gigantic letters and then zero in just because you can do acanthus
leaves so very delicately beautiful, because it kind of wouldn’t make any sense. But anyway,
acanthus leaves, they’re very beautiful. Have fun with them.

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