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Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Gems & Calligraphy: Part 3

And then, oops, and then you might want to,
you might want to dab it.
And then a little darker. And then you can, also you can give it a shadow to make it look
like it’s and this, this type of decoration the cantes leaves in the pearls, you know
all of that, these can also be done, and I’ll show you later, they can also be done just
with a round heel script pen. But my last little offer in here, to show you about gems
is, here’s another one of those repeat patterns that I did, that I, the rest of this painting
was a longer painting and I made the rest of it into bookmarks. But here are some gems
that I spent a little bit more time with and you see what I did. I gave them all this little
white sparkle. And I went to contrast on the other side. And then these little guys, I
don’t know what these guys are, but they almost wound up looking like gems also. This is,
this is a metallic paint. It’s a brass metallic paint an acrylic wash. And this is a silver
and I don’t know whether you can see it or not but this is silver. And what I did there
was, I had silver on my brush and I just went back and forth like this to make a little
pattern. And then this was, this was gold, gold dots. And the gold dots guess how they
were made, with a Q-tip. Try to be even.

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