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Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Calligraphy & Versals: Part 1

Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Calligraphy & Versals: Part 1

We’re going to talk about versals. Remember
I told you versals are, I’ve showed you that versals are these sort of exaggerated capitals
that sort of draw your eye to the place where it’s time for you to start reading. So this
is an example of a piece that I did for the opening of the children’s wing at the Yale
New Haven Hospital and it was a ball. It was called the storybook ball, and I was hired
to do a series of paintings, you know calligraphic paintings like this, and this is actually
a much reduced version of this piece, and I did them at a certain size, and then they
actually blew them up more than that, so the original size of this was probably about twice
this size. So, I’m showing you this because this is a very cartoon piece, compared to
what I showed you with the biblical stuff, but, I certainly had fun with it. And, you
know, this qualifies as a versal. This might even qualify as a versal. So, I wanted to
just talk to you a little bit about the whole idea of versals. So let me show you what I
would call the process of making versals together with us here. So a versal is a letter that
you designed to fit into a certain space. And basically you start out and you’re making
a sketch. And what you do is you just keep refining and refining. And this sketch should
probably not happen on the piece that you’re going to do the final original on. You’re
going to go through a process the same way we did a while back with the tracing idea,
but I’m just for the sake of simplification I’m doing it all here. So you’re tracing,
and then what you wind up doing is you’re drawing, you’re drawing the versal with a
either a pen or a brush. And when you know your paint is dried, if you happen to have
pencil lines on there, then you can erase those pencil lines. And then, you can do some
painting, and paint in. OK, this is one way to do it. There’s always going to be more
than one way to do something.

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