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Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Calligraphy Under Painting Tips

Intermediate Western Calligraphy Tips : Calligraphy Under Painting Tips

And now there is two different kinds of gold
on there because there is different kinds of gold. And white gold, yellow gold and so
on. But that’s ok. It looks nice. Now there is some that didn’t, that ended up in the
wrong place so I’m just going to scrape that off with a razor. The one thing that you don’t
want to do is is you don’t want to use an eraser. This is a big no no, don’t every erase
over gold, it will really mess it up. So ok, so that’s a quick lesson, I just want point
out one other idea which is what I call under painting and over painting. Here is a piece
that was designed, two pieces actually. Ok we’ll start with this one. Where, this is
the real thing, this is what I would call an under painting. And I did this whole painting
before I lettered this carpe diem, this means seize the day right. So there is, there’s
a lot of fun involved doing an under painting and under paintings can start out like this.
And then you could letter and then go back so you have your lettering on an under painting,
then you go back and you fill in the under painting so that’s another technique. And
then another thing you can do is here I’ve done a, this is one of my most important questions
to you which is why delay joy, and, and I’ve, I’ve just, I’ve combined colors in the strokes
and then I added some not real gold but a really, really fine gold wash and then there
is the idea of what I would call over paining. Here is another calender piece. I really like
these letters, do you like these letters? These are some of my favorite letters to do.
Anyway, this was, this word enterprising was originally done in black and then what I did
was I got a nice thick rich purple with a little bit of white in it, and with a different
brush I just went back over and look at how rich it looks. Isn’t that great.

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