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Install Arabic language online

Install Arabic language online

May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you . in sha allah we will learn how To install Arabic language online in windows Seven. Right Click in my computer>properties Windows Update Change Settings Choose from Important Updates. Third Choice Check for Update but let me choose. Ok Then click Check for Updates. Wait while Windows looks for latest updates. Click at install now After Checking for Updates we got that report. Which Tells that we have Ninety important Updates And Sixty Eight Optional Updates. Click Optional Updates and search for. Windows Seven Language packs Check in Arabic Language pack -Windows 7. Before we click in install updates button. Click at Ninety important Updates. And Clear all that Checks , We don’t need that Updates. Install Updates. Downloading one Update (39.7 Mb ). Download completed and installing Update now. Open my Computer Open Control Panel And Choose to show All Control Panel Items . Region and Language Keyboards and Languages Change Keyboards Press Add Search For Arabic Egypt Click at Plus Sign To show All Contents. in Keyboard do the same to show all Contents. Choose Arabic (101) Ok Apply Ok Ok We just Done All Steps It’s so easy as i told you. Click here you Will find “Ar”Arabic (Egypt). May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you .

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