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Install Arabic Language in your pc without Windows Cd

Install Arabic Language in your pc without Windows Cd

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you dear brothers and Sisters. Can I install Arabic Language Without Windows Cd ?. Sure,Yes . First I will Download a small File I will put the link With that Video. Ok. I pasted the Link File Nameis :_XP_Arabic_Font. File Size : 3.87MB. Press Download . I chose To Save the File in my Desktop. Ok After Downloading the File . You will find the file in your desktop. Right Click And choose EXTRACT Here That’s Your File. Go To Control Panel Regional and Language Options. Languages Check in First Choice Install Files For Complex Script and Right -to-left languages (including Thai). Press OK Apply You Will be Asked To Put Windows CD Press Ok That message Appeared cause I don’t put Windows Cd So,What should i do To Solve that problem? Press Browse Choose Desktop XP-Arabic- Font Folder And Choose “ftlx041e” Then press Open That Message Will Appear To Tell You that You Must Restart Your Computer. Choose “No” For Now Till we complete all NECESSARY Steps. Second Step : Advanced. And Choose From Language For non-Unicode Programs. Choose Arabic (Egypt). Apply Press “Yes”. Third Step : Regional Options And Choose “Arabic Egypt”From Standards and formats. Apply Ok Restart Your Computer and Welcome To Arabic Langage.

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