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INKTOBER WITH RAINBOW INK! | Inktober Day 16 | India Ink and Dip Pens | Art Process Vlog | Angular

INKTOBER WITH RAINBOW INK! | Inktober Day 16 | India Ink and Dip Pens | Art Process Vlog | Angular

So we’re about halfway through Inktober today is the 16th so let’s take a look at that prompt! I decided to add an extra
*little challenge* I thought why not try and use *all* of my colors make it like a rainbow piece. let’s take a look at the prompt word and then we can draw
something aye? so the prompt is “angular” oooh, that sounds kind of tricky
first we need to brainstorm an idea first thing I think of is a
right angle or a corner of some kind I usually draw very round characters like
with a lot of circles so we could also like try to do the same thing but with
squares ohhh… but the eyes would be so funny-looking that’d be so different
it’s almost robotic — that’s very different than my normal style I’m not
sure I’m loving that ideas let me try and come up with something else maybe “angular” [ponders] this one’s hard [to concept] so she’s very you know “angular” just
like the prompt word! at this point I just need to draw anything
that comes to mind and hope it like sparks something else you know that’s
the most important thing about brainstorming — that you don’t let any
ideas die before they even get to see the light of day because you never know
when they’ll spark something else — or if you like try to draw
something but you mess up, but then the mess-up makes you think of something
else, you know, it’s all process I wanted to use all of the colors, right? what if I
just drew a rainbow but instead of it being rounded, it was, you know,
“angular” or it could even be crazier than that — it could have like a lot
of zigzags like that and then we have like a funky triangular/angular cloud
thing what if there’s like a pot of gold and then we have our crazy
angular rainbow coming out we tried tinier thumbnail sometimes I can fit
what I need to better when I draw smaller I just like drawing swooshy
motions — “angular” is definitely not my expertise or preference I use my
imagination to see this in the rainbow but it’s a ribbon of some kind — laid out
like that and we have our rainbow coming out with this angular cauldron or pot of
gold I guess it’s not a cauldron, is it? my brain is Halloween-y — but what if
it’s a witch that’s brewing like a rainbow potion instead of it being a pot
of gold it be a cauldron, like I said earlier and then I could draw a witch
over it oh and a witches hat is angular — oooh! might just be able to draw just the
witch, although I wanted to use all of the colors. oh I got another idea!
so we got a Witch, who is holding a cauldron (I love drawing Witch Hats.) she’s gonna be all in like black and white ink but then
out of this cauldron there’s going to be a rainbow — it’s just gonna go straight
over like maybe straight — slice her face and half kind of but then I’ll go over that
with the rainbow colors and I think that’ll interact with the line art
really cool I don’t know could be wrong but just from what I’ve seen so far
using these inks I think this would look kinda cool let me try drawing it bigger if I
hate it we can erase it and do something else so maybe if it comes and does a complete 90-degree angle and then her face could
be here — cauldron could be down here that might be interesting the Hat could
follow that angle — oh you can even get cut into a bit by that rainbow that way
the rainbow can go over more sections of the lineart hope I’m making sense if not
hopefully it’ll turn out the way I’m expecting it to and then I’ll be able to
show you what I mean there’s a little bit more this way she’d be holding it on
her hip maybe that could be cute oh yeah if the rainbow goes cuts across her eyes
I think that’d be cool yes that’s that’s kind of what I’m
thinking so there’ll be no color in the drawing except for the rainbow — so she’s
brewing up like a nice rainbow potion I I wonder: what do you think her rainbow
potion does if you consume it? let me know! I have some ideas. give her a
classic big witch nose with a wart we’ll see how that turns out.
A classic Witches tend to have a bigger chin.
maybe some thin lips should we put a buckle on her hat? I feel like I’ve drawn
several witches this month and I always put a buckle on the hat i could
put a triangle-shaped buckle that’s more “angular” — I mean a square still angular
but that’s actually kind of cool-looking I like that I’m just gonna lighten that
up and hopefully touch it up later Yikes! it’s just in the wrong spot — i like the
thin eyebrows better it suits her maybe instead of the bun which seems like
a rounder [element] what if she has straight black hair then I can fill that in with
you know the solid black ink and that could be cool okay now for the clothes meorw! is she gonna be a cutesy witch? I’ve kind of of been going with the more classic
style here. Especially with the hat. do we want a high neckline? or a low neckline? I’m thinking a choker with a
low neckline yeah it’s the best of both worlds maybe she’s a more modern witch
we still need to make sure — we have to figure out where the cauldrons gonna be
before we can really draw the rainbow anyway ♪ *music* ♪ oh I think that nose makes a lot
more sense especially since their heads dipped a bit the nose
should come down a bit more and then I can pull that nostril down
and that helps with that triangle shapes that I’m going for so yeah! I like that
maybe it’s like she’s spilling the potion but instead of it falling down
it’s going you know up and around so it would be more falling towards the
invisible camera or the viewer I guess I do have to be careful cuz there’s gonna
be so many stripes it’s gonna be hard to do really crazy angles so I’m gonna have
to just keep it simple with only one turn I guess her thumb would — she’s holding it — this thumb — would be — she’s more like — *grunts hands here fingers, and then this thumb I think it comes this way that doesn’t look right at all! I think its just gonna be more flat like that that’s looks kinda dumb too take three! ♪ and then this arm would be back here. and come out around there ♪ Okay, got it a little more straightened out now I just have to make
our final decisions here about the arms and things I think the arm needs to come
more underneath is the problem maybe even pull this arm there ♪ I got a new idea take 70! I going to put the hand here and then the other hands down there hmm? hmm? How do you like that one? yeah I like that better maybe some nail polish — long fingernails i like it, she looks like she’s
wearing some kind of smock like there’s not much to it I kind of like that about
it this reminds me a lot of the one I drew on Sunday what was it? this one torso up
a woman should I have the rainbow come back down again
is that too much rainbow? can you have too much rainbow? thats the other
question that does seem more angular hmm I think I’m already halfway done with
this ink I feel like I haven’t used that much of it but black is definitely
the color I’m using most of why don’t we try using this pen I’ve been constantly
using this one as starting to show some wear and tear
so maybe I should switch over it on this one and see what happens oh I forgot — I gotta erase a little bit here this is where I start holding my breath *deep breath* *sign of relief* I’m not hating this pen yeah I kinda want my arm to be there but I can’t
because it’s wet my favorite thing so far while using dip pens is drawing eyebrows there’s just something about it I have
like more control or something hands though — hands like I just can’t seem to
get a hand to draw right with a dip pen but eyebrows – eyebrows yes there’s the eyebrows now for that nose I’m excited to draw this hopefully I don’t
screw it up maybe if I just go real slow…. I think I screwed it up oh well again I’m always starting top
left moving to bottom right because I’m right-handed and these inks take a
little bit of time to dry and smudging is very very likely likely i guess it could have
triangle earring here this is coming along I think ooh what if I fill in her hair
with some hatching here I can’t really do that one cuz I need my
hand up there but we’ll get to that eventually oops I did I messed up
mmm look I did this section now it’s going to be very difficult to do this
section suppose i could turn it a bit ♪ like that! and this hand — with her long fingernails yeah i told you, hands don’t
really turn out well with this, I don’t know what it is
I think its just the certain angles you kind of have to do to use these oh shoot! I just dripped! whoopsie… alright. Could probably add some darkerness here. oh i didn’t finish the hair here that’s what’s missing — I can come up here and finish this hair too – and I’m using more of
like the side of the nib so that I can get a thinner line because I don’t really
like that thick line there I prefer these thinner lines, so I’m trying to keep
that up ♪ I kind of like that there’s some parts where I kind of overlapped and
messed up but I do like that I need to do that more maybe the rest of October
do some more hatching you know how do I want to do this hair oh shoot!
I just put my hand in that! danggit. I might have messed up down here – just trying to keep to the
flow of the hair, but I kind of just… I don’t know what I did not what I had
pictured well it does have a weird stringy you know Tim Burton-y vibe to
it so I don’t hate it but it’s just not quite what I expected I could just grab a paint brush for this but I’m kind of trying to add some texture so some scribbles, you know? because for the rainbow I’m gonna use a
paintbrush and it will have a small solid color so I’m hoping the lineart
could be more sketchy I think the contrast would be kind of cool and
that’s one of the reasons I did the hair that way and why I’m feeling this same
kind of like this not sure what words to use here I could do the same thing with the cauldron and I could color that in that way I do
want the cauldron to be very dark. alright I think I’m gonna let this dry and then
we’ll come back to it when it’s ready to play with again where I don’t have to
worry about completely messing it all up! ♪ alright so I’ve given this about ten
minutes and I think it’s dry I’m not seeing any smudges now it’s time to
erase all of this pencil so you can have a nice clean lineart. I think I’m gonna
redraw the rainbow completely so we can erase that too here we have the lineart and our colors we have yellow bright red red magenta grass
green green – honestly grass green looks way more green than green — and then we
have teal blue and violet that’s going to be very wide rainbow if I decide to
use all of these that might not be a good idea we could instead of rainbow
just have a rainbow gradient but I really do want to stick with the rainbow
cuz I think it’ll give us more angles it’s really bright there and it’s darker
here give it a good shake! although there’s a weird dark bit ♪ right there if thirds and then cut each of the
thirds into thirds [try to math] Nine, yeah and then I want to cut across the face so come up
this way I think it will turn right at the ear and then we can come back around
here basically the only part of this drawing that’s going to be solid black
and white is this part in here and this cauldron this will probably all end up
with color depending on how wide that is it’s gonna end up looking really stupid *nervous laugh got my fingers crossed here oh and then we get a piece of the hat poking out
that won’t have color on it I do want to have as much of that as possible since a
lot of this is going to have a rainbow now we have to divide this into nine
equal even sections kind of want it to be like a proper rainbow on this arch and
then it would go upside down rainbow here How many we got? [counts] one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight — waittaminute HOW DID WE END UP WITH EIGHT?! what did I do?
all right let’s try this again ♪ and nine! I did it! got it haha
now we just need to do that a bunch more times ♪ here we go, 9! all the way around I’m not gonna lie
that took a hot second I actually let me swatch out all these colors and
make sure that like some of them aren’t too similar so that it looks stupid I
should have done that before I drew all these 9 lines but ya see I like that as
a rainbow I’m not sure how the magenta is gonna really fit in after that purple
unless I just decided to put the magenta at the top but I mean that’s not really
rainbow order but i think it might look better then having it right after the purple. but let’s see what it looks like. yeah that kind of just jumps to the wrong color I think let’s
see what it looks like at the top yeah if I’m going to use all the colors I’m
gonna have to put it at the top I think which doesn’t really follow rainbow order
but I think it’s what we’re gonna have to do alright let’s start with magenta I
guess let’s see if I can even draw a straight line I’m a little concerned
about that to be honest I’m already going outside the line like I can get
the top pretty straight because of the point but the bottom is ♪ tricky tricky ♪ it’s gonna be a lot of paper rotating ♪ there we go there’s one color done I
think probably the best straight line I’ve ever done with a brush go in with
the red now that this is dry it’s kinda still wet over there so I’m gonna
have to be very careful adds to the difficulty here we go second color done those two colors are very similar to each other not ecstatic about that let’s let that dry and then we can move on with the orange color which is called “bright
red” ♪ all right that’s three colors down I’m
not getting a lot of contrast between these colors I feel like it looked
better here and I’m not entirely sure what I did differently except maybe
there was more water — not sure Ahh! no. I smudged. danggit! oh yes beautiful yellow
I like the color yellow the older I get the more I like the color yellow which
is weird because I really did not like it as a kid next up is grass green
it’s a very pretty color too ♪ all right looking at this I definitely
think I made a mistake I should have added some water to this to give it a
more pastel rainbow look I think I made some mistakes *cries* sad. ♪ I like this color a lot just look at it mmm yum it’s starting to look like a rainbow it’s just these
first three colors are all kind of blending into one I probably should have
just not used them so many woulda shoulda coulda’s, you know? next up is teal ♪ rotate ♪ wow, I actually really liked
the way the bottom part of the rainbow is looking there’s actually like color
separation next up is BLUE! ♪ now only one color left! yes! purple, purple, purple all right now let’s let that dry and then I’m gonna try and do something to
make it look, I don’t know, better? hehe it’s all dry and now I’m going in with this
white gel pen to kind of try and separate the colors because I feel like
these three especially are just too similar I’m thinking about adding in
some white we can add some separation get more of that rainbow vibe I’m
looking for also down here I’m adding like some stars kind of give more of
that magic vibe kind of messed up right there but I think that’s helping how is that looking? does it look worse or better add some more whatever this is
magic dots um this gel pens just a little too spotty dang, I keep not
doing a straight line – need to use the ruler oh I just smudged it danggit what if I put in some white for her eyes – that’s kind
of creepy- I like it! I think the last thing I’m going to do – the rainbow just
is the way it is I don’t think it can really do anything to make it better or
really make it worse it’s just you know it is as it is I think I’m just gonna
take the black though and add some hatching to the Cauldron yeah I
think I like that – cool! I need a little something on my side because I’m just
not 100% about the rainbow I actually like it a lot better now I feel like adding that color down here helped even it out a bit I don’t know let me know what you think I already know my opinion hehe you’re gonna have up days and down days you know it’s
definitely the ebbs and flows and you know good days and bad days and if
that’s not something you’re comfortable with as an artist then doing 30-day
challenges is probably very good for you because it’s important to know that like
not every day it’s gonna be a winner I like the idea I’m very happy with
like my concept I think it like the idea was pretty cool and I like how I used
angles and that was the you know prompt I’m just not entirely happy with like
the application of the idea and the good thing about this is I can try again
tomorrow and make something completely different and I can move on from this
but the same thing happens when you draw something well it’s like oh the next day
like whatever I did yesterday doesn’t matter I gotta put it all put like a
hundred percent into making this next one so yeah it’s very important lesson
to learn I’m excited I’m still excited to keep doing this challenge and work on
it tomorrow We’re in the middle way point so just got to keep at it got to
finish it if you want to continue to follow my inktober journey and see some of my
other illustrations you can check out my Instagram page which I
will have linked in the description Tada! perfect. and there we have it there’s my
day 16 inktober drawing. thank you guys for watching let me know how your
inktobers are going we’re halfway through we can do it and if you’ve had some
trouble or missed a couple days don’t worry about it just you know jump back
in if that’s something you’re interested in trying to complete so yeah best of
luck to everyone and thank you for watching me create this illustration thank you guys for watching I’ll see you guys all next week and I hope you have ♪ a delicious evening full of Waffles! ♪ ♪ buii! ♪ OHNO! When did I do that? I wasn’t paying attention… me and inks just don’t get along… ♪

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