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Inkly Cards App Review Send Handwritten cards from your iPhone

Inkly Cards App Review Send Handwritten cards from your iPhone

Hi, this is Rob with VentanaMedia, I´m going
to review the Inkly Cards App. Inkly Cards App, is a free iOS app that allows
you to send a handwritten card via Snail Mail. Let´s see how it works. When you first open the app, it wants the
ability to send you Push Notifications. Push Notifications is information that the app
will send you, even if the app is not running. If you allow Push Notifications now, you can
later change it in your iOS device settings. I´m going to allow. It says here 3 steps, One. Choose a card.
Two. Write a message. Three. They print and send via snail mail. Well, this is oversimplifying the steps. Theres
a little bit more than this as you are going to see. Alright, lets press the get started button. It gives you a message that you can swipe
to see more cards. On the top there is a drop down box to choose
cards from different occasions, there are currently around 500 different cards. Any Occasion, Featured Cards, Birthday, Funny
Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, Thinking of you, and Congratulations. I´ll choose Birthday. They have many different cards under this
category. I´m going to go back and choose…… this one. The one with the cupcake. Then you see this message to swipe to see
inside. Tap on it to make it go away. Go away. The price of this card is on the lower left.
It is $3.99. On the lower right is an Information button,
tap it and it gives you information on who designed this card and other cards in other
categories designed by this designer. Every time a card is purchased, a percentage of
the sale is given to the artist who created the design. Lets go back. Lets open the card. On the left side, inside
the card is the cupcake and on the right side is where your message will be. Lets tap to add our message. Then this window pops up. Its going to walk
us through on how to add our hand written image.
Press the I´m Ready Button. Step 1. Grap a blank piece of paper and pen. Got it. Step 2. Fold it in half to look like a card. OK. Step 3. Write your message on the front. OK. I´m done. Step 4. Take a photo of our message.
Press the Open Camera Button. I´m using the iPad. I have a shadow on half
my page, but I´m going to take the photo anyway to see what happens. Theres my image. On the lower left you have
the choice to retake the image. Just in case it was blurry. Or on the lower right is the
use button. I´m going to use this image. In this step you can crop around the message. When finished, in the upper right hand corner
is the next button. In this step, you can position your message
by dragging, pinch zooming or rotating. Press the Position it Button. OK, that looks good. We´re done. Press the
done button. Now it is time to enter the name and address
of the person who will receive this card. They have many different countries from all
over the world where you can send your card. This info button you can check the estimated
delivery times for different parts of the world. So you really need to plan in advance,
if you want to send a card. After you have entered the recipient´s name
and address, its time to enter my name and email address. Press the next button. Your name and email address are required fields. After you have your information enter, press
next. This is the order summary. This card is going
to cost me $3.99 plus postage of 50 cents for a total of $4.49. If you have a Promo
Code you can enter it here. The recipient´s details, with name and address is below. I´m
sending this to VentanaMedia in the United States. Now it is time to pay. Press the Make Payment
and Send Button. You can pay by Credit Card or Pay Pal. OK. That´s it. I´m going to stop here. Now
you know how to use the Inkly Card App. Upcoming features to this app will include
Facebook integration, address book integration and an Android version. If you like this video, please give it a thumbs
up and please subscribe to this channel.

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