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Inking Chinese Watercolor Tattoos on Your Body

Though still largely taboo, tattoos have become more popular in China in recent years. And while styles from abroad were once the trend, a distinctly Chinese aesthetic, inspired by traditional watercolor paintings, is becoming more vogue. The challenge of this style is achieving the faded look of watercolor paintings. It requires a different technique and greater precision. This watercolor style, and its connection to traditional culture, has resonated with locals. Chen Jie has seen more Chinese customers in the past few years. Chen Jie’s aesthetic has become so popular that she’s brought apprentices under her wing to teach them the tricks of the trade. Tattoos are still taboo in many parts of China, but Chen Jie hopes her style will help tattoos gain greater acceptance. I think Chen Jie’s tattoo is actually really hard to do because she’s literally trying to mimic a paintbrush with needles. We’ve actually done a lot of stories on Beijing artists. This is one of them. Check this out. And also if you want to see more videos, check out the description below. And don’t forget to subscribe to @Goldthread2.

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