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India’s Bull and Horseman coin evolution and varieties

India’s Bull and Horseman coin evolution and varieties

so welcome fellow can collect it
this is Glenn back with another video and today we’re going to have a look at
one of the coins that I actually collect and I really enjoy these coins these are
called the bull and Horseman coins so if we look at an earlier from trees
Vlade Divac you can see the inscription at the top that’s what exercise that’s
why the coin is actually called it and this side has a bull the bull is always
facing towards the left see I’ve never seen mom but the bull facing towards the
right every day there might be some that I did not know about so down below we
have a star apple of a dot or a pellet and this is actually a crescent here
despite here’s actually the booth foot and here’s the hump on the back of the
actual boom and here’s a symbol you know I’m not too sure what the symbol
actually represents but it’s on all the coins it’s in various forms I presume
it’s like a toga might be which represents is a symbol debt some Kings
actually used they used it from Kiev Rus all the way over to Mongolia so and here
in the garish script is through spotty Deva so honorable chief commander so it
has no rule on these coins generally if there is a ruler on this corner it would
actually be replaced but that’s on this later type this is I think it’s this is
the third issue which is about three point three grams and all anonymous so
that they actually have the ruler on these coins and if we turn over you can
see here we have the horseman so we have the horse here
the years a horse’s head the main the body the tail could say it has free dots
here we have the feet so here’s a guide this is foot there his body this is his
head and here we have a staff of a flag on top so the flag is here this is arm
and here we have a character of Olivia’s character his car although it’s hard to
tell because it’s been infield and this is the third series as I said and our
all different characters on them this is probably a bad 872 or thousand this
issue usually in front of the horse they have a brownie script as you can see got
the server script there and usually goes around but obviously it’s off the flame
now these coins are used what is disarmament use copy 1750s to 1400 so
it’s 650 650 years mmm so it’s not as old as the wushu coin which was 800
years and they’ll also ever coins are actually used at this period so you’ve
got the gander a pacer which I actually like to collect and that was used during
the same period and then roughly where 600 new coin so there are a few
contacting his design was actually used for quite a few centuries assigning
coins also probably about 400 years in pretty much the same style Roman coins I
don’t count this because that the designs generally change from ruler to
ruler or from time period so let’s have a look at the other coins to actually
have so here is another type I actually have this is more of a crew to type but
from the same period and as you can see you can see then
probably the King on the horsemen not in the back it looks like it’s an
inscription but I can’t actually tell what it is
it’s called G tell these are actually bullion coins they were pure silver
beforehand but not after you start and here we have the ball we have to hump
and this is also a summer diva so I actually haven’t checked up this
coin as you can see the single day and then we get to some other coins so these
ones just have the inscription gun across the top as you can see the bull
and the whole image is not on the flan but as you can see at the top that all
usually have a border around them and this one has the same inscription as the
one we said before so shree’s party diva it’s about a patty diva this is this so
usually has a central script in front of the actual horse so if you look at the
other side you can see with this issue it’s actually bit hard to tell which way
the horse is going so no can’t really tell and if we have a look at other
issues of this type so here’s know one you can see that it’s probably gonna
sway so this is probably the book hein the head
and this is the guy here so it’s actually bit hard to tell let’s save and
check on the other coin again that way yeah probably that way actually you know
I think I had that upside down so I think that’s his head there oh yeah yeah
you can see it better now probably cuz this part is actually not being
impressed enough so this is the head of staff it’s a horse and that’s a very
nice coin so here is another one not the same issue let me see if I can turn it
around to get a better issue now I’m keeping eating these covers a lot of
these have inscriptions off it if I take them out I’ll probably get them confused
and wipe you have it and then I’ll have to research it again yes sir this is
annoying so where’s the horse looks like a guy’s that way yes it does and you can
see that there might be some lettering behind there at this time period so this
one is a later issue what I don’t actually have a date for these but these
are probably probably between 8 and 1000 AD and usually the inscription is flat
go straight up the top and with these coins you can actually tell the
different styles just by the way the coin is actually minted so this is a
pretty thick and the impression like the actual stamping is actually thick as
well so there’s a horse there so the horse is placed in the head de natal
body is its fate and as you can see these ones actually a lot cruder so if
we go more along in time here’s another one this is a
proofy so it’s based on the inscription at the top all these are based on the
mainly on the inscriptions at the top except for still got Arabic lettering on
the back you can see the symbol quite well there is a date range for this coin
now and they still need to look up this coins some more coins like this quiz I’m
not too sure on my attribution of the actual coin and here we go
yes you can see you can see the character day that is another one Ivan
identified someone who really can read Nagari can probably knows what that is
so it all pretty much the same style and then you get into the Islamic era so
here we have the head of the horse the man and we have an inscription going
around the front this is Muhammad bin some and here’s the date range and if
you look on the okay so we look on the reverse I’m not too sure which is the
reverse some people put the ball some people put the horse so he is the actual
inscription and that’s what I get from it and as you can see it looks like an
anchor on the rear of the actual pool and you can see that it’s become more
cruder so it’s becoming harder to actually tell the actual ball and here
we have another one of the same issue okay there’s a man has an inscription
gonna round and upside down here we have the ball so if I compare it with the
other coin you can might be able to see that the inscription is pretty similar
the style is actually different probably because the person engraved it was not
the same person but the lettering is the same so same issue
and then we have their BIOS armies so their inscription is really cursive it’s
very distinct you can see how the lettering just twists around this is
very distinct like it’s got I know swords coming into the actual ball so
that’s very distinct and this one is a quote on man
yeah boarding and only a free version so this so here we have it’s a bit hard to
tell actually that one so then we have another two down here so here we have so
it’s really hard to tell the actual person on the actual coin it’s just the
ball side I know it’s a horse side said that so this is mean Bernie 12 2012 24
let’s see if we have a look at inscription I think this might be actual
end of the inscription see a lot of these very hard to tell the actual boom
so we won’t worry about that let’s go on to the next one it looks like there’s the hump there
there’s a head and inscription goes around so it’s very cursive as you can
see and on the back it’s pretty hard to tell you could see the green on this so
this is bronze disease that’s most likely sulfur then if we go on to this
is a loud Dean Massoud Saudis the horse side and you can see it’s just a long
version at this time and very crude so he’s the head this is a person his body
obviously would have an inscription around the side but
at this time you really can’t tell the inscription and here we have the Islamic
Arabic inscription this is how I can tell who this coin was meant to buy and
here’s another one the same inscription just a lot more worn and on this side
you can see how crude the actual image actually is and then we go to another
ruler so this ruler has a very defined Arabic inscription and this is that it’s
more fish and this is a from the Sultan’s a deli now during the Turk
period so this is the first dynasty because a different dynasties they
actually issued a lot of these coins by different rulers and if we look on the
other side this one had the horseman so there’s the horseman there if you can’t
see it that’s a head day the man’s body he’s heads up there back at a horse
should have been inscription around there as well
and he also issued a another type as well
so this is just the normal one with the Devon guy Sri sort on us some mashed
diba so that actually goes around their side the Bulls head easy just want 1210
1285 you’ll find out a lot of these coins probably over tainting the
issuance because a lot of different rulers actually issued them now the
column chronology is not really that well defined because if they’re in the
archaeological context here dinner you can actually find a good chronology but
apparently not hear of another one this one will need to actually fix up you can
quite clearly see the inscription going around living Gauri
obviously it’s got bronze disease so it’s a hump head here and on the
this side of the coin you can see that there is another character there so
here’s the flag the staff horses here head should be another
inscription going around there as well so later on we get the more crude of the
coins so then we get into the bronze coin since the more of the last period
from well got a date 1266 and this is a kangaroo coin smiley palace called my
early part of the course of the actual inscription it’s actually on these coins
here’s a hump of the coin bull on me and he’s the inscription so obviously these
are those have actually gotten bigger but the coin has actually stayed the
same if we have to look at the other side you can see that’s probably the
back of the horse so it’s the back of the horse and the person’s there that’s
basically it and if we have a look at another one as you can see that is
probably the way it goes so the back of the horse then got a person and this one
has the inscription a lot more clearer it’s just the inscription at the top
then later on we have another coin so that goes that way
the inscription as well just learns more of the bull on it this one is a minor
copper one of shree’s but tyre peds you can say you’ve got the horse a it’s a
bit hard to actually Mikey out so those are beautiful coins and no me ever
this one actually might be based on a ball and horsemen but really it’s hard
to tell it’s just crew image and then you just
got an inscription on this side so I need to look up this one to make sure
yet it’s what it is because I haven’t actually researched it and then I got
these coins here I’m not too sure who actually issued these so I need to do
more research to actually find out so there’s that coin there beautiful nice
oh and horseman these are fascinating is you actually want to get more people
virtually then collect these so they’re actually not too expensive you can buy
them for about five to ten dollars which i think is a good buy and they come in
all different that’s higher which is very interesting so if you want to
research coins make a marking to your numismatic endeavors this is one you can
actually do which way does that go for hmm that’s a beautiful coin nice coin
that one is is a horseman you can see I just won you can see the inscription it
goes around the front I can’t actually read it but that’s an inscription let’s
have a look at this side again it looks like it goes that way
this ahead the hump the tail description goes up there and wandering and that’s a
fee so anyway I hope you enjoyed his beer I know it’s a bit long but these
coins are awesome and fascinating series of coins I’ll leave a link down below to
eBay looking at book also list some links to
internet pages on this college because it’s just a fascinating read thank you
very much and how awesome a coin collecting time people bye-bye

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