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InDesign – Changing the font in Paragraph Styles (Part 15)

InDesign – Changing the font in Paragraph Styles (Part 15)

Hello and welcome to this InDesign tutorial. Today I’m going to explain how to change the font and the paragraph styles that we created in this tutorial here. If you want to download the files that we are going to use today you find the link in the YouTube description below. We star by opening our sample document and we going to first take a closer look at our Paragraph styles we already have defined here. We have the Paragraph Style “font” and this Paragraph Style contains the font that we are using, in this case it’s “Adobe Garamond Pro” All our Paragraph Styles are based on the Paragraph Style “font”. So, if you would change the font in this Paragraph Style It would apply the changes to all the other Paragraph Styles as well. We going to see this in just a second. Another thing that we going to talk about is if you want to change the font of a single for example or of all headlines, you need to set this directly in the headline. So we need to change the Paragraph Style in this Headline for example. But then, if we don’t like the font we set in here and we want to change it back, this is not really intuitive and I also going to show you how to do this. So lets start by changing the font of the complete text. To change the font of the whole text we need to go into [toolbox] and edit our Paragraph Style “font” and in here on *Basic Character Formats* you can set the font you like, for example we can (use) “Comic Sans MS”. And we click on *OK* and we see it has automatically changed the font on our whole document because all our other Paragraph Styles are based on the Paragraph Style “font”. Now I would like to change this back, because this doesn’t look so nice. And what’s about if I only want to only change the Paragraph Style of a Headline? For example this one. Let’s first take a look in our Headlines, this is “Head 2” And we see in here we have a font in here but this comes from the “font” Paragraph Style because this if based on the “font” Paragraph Style right here. But if we don’t like this font we can change it in here. Let’s also choose “Comic Sans MS” again. You can click on *OK*. And we see now (the Headline) was changed to “Comic Sans MS”. Now if you want to change this back You can go on *edit* and to change this back to the original font so make it based on this Paragraph Style here we need to choose the same font as (we have) in the “font” Paragraph Style. So this is “Abobe Garamond Pro” and if we choose the same Style it now will be based again on the “font” Paragraph Style. Allright that’s it for today in the next video I#M going to upload a template for you a template for your master or bachelor thesis that you can use and download for your own work. I also going to cover in the next video a little run trough to all the things that you need to knowif you use the template. Also this whole series “How to write your thesis” is finished quite soon, I plan on (recording) tow more videos. But don’t worry, for 2012 I have some more videos for you coming. I will create a new series that is called “Beyond the thesis” and there I’m going to cover some requests that you, the viewers had and also I’m going to go a little bit deeper into InDesign and especially into illustrator and show some more advanced things that you can do as well. So I hope we see us 2012 and I wish you very great holidays for you and your family! Bye Bye!

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  • ConstantContext says:

    great tutorial, however, i can't find the paragraph styles tool box folder? i will keep looking however, like the utilities folder with data and then scripts, finding it moderately difficult to quickly ascertain the locations. nonetheless, great and helpful tutorial, i have subscribed and nice RSS pillow.

  • AhavaEchad // אהבה אחד says:

    [1:24] – (skips the intro)

  • Raj Hussain says:

    Thank you

  • Abiel Muren says:

    Nice Tutorial, and litte bit funny, going from Garamond to Comic Sans. =)

  • ali ali says:

    hi brother
    i have book from 200 pages..
    i choose some font but i have problem with numbers.. its Letters bigger on the numbers
    how i can create paragraph style for example Letters size 14, and numbers size 11

    best regards

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