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It might not be considered a critical skill
in today’s world, but having good handwriting can actually help serve you in a great way,
as it helps your communication skills, making your writing more legible. In this video, I give you 5 tips to improve
your handwriting… 1. Choose the Right Pen
– The first and most obvious step to good handwriting is to use a pen which suits your
personal needs and taste – What works for one may not work well for
others – For example, I personally don’t enjoy writing
with a fountain pen and find a ball point pen suits my handwriting better
– So experiment and try a few different pens to find which one works best for you 2. Maintain a Relaxed Grip
– When many of us write we often have a tendency to grip the pen harder than we need to
– This can actually cause us to feel a strain in our hand and after writing for a period
time can become painful – Instead, having a relaxed grip can actually
work to improve your handwriting – As you’re more in control when relaxed and
aren’t straining yourself when performing the action 3. Practice
– It might seem obvious, but as with any skill practicing is often the best and most consistent
way to improve – …and it’s the same when trying to improve
your handwriting, practice makes perfect – So write whenever you can, keep a daily
journal if possible and work towards improving your handwriting
– Find opportunities to write during the day too, such as taking notes when in a meeting 4. Use Lined Paper
– Having lines on paper when writing can give you structure and guidance in order to ensure
you write straight and maintain your letter size
– Doing this will help give you even and correct proportions to your text
– …which looks particularly neat when you look at what you have written from a distance,
as paragraphs appear more square – One trick if writing on plain paper is to
put a lined sheet underneath, as often you’ll be able to see the lines through the paper 5. Express Yourself
– As with all forms of communication, your writing is unique to you and shows elements
of your character – So write in a style that makes you happy
and satisfied – As when you do, you show your personality,
making your writing all the more endearing – So practice, write well and communicate
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  • Practical Inspiration says:

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  • Nắng Ninh Tây says:

    Hello . My friend

  • Community Tours Australia says:

    O love this Tip ..comes very Handy

  • Life is a Journey says:

    Wow I really needed this because my handwriting has always been sloppy to the point where I can’t even read my own handwriting at times. I do believe choosing the right pen helps because with certain types of pens I used makes my handwriting look more illegible. And I do hear that your handwriting also reflects your personality.

  • M.A.G. Visions says:

    Hello i have pretty good handwriting skills but improvement never hurt anyone enjoyed this one thanks for always showing us how to do better in life have a wonderful day

  • Her Destiny says:

    I really take Pride in my Handwriting. I like Ball point pens. This video takes me back to where it all started. Thanks for sharing. 🌾💕💛

  • Trending Topic says:

    My handwriting is not so good so this video is really helpful for me!

  • Coach Simona says:

    That was such a short and helpful video! Excellent tips 🙂

    P.S. I love marker pens the most!

  • Fun Size Production says:

    I’ve alway didn’t care for my handwriting haha I need it improved 👏🏻

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