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IELTS Writing: How many words for your Essay?

hello in this lesson I want to look at a
very important question that many students ask me about IELTS writing task 2 here’s the question do I
get a higher band score if I have a longer essay now this is a very
important question how long should you essay be there are a
number of points I want to explain to you about the length of your essay so the first point is of course you must
write over 250 words that is the task given to you those are your
instructions and if you write under that there could be problems and yes the
examiner will check how many words you’ve written number two
and here is a direct answer to the question you do not get more marks for a longer essay now I know that for many of you at
University if you write a longer essay you get
better marks but this does not apply to IELTS the examiner is not looking for a long essay the examiner is looking for
relevant ideas number three the other point is you only have about 35 minutes to
write you essay now they recommend that you have forty minutes but at least 5 minutes should be spent planning your essay you need to look at the statement given
to you need to analyze it and you need to plan relevant ideas for your answer it’s very important to have five minutes for planning your ideas and
you answer are worth 25% if your marks so
that means you only have about 35 minutes to actually write your essay so aiming for longer essay will not give
you more marks and will be very difficult in the time you’ve got the next point is a lot of students when they try to extend their writing to
write over 300 words they put lots of extra information in that essay and this information is often a little
bit relevant or it’s off the topic now in IELTS you will lose marks if you write irrelevant
information or if you go off the topic in your essay so is a very bad idea to try to write 300 words if the information you are adding will go off topic so the recommendation I recommend you aim for between 260 and 280 that is enough words to extend and develop each main idea in order to get a higher band score
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