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Icelandic Design Shops, Reykjavik VLOG

Icelandic Design Shops, Reykjavik VLOG

hi guys welcome back to my channel so it’s been another week of furniture buying cleaning scrubbing up sanding down and painting and we starting to use the units which is great I’m setting up my studio be working on my business plan and lots of ideas to do with that as well and I’m out with an Icelandic student this week and was helping her and giving her some advice on her portfolio it’s been really busy week which had lots of great help from and where sister Ella his niece Sofia and one of his friends Victor as well so massive thank you to them I’ve been trying to kind of film a little bit more out in public and it is quite a daunting thing to do and actually remembering the camera can be most of the problem and but there’s a little bit of fishes in here from a few of the kill shops that have been going to em and hopefully you’ll see a bit more in next week’s vlog of some of the new friends that be making so I’m going to save you from big long talking introduction and get straight into it here’s week three so the TV will looks great but now we have this to deal with so I’ve just spent about three hours going through boxes trying to find one tiny little bottle of ink for the calligraphy because any black Hank fur to these order but at least has managed to get through these boxes but it does mean that the studio is looking like this it is chaotic and then I guess this doesn’t survive sadly might be able to bash it back in but it’s got quite a few bashes do it in the first place which is a shame so now I’m having to go back to the auto shop week later and get the original black ink as well you just being offered some plants from men in my sister’s friend or colleague or something like that so just hit delight the doors to go and check they might pick them up bring them back to the flat and get some lovely greenery going on here welcome home love the new plant so I’m just heading to a local coffee shops look with an Icelandic student and she’s looking to study graphic design in the UK and has them to Rio breakfast claiming over these rodents yes so basically she’s looking to apply to the UK University and she doesn’t have doesn’t have a portfolio yet oh she’s made you start or one so I’m gonna give her some advice on it today lots of fresh snow which means that you’re gonna have to ah clear the car so we’re going to chop them but I’ve been told that it’s more window-shopping and I found two really cool interior shops online that want to check out to sea and but first of all we’re gonna go judging Mars work for lunch yes so i swapped I’m bags yesterday and my purse is in the other bag good job babe I can see where they keep going the first indication that someone is coming is that the Sun is actually melting the snow and it’s getting warm inside the car for a change we’re now down time Reykjavik tourist buses and an interesting museum in this building over here we are in growth nice at the flat right now and she is washing cleaning and helping us to do up the drawer units the roof up so we’re going to scrub them don’t know clean up the edges and undo them up so this is the new unit all mostly washed and clean em and I’m about to just start putting all my stuff in it so this week’s task is now to try and get my residency started here in Iceland and we’re doing lots of paperwork and trying to get certificates and kind of documentation from the UK sent over so hopefully we’ll have some footage of the process of that if anyone’s going to be going through it if you’ve got any comments or questions that you want to ask us please put them down in the comments below and or you can feel free to tweet me at leo claims if you’ve got anything you want to maybe suggest for us and a video and so on so thanks for watching hit the like button please and subscribe there is an Icelandic food challenge video coming for you soon bye for now

12 Replies to “Icelandic Design Shops, Reykjavik VLOG”

  • Pullman1 says:

    Can you let us hear you speak Icelandic in the next EP

  • Umar Tanveer says:

    I've been obsessed with Iceland for years 😍😍 your so lucky!!! You get to settle in my dream country lol x

  • swenger34a says:

    I just happened on your videos and really love seeing people from two different countries come together and the mixture of cultures. I am from the US but have lived in Scotland, China and am visiting Iceland in the early part of June with my sister. I cannot wait to come. I am a photographer and I am hoping to get many wonderful images. I am also going to try my hand in recording some of it. I will have to get over feeling weird recording myself in public 🙂 Hoping to visit Iceland a few times in the future with a solo trip in mind to the Westfjords.

  • Inga Hildur says:

    Hi Sonia! I just found out that you have a Youtube channel! Thank you for meeting me and going through my portfolio with me 🙂 I got acepted into Macromedia University in Media and communication design in Berlin 🎉

  • Marti Miller says:

    How did you and your fiancé meet?

  • Ionut D says:

    i like your video..is so relaxing to watch.


    i just love yours videos one day will go to ICELAND

  • Kathy Isonline says:

    Thank you for doing this, have you vlogged before? Your videos are very well done. I visited Iceland by accident about twelve years ago and loved it. If ever there was a place I'd consider relocating to, Iceland would be it. I love the clean spareness of the place. It would also be the perfect environment for my two Great Pyrenees dogs because they love cold weather. But can you bring animals there without a long quarantine?

  • Irini Cat says:

    I can't stop watching you.Great video.

  • ilyes Fergani says:

    Hello sonia

  • Mihai Nicolae says:

    Your videos would be absolutely awesome if you somehow lost the dummy music … Keep up the good work ! Cheers

  • Mihai Nicolae says:

    Thanks a lot ! Cheers !

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