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Ibrahim El-Salahi at the Prince Claus Fund Gallery

I found that when I work in black and white It’s something which is, in a way, challenging To have it in black and white and has the same sense, the same satisfaction the same understanding of colour I find it is a challenge Which is quite exciting Ibrahim came up with the idea of what he called endless organic gross paintings because the way he does it is that he starts with a cube, and then he does a painting that almost looks full and then he builds up on it And then at some point he feels like this makes a complete work So you know as a child I never thought of becoming an artist I remember my mother told me that I would join the Quranic school when I was two years old and that’s when I began to deal with Arabic calligraphy We call it sharafa, the honoring of the written word To me, the written word is something sacred After I studied European art I found that the written letter doesn’t just have one thing It has so many things But the title, why that title ‘By His Will’? I mean, of course, it has a verse from the Koran and the birds appear in the Koran a lot always as a miraculous creation, and I found in Ibrahim over the years Like I always see these the birds, the motif of the bird It’s almost like the alter-ego of Ibrahim who remained very consistent in his passion for freedom, not just freedom of creativity, but a freedom of an individual, of the dignity. I don’t forget the time when I was wrongly accused of conspiracy against the government. I’ve been put in jail That taught me a great deal When you are confined in a short space, you can’t branch out or open up yourself to what you want to be. He always dreams of his artworks. He has visions Many times when I draw, I try to have the resemblance of human nature But I inserted the human fault because I wanted not to make it a perfect kind of representation but something coming from within. Art is a vehicle for communication that can bring what is within the individual towards the community and others

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