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I Received Evil Threats After My Coming Out

I Received Evil Threats After My Coming Out

Hey, I’m Charles. I recently came out as gay, and it’s had its
own… weird repercussions. When I was 15, I had a girlfriend, Rebecca,
and I really liked her, even loved her, but I felt weird, like… something was off. I started to notice that… I kinda liked boys more. And I mean I always liked them, I just didn’t
realize it… I dated Rebecca for a while after this realization,
but then I wanted to come clean to her. I explained to her, as best as I could, that
it wasn’t her but me. I still wanted to be friends with her, because
she was such an important person to me. She was upset, but very supportive and understanding
and I felt relieved. Next, I confessed to all my friends. I expected them to mock me or, like, be surprised,
but it was like… nobody cared that much, and some of them were even expecting it. It was so much easier than I thought it would
be! Of course, I expected that other people would
soon find out, but I didn’t expect what happened next… one day at school I was searching
through my bag for a book and then I found a… letter? I opened it, and there were… um, threats
in there? Of course there were insults, but also stuff
like, and I’m not quoting directly, but it basically said, “move to another school,
we don’t need people like you here.” I looked around but there was nobody there. I felt scared. I thought that one of my friends was pranking
me, but they would never do something like that. I quickly forgot about it, but then it happened
again. This time, someone DMed my Instagram anonymously
with more insults and threats. I asked who it was, but they ignored me. The only person I shared this with was Rebecca,
and she was so shocked by it! But the final straw for me was when I found
a weird box lying on my porch. I was glad I found it before my parents did. I opened it… and it was full of trash, and
there was another letter on it that said, “You belong in here as well.” What!? By this time I was so scared to go to school
or anywhere else, I kept looking around, always searching for this mysterious person. I never told anything about this to anyone,
not even to Rebecca. Another thing happened a little later – one
day, all of a sudden, everyone knew that I was gay. I had no idea how this happened, but I guess
someone started to spread it to everyone they knew. You know, even teachers knew at this point. And, to be honest, it wasn’t that bad. Again, nobody cared about it that much, a
lot of people were actually supportive of it. There was just this one guy who I barely knew,
Shawn, who kept staring at me weirdly. And not only that – he stopped saying, “Hello”
to me and was always trying to keep as far away from me as possible. I thought he was a part of it, or maybe HE
was the person who was sending me all those threats. One day I came home and my parents started
to ask me questions about my sexual orientation. I was like, “What?” I guess someone had told them already. It was crazy how fast the rumors were spreading. I asked how they knew and they said that someone’s
parent had called them to ask questions. WHY were people so nosy!? Well, I had to confess to them too! I can’t say that they were happy about it
– we had an extremely long talk and they asked me a lot of questions. In the end, they had to start accepting it,
because it’s not like I could do anything about it. So, everyone knew. And it was nice. Many people struggle with it for years, but
I got lucky, I guess. Except that someone was threatening me and
I didn’t want to let it go. I was thinking about what I could do about
it – maybe I should have gone to the principal or talked with the police, but I didn’t
want to be too hasty about it. I started to ask people around, especially
my friends, if they knew anything about it. I even compared their handwriting to the one
my, um, enemy had. Nothing came of this except that my friends
were extremely annoyed with my suspiciousness. They thought that someone was pranking me
and that was it, but I was pretty sure that it was something more serious and maybe sinister. One person, who I still hadn’t asked at this
point was Shawn – he was still avoiding me and staring when he thought I couldn’t see
him. So I went to him directly and asked why was
he looking at me like that? He was like, “Um, what do you mean… what
are you talking about?” I was getting impatient with him, he definitely
knew something, so I kept asking questions – even about the box and all those letters. He said, “Stop bugging me” and started
to leave. And what could I do, stop him? But I was pretty sure that he was the one
behind all of this. Afterward, I was talking about all of this
with Rebecca and she was so weirded out and said, “Wow, that’s weird, but why are
you still thinking about it, didn’t it stop after the box?” I froze. I never told Rebecca about the box. I asked her about it and she was like “Oh,
you definitely told me about it.” I was 100% sure I didn’t, so I asked her
directly if she was behind all of this or if she knew the person who did it. She tried to find excuses, but eventually
she confessed that yes, she was behind it. She even changed her handwriting. I was shocked. I asked her why she would do something like
that. She explained that she was hurt after I broke
up with her, because everybody knew that I was with her before I came out of the closet
and this made her look bad. She didn’t know exactly why she did what
she did, out of revenge or maybe she thought that this would stop me from telling everyone
that I was gay. I was so angry I stopped being friends with
her immediately. She begged me not to tell anyone, like the
police and I said, “fine” but I blocked her everywhere afterward and it hurt a lot,
because she was my best friend at this point. But why then was Shawn acting so weird around
me? I asked him again what was wrong and why he
hated me. He was all red in the face and said, “I
don’t hate you, it’s more like… the other way around…” I asked him why he didn’t just tell me about
it, and he explained that it was a secret and that his parents wouldn’t be happy to
hear about it, so he was trying to hide it from everyone, and he didn’t want to get
close to me because then it would be too difficult for him. After this, I became friends with Shawn. Not like a couple, just friends. I’m still a bit hurt about the situation
with Rebecca and I still have some difficulties with my parents, but… I’m incredibly happy that people have accepted
me for who I am. I would never have expected it to go so well. Anyway, thanks for listening! Like this video and share it everywhere!

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