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I don’t speak Arabic – I’m American || Arabic Phrases #27

I don’t speak Arabic – I’m American || Arabic Phrases #27

Hello and welcome to this Arabic lesson where we’re going to learn the phrase: ‘I don’t speak Arabic, I’m American’ etc., etc., etc. I’m going to teach you how to say these phrases in the formal Arabic way the fusha MSA way which I’ll just write here I’ll write Fusha and then in Gulf dialect as well okay, so Fusha and Gulf so the phrase is exactly the same in both examples ‘I’m sorry, I don’t speak Arabic’, or ‘I don’t know Arabic’ ‘I’m British, I’m American, I’m German, I’m Canadian, I’m Indian,’ whatever… okay, so Fusha: ‘ana aasif’ ‘ana’ ‘aa’ ‘sif’ ana aasif: I’m sorry ‘ana aasif’ ‘laa atakallum’ ‘laa atakallum’ and then I’ll put ‘al-lugha’ ‘al-3ara’ ‘al-lugha al-3arabeeya’ ‘ana’ I’ll put ‘amreekee’ ‘ana aasif la atakallum al-lugha al-3arabeeya ana amreekee’ that’s how you’d say it straight forward yeah? I’ll write it in transliteration here: okay, did you get it? Good Gulf… Gulf dialect it’s pretty much the same, but a few changes, so instead of saying: ‘ana aasif laa atakallum al-lugha al-3arabeeya ana amreekee’ we’re just going to say… you can say ‘ana aasif’ again or you could just say ‘aasif’ we’re just going to take away the ‘ana’ because they might not say that ‘aasif’ ‘aasif’ and rather than saying ‘la’ we’re going to say ‘ma’ because ‘ma’ is also a way to negate phrase, and negate a verb ‘laa atakallum’: ‘I don’t speak’ ‘ma’ and we’re going to say rather than ‘atakallum’, we’re going to say, ‘don’t know’ but we’re going to say ‘a3arif’ 3a, ra, fa an even more Gulf way of saying ‘I don’t know’ is ‘ma adree’… ‘ma adree’ so ‘ma adree’ means ‘ma a3arif’ ‘aasif ma a3arif’ and rather than saying, ‘al-lugha al-3arabeeya’ we’re just going to say, ‘al-3arabeeya’ so we’re going to say, ‘al-3ara’ ‘al-3arabeeya’ ‘assif ma a3arif al-3arabeeya’ and then the last bit’s just exactly the same: ‘ana amreekee’ so, two different ways we can say this: ‘ana aasif laa atakallum al-lugha al-3arabeeya ana amreekee’ or we can say: ‘assif ma a3arif al-3arabeeya ana amreekee’ important point, if you are female, these change slightly from ‘amreekee’ to ‘amreekeea’ ‘amreekee’ to ‘amreekeea’ so you’d say, ‘ana laa ana aasif la atakallum al-lugha al-3arabeeya ana amreekeea’ the ‘ya’ would still be there , but it would be joined so you’d just do that and you’d have the ‘taa marboota’ there and it’d be ‘ana amreekeea’ and it’s exactly the same there ‘ana almaaneea’, ana breeTaaneea’ you just add the ‘a’, ‘a’ ة (taa marboota) at the end Hope you enjoyed this video, I make lots more phrases like this if you have a phrase request, it literally takes me a couple of minutes to make a video like this so… write it in the comments and I really mean that because I do read them and if there’s a particular phrase you would like me to translate or teach you then that’s absolutely no problem

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  • فاطمة جراح says:

    مبدع .استمر??

  • meena 7 says:

    Kpop ????

  • ZAIALAWI says:

    بالتوفيق ???

  • Ammar Ramadan says:

    ممتاز، أحسنت ✌

  • Faten Ahmad says:

    عندي تحدي لك
    التحدي هو : ان تقول كلمه بحرف (الضاد) مثل (نضيف) لفظاً صحيحاً

  • Fatima Ali says:

    Love this video its so clear and bright also love all ur videos ???❤ keep up the good work ??

  • عزام الرحيلي says:

    and you can say اسف ما اعرف عربي without(ال)

  • عزام الرحيلي says:

    but both is right

  • Nurhann akkaya says:

    We love youuuuuuu

  • عزام الرحيلي says:

    هناك قاعدة ل(ال) لكن لا اعرفها فقط اعرف كيف استخدمها واعرف انها تستخدم لتعريف شي غير حي ولا تستخدم في الاسماء مثل: (النافذة – التفاح – الباب – الملابس)

  • EYAD S says:

    you are so good keep the good work at learning arabic and hope you get better and join islam??❤️

  • طـلِع خـاين ء says:

    صوتك زي صوت سيري?


    Hi. I ‘m from Saudi Arabia

  • mm gg says:

    خطه احلى من خطي ?

  • fahad_al5yyaly says:

    In Gulf u can say ( أسف ما (اتكلم عربي assif ma atklm 3rby ???

  • Blue says:

    Or you can say "انا لا اتحدث" is better than "أتكلم" ? love your videos btw??

  • slomy show says:

    Congrats to u for learning the hardest language ever

  • Aya Ramy says:

    الفصحى Fusha
    Male : أنا آسف لا أتكلم اللغة العربية أنا أمريكي
    Female : أنا آسفة لا أتكلم العربية أنا أمريكية

  • Dark says:

    Females should say آسفة instead of آسف
    And in gulf we don’t say "ما أتكلم العربية" ,but we say “ما أعرف عربي" or “ما أتكلم عربي"

  • Love my Life says:

    Your handwriting (in Arabic) is a thousand times better than my handwriting ?

  • Ibraheem Shreet says:

    In the word (آسف) in female form also you have to use (ة)

  • Fortnite V-bucks says:

    It's amazing that you've learned a hard language, not only that you've learned fusha but you also managed speaking in gulf.( Mind = blown )<me rn

    But seriously keep up the good work I like to keep learning from you

  • Hey it’s Ghost says:

    I want to add something everything is right but also aasif for female will change to aasifa like this آسفه keep going you are so good it's a hard language to learn ??????????❤️but you are really good

  • Jomnah J says:

    Your Arabic language is very beautiful and sophisticated????
    لغتك العربيه جداً جميله ومتطوره

  • R A N A says:

    Your pronunciation of the Arabic words is so cute ❤

  • Tot . . says:

    Nice handwriting❤

  • Zahraa Fadil says:


    كيوت? cute

  • Raw imr says:

    just an extra info for your information in gulf dialect we cannot say "ما أدري شيء" isn't a common phrase it is odd! but If you wanna say "ما أدري" better to say "ما أدري (عن) شيء" or "ما أعرف شيء" I hope it was helpful ????

  • Sara kanaan says:

    Particular ?, جدا جميل

  • Jitu says:

    Mind blowing sir you nailed it. You could so well pronounce Arabic words almost like native Arabic speaker. I loved the video. ???

  • islam_ peace says:

    I suggest you brother to read Qur'an (muslim's holy book (Allah 's words)) it is the best arabic book because all the arabic grammer came from Qur'an .in addition Qur'an include many miracles that prove that it is right book from Allah .such as scientific facts miracles in Qur'an ,the linguistic and graphic miracles in it too …so Qur'an is interesting book to read and learn about and thank you

  • sara 99 says:

    So cute by the way I am from Saudi Arabia ?❤?

  • U N I C O R N says:

    I love u mike – from KSA

  • From Zero To English من الصفرالى الإنجليزية says:

    Hey guys! I am an English/Arabic teacher. I am from Morocco. I would be so happy to offer online Arabic courses for all levels. You can contact me through my YouTube channel.

  • عبدالعزيز عبدالله says:

    I can teach you arabic if you want

  • Norah M says:

    أنا عربية، وأتابع دروسك الجيدة. بالتوفيق دائمًا.

  • فيصل حامد says:

    You don’t need to say (al-lugha)

  • فراولة. says:

    استمتعت بالفيديو ?

  • Kareem ABNORMAL says:

    Your channel is aweseome

  • أنا انا says:

    اسف for girls change to
    أسفه ?
    Girls = أسفه
    Boy= أسف

  • Brury Rosally says:

    How to pronounce أتكلم in Fusha ?
    Atakallam or atakallum ???

  • Anjar Maner says:

    what is ur name

  • Younes M.A says:

    the arabic will be very easy but if you learn it with a native speaker so do you want to be fluent in arabic just contact me I'm an arabic but I need some help in english can you teach me english and I will teach you arabic this is my hangouts [email protected] this is my instagram @younes_benlalam
    this is my Facebook
    Ben younes bagi

  • STITO ATLAS says:

    اسف لا اعرف العربية
    لا – عوض – ما

  • Hyder Kun says:

    Hello , even though i am arab , I find watching your vids helpfull ofr me so that I can also teach my friends . Keep it up.

  • Maxiture says:

    he can write better then me in arabic lol

  • Maxiture says:

    we love u from syria

  • Mena Mahmood says:

    انا اسفة – اسف(ة) for female

  • Muhammad Azam Waqas says:

    Thank you. I am also learning Arabic in my University. Fusha is easier then other dilect in my opinion.

  • نريمان l جزئرية says:

    شكرن جزيلان لك حبيبي

  • علاء ناجي says:

    منور حمبي

  • Lighto Chan says:

    تستطيع ان تقول ايضا "اسف ما اعرف اتكلم عربي" 🙂

  • K B says:

    write it as Fus7a (فصحه) not Fusha (فوشه)
    i was a lil bit confused.?

  • sαlαн єɒɒiиє says:

    perfect so talented . keep the good work i am arabic by the way

  • Shrif Adel says:

    Your handwrite is trouble ??

  • amira belkasi says:

    I love you. احبك كثيييير شكرا جزيلا لدعم تعلم اللغة العربية انها فعلا لغة بليغة ?

  • Nadir Ghazi says:

    You've got a great channel Mike, keep up.Your Arabic is great.

  • Thamir Khallow says:

    You aren't American?

  • KOVlC says:

    احب لهجتك الانكليزيه البريطانيه ❤

  • Nouyorobi says:

    try it with tunisian accent , it's more difficult
    love u from tunisia ^_^ and i'm happy for you learn our language

  • Maria Al Hakim says:

    You have forgotten to change the word sorry/asef in female variation.. we say asifa when it's female.. you're awesome!

  • Lsk Hxiej says:

    In gulf we say أسف ما اعرف عربي انا امريكي
    بدون (ال)عربية
    اسموحة يالطيب ما اعرف عربي انا امريكي

  • Black cat says:

    اممم.. أتكلم ..كلمة غير معبره
    عندما تقول انا لا أتكلم العربيه بالعربيه فإنها تبدو كأنها كذبه
    اعتقد من الافضل إستخدام كلمه أتحدث
    .. لا توجد كلمتان لهما نفس المعنى* بالضبط *

  • Ahmed Aassem says:

    ما is also used in Fusha for negating verbs in the past…
    e.g. ما رأيته "I didn't see him" or probably "I haven't seen him", but it is not the same, you may search for the differences between the meaning and usage of لم and ما.

  • Reef says:

    يا أخي أنت كيوت

  • الحمد لله says:


  • Aboleo80 says:

    May not want to let them know you are an American. Just do what most do and claim you are an Canadian.

  • Gazal G says:

    Nice hand writing ?


    How do you say? Ready and how do you say lets go in Arabic?

  • Mike Still says:

    Find an online Arabic/English teacher HERE:

    Join me on patreon for help, tips and advice on learning Arabic/English HERE:

  • Rezza says:

    are you american? i could hear that you speak english with british accent. it turns out, you speak with non-rhotic consonant (the sound r is not pronounced followed by vowel) very clearly.

  • dannypaige8987 says:

    How old were you when you started learning Arabic? I use to be in the service for some years and got out now working in those speaking countries. So I developed a passion to learn but I am in my 30's wondering if it is too late to learn a language? I did work up this past year to be able to read the language but I am not so smooth in my reading without the volumes. I am a huge fan of your page and appreciate the videos you post. It is inspiring to hear someone of English origin speak Arabic so smoothly.

  • dannypaige8987 says:

    Could you help me ask how to get a hair cut btw?

  • ابو حيدر آل شاهين says:

    Dude your Arabic is very good. How long did it take you to learn the language?

  • Yusril Language Learners says:

    What is your biggest motivation learning Arabic, Mike?? I really need a new motivation now..

  • Liana Abdul says:

    If Malaysia it is Malizi right?

  • anneeq008 says:

    What you interested in learning Arabic then?

  • سلوم بلوم says:

    the problem is that the gulf,Egyptian,syrian and all the arabic dialects are very different from the fusha
    even though I'm arab I don't understand some arabic dialects and that what make our language very tough

  • Ahmed prince says:

    thank you very much Iam arabic can you help me to learn english

  • Sarah Gh says:

    Great job, Mike! ?

  • Iustin Boz says:

    استمر ??

  • Christian Pauley says:

    Man the script of Arabic is absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait till I can write in it!

  • adam centurion says:

    يدري هي نفس المعنى لكلمة يعرف
    يدري من الدراية و المعرفة.
    انت تتكلم اللغة العربية بشكل رائع لكن نتمنى منك انك لو تقرأ الأدب العربي و خاصة أبو الطيب المتنبي ?

  • Yara Felemban says:

    Amazing video, as always! Just wanted to point out a few things:

    The verb aasif (sorry) changes when it becomes for a female, so it becomes aasifah (this is fusha, in the informal we usually say assfah)
    Also, in the Gulf dialect/accent, it isn't very accurate to say: ana ma a3rif al3arabiyah. Since it's informal, we say ana ma a3rif 3arabi.
    Also, when you want to say 'I'm Canadian,' you say it as in Kanadi, not Kanaadi. So, it becomes: ana kanadi, or ana kanadiyah (female)

    Overall, the video is amazing as always, and thank you for doing such videos. Your Arabic is incredibly good, and it's not hard at all to understand you. It's sometimes hard for Arabs to understand non-Arabs when they're speaking Arabic since some letters are hard to pronounce, but your Arabic is nearly flawless. Good luck, mate!

  • English fun for Arabs says:

    My name is ahmed. I'm 23 years. And I'm Egyptian. I'm gonna help anyone who is interested to learn Arabic language for any reason from any country around the world by English as a common language for free. And I have a good experience to teach some Americans and British learn Arabic and I have the material for grammers (nahw). Dont worry the syllabus with me. And please try it if you are interested. I assure again it is completely free 100%. I promise you it will work for you and help you a lot. Please this is a chance for you try not to waste it because I'm on vacation now and free.

  • omar taky says:

    I really congratulate you for speaking the Arabic language in such mastery, in addition to knowing how to write in it. Props to you my friend. But from an Arab to a British friend, the comma in Arabic is not the same as that in English, it is upside down like such،

  • omar taky says:

    Plus, instead of using dots for letters that are double dotted like ت you can just put a line over instead of the dots. And it is not "ana firansee" it is "ana faransee" with an "a" considering that it is with the proper syllables in Arabic being فَرَنْسَا and not فِرَنْسَا. Just some additional info if you ever needed it. Have a good one and good bye.

  • :/:/ says:

    In saudi they usualy dont say ما ادري they say مدري they combine it and u dont use it in a sentence like this . can say معليش instead of sorry and u can say معرف not مدري

  • :/:/ says:

    bye the way im american and learning khaleeji i could help you out if u ever need some help قاعد اتعلم اللهجة السعوديه و لو تحتج مساعدة فالعميه اقدر اساعدك انشاءالله ?

  • Nesma says:

    Why am I watching this?! I'm Egyptian, pretty good video though.. ??
    In the Egyptian dialect you'd say "ana asf (asfa: if you're a female) ana mesh btklm Araby, ana amreky (amrekeya: if you're a female)… Ect

    Which is in Arabic:
    أنا آسف (آسفة) انا مش بتكلم عربي، انا امريكي (امريكية)… إلخ

  • Emna saad says:

    Ok I think in fussha it's better to beعذرا لا أتحدث العربية انا بريطاني/ة
    I think this way is better and more polite you know

  • Sensei Lloyd Garmadon 斗 says:


  • Ayat Xoxo says:

    Your skills are really great mash Allah

  • Berin Amr says:

    I Live in Egypt and I العربية

  • Housny Mcheik says:

    i wanna learn the english how can i learn it can you help me mike

  • Mimi doni says:

    هذا رائع جداً ??????

  • laksnjjgyuoq898 laksnjjg898 says:

    Very beautiful accent ❤❤❤❤

  • Viking Axe says:

    actually … to say (I'm sorry) in arabic and you are female you better say آسفة (a'asefa) instead of آسف (a'asef)
    THank me later >___<

  • Maria Rose Paris says:

    OK. It's nice thanks Mike …. it's Amazing. You are from. U S A. And me. Firanseea.

  • محمد شاهين says:

    If she is female . She should say اسفة
    For male اسف
    For female اسفة

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