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‘I am studying Arabic’ || Arabic Phrases #28

‘I am studying Arabic’ || Arabic Phrases #28

Hello and welcome, I’m back… I’ve got my board back is what I mean I’m always back but this time I’m with my board ‘I am studying Arabic’ presumably you’re studying Arabic, or maybe you’re studying English you know what, because I’ve got a lot of Arabic listeners, which by the way I love and viewers should I say, you can learn English and the English people, or the English speaking people or the French or the German or the Canadians, or the whatever they are can learn how to say, “I’m studying Arabic’ okay, let’s go ahead anyway I’ve got a black pen, I need a different colour pen so… here it is okay, we’re going to go straight into it How do we say ‘I’? ‘I’ that’s right: ‘ana’… ‘ana’… ‘ana’… three letters ‘I’: a… n… a put a little hamza there ‘ana’… ‘ana’ and then we need to verb for studying the verb for studying is ‘darasa’ ‘darasa’ ‘ana’ you don’t say “ana darasa’, because when you learn a verb in Arabic, you learn it in it’s third person past tense so you learn the verb darasa, if you learn that verb, it actually means, ‘he studied’ ‘he studied’ ‘he studied’, ‘darasa’ means ‘he studied’ If you want to say, “I am studying’, you put an alif in front ‘adrus’ ‘adrus’ so ‘ana’ a… du… ru… sa that’s it, ‘ana adrus’ ‘ana adrus’, you’ll notice none of these are connecting to the one in front that’s a coincidence, mostly Arabic is very fluid, it’s very fluent, and it’s a beautiful language in that it all joins together so ‘ana adrus’ what do we want to say next, ‘I am studying Arabic’ ‘Arabic’, is ‘al-3arabiya’ or to be full, ‘al-lugha al-3arabiya’ I’m going to write ‘al-lugha al-3arabiya’, because why not so… ‘al-lugha al-3arabiya’ it’s been awhile since i’ve written actually so my handwriting is not the best but… you can definitely get the gist of that you’ve got, ‘al-lugha al-3arabiya’ I hope that’s clear ‘ana adrus al-lugha al-3arabiya’ ‘ana adrus al-lugha al-3arabiya’ okay, what if you want to say, I’m studying English’ let’s try a blue one shall we? ‘ana adrus al-lugha al-inglezia’ alif, lam it’s the same word – alif lam lugha al and then you can do two letters here you can either do a jeem for ‘injlezia’ or you can do a gha for inghlezia so I’m going to do a ‘gha’ so… first option first sentnece: ana adrus al-lugha al-3arabiya that’s this one and the second one is this one: ana adrus al-lugha al-inglezia Arabic is a very pretty, attractive, flowing language, it’s enjoyable to write it’s satisfying to learn the letters and the shapes and to see the words as they are formed and to be able to see the letters and hear them and say them so I just wanted to show you how to write it as well ana adrus al-lugha al-3arabiya or ana adrus al-lugha al-inglezia thanks for watching this video, I am (Arabic) Mike I teach Arabic on Youtube and you can subscribe, you can watch more videos there and there and I hope to see you back here again very soon for now, bye bye!

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