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Hyperbole in Arabic – Lesson 76

Hyperbole in Arabic – Lesson 76

بالَغَ to exaggerate مُشْتَقّات derivatives مِفْعال to give أَعْطَى to help عاوَن to laugh ضَحِكَ to get divorced طَلُقَ to talk foolishly هَذَر to be perfumed عَطِر فَعَّال carpenter نَجّار barber حَلَّاق to shave حَلَق liar كَذّاب well experienced عَلَّام to know عَلِمَ talkative قَوَّال to say قال artist رَسّام to draw رَسَم fortune-teller عَرّاف to know عَرَف greengrocer بَقَّال جَذّاب فَتَّان very attractive swimmer عَوّام to swim عام itinerant سَيَّار to walk سار to allure, to attract, to fascinate خَلَبَ to sell باع to travel جال to feel حَسَّ to attract جَذَبَ to carry حَمَل فَعُول أكُول كَسُول to laze كَسِلَ كَتُوم صَبُور to be patient صَبَر hasty عَجُول bored مَلُول gloomy عُبُوس to keep secret كَتَم to lie كَذَب to become angry غَضِبَ فعيل knowledgeable عَليم expert فَقِيه wise man حَكِيم sagacious فَهِيم فَعِل very shy خَجِل فَرِح very happy حذر very cautious very aggressive شَرِس to observe حَرَص

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