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Hvordan endre standardfonten i Word ?

In this tip, you will see a trick that you can use to replace the boring default font in Word with something that you like better. Then you do not have to spend unnecessary amount of time replacing your font text afterwards. Don’t miss this one. Just watch this! Hello and welcome to a new Fridaytip. This tip will show you how to easily replace the default Word font Calibri No, not Colibri But the default font Calibri in Word with something that you like better. It’s difficult to switch to the font you want after the document is written, so now you should see how easy you can do it before you start writing. And you have a standard font that your company uses in their profile then you can also use this trick to easily make it, the preferred one in all your Word documents. Then all your documents look the same and professional It’s easy to do Just watch this You can start by starting Word like this. As you can see, Word will select the Calibri font as the default font in your new document. Do you want the document to have a different default font than Calibri, And you certainly do, otherwise you might not bee watching this video now Move the mouse pointer here to the little arrow that you find in the font section of the Word menu bar. When you click on the arrow you will see this window on your screen. And this is where you can finally replace Calibri with a new font that you like better. First, choose which font you want in the list. Here you can choose from all the fonts installed on Windows. In this example, I go for Arial. Once you have selected the font you want, you can end by clickingBefore you finish, choose whether you want to select the font for the entire document. Check this box forand finallyAs you can see, you have now received a document with Arial as the default font. If you and yours use a custom font in their profile that you want to be standard all the time, You can selectto have your font as the default font on all documents. Smart isn’t it? That’s all we had for today. Thank you for watching. If you Enjoyed the tip and want so see more tips from us. Feel free to subscribe to our Youtube channel. Or follow our blog ( We come up with new tips for you every single week. See you in another video.

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