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How to Write Russian Letters | Как писать русские буквы | Russian Cursive

So, Russian! Hi everyone! My name is Ilya And today we’re talking about letters I’m gonna teach you how to write Not to type but to write by hand. It’s important So take paper and a pen And now i-i-i-intro! Let’s start with why you might need it Firstly, you’ll learn to write in Russian faster so you will save your time Secondly, you’ll learn to read texts written in Russian by hand For instance, a doctor’s prescription Well, or won’t For example, I won’t Everyday notes and lecture notes in the end Now let’s talk about how much cursive is different from print font If you studied Russian you can read this word without difficulties And now let’s get it like this F*ck In fact, not every Russian can read what is written here “лишишься” I hope you don’t get scared I must say that in Latin ABC some letters are written just like in Russian And we start with them And the first letter is “A” Big “А” and small “а” The next letter is “B” Big “В” Small “в” It’s similar to latin “b” But it’s “в” Remember and never confuse them, guys The next letter is “E” Big “Е” and small “е” The letter “Ё” is written the same way but with dots The next letter — very easy — is “O” Then — “C” Like Latin “c” Then the letter “У” The letter “Х” Pay attention it’s not “iks”, but “х” Remember this And the letter “P” Big and small ones It’s similar to Latin “p” The next group of letters is one where cursive is similar to print We just need to round them They’re written from right to left, downward Let’s see The first letter is “И” Print Rounding… And getting cursive “И” big and small ones The letter “Й” “И short” is written the same way but with a tittle The next letter is “К” Print Rounding… And getting… cursive “К” The next letter is “Н” Print Here we can do something like a “wave” And as you noticed you can draw a hook to the left You can not do it but it’s here often and Russians often write like this — with a hook The next letter is “П” Print Pay attention to the way we write a big one We start with a tail down It’s written upward With a tail down. Draw it and the second stick And cover with a lid A small one is written like English “n” Very easy The next letter is “Ц” Print one is written more difficult so we’re gonna make it easier and learn to write it by hand A big one and a small one You can not try hard and write it like this I mean everyone will get that it’s “Ц” You can not draw a tail that thoroughly It’s not even necessary to draw a tail here with rounding at the beginning You can just do like this Just make it a bit round It’s difficult to draw corners The letter “Ш” We make it round And then we get… big and small ones It’s similar to English “w” a bit The letter “Щ” It’s similar to “Ш” with a tail A tail is like in “Ц” We can draw it thoroughly But also we can do easier We can do something like this. Everyone will get it’s “Щ” The next letter is “З” Big “З” is written like print one A small one is similar to a print one but with a tail like in “у” I mean a tail is below a line This is how “з” is written The next letter is “Ж” It’s difficult to draw it while writing especially while fast writing So we make it round and write like this In fact it’s difficult as well The letter is very difficult A big one and a small one are written the same way I write it just like this It’s faster, believe me But according to rules it’s written like this But everyone will get this as well The letter “Э” It’s very easy It’s written just the same way The letter “Ю” The letter “Ю” is written… the same way And the letter “Я” We start it here And draw a tail This is how “Я” looks like The small one is written the same way One more time From bottom to top And then go to the right We’ve got in this group “ь”, “ъ” and “ы” left I remind they are always small “ь” is similar to itself but round a bit It’s easier “ъ” Same You can do a “wave” “ы” When we write by hand we connect this part and that And get this One more time At first we write it like “ь” and from here we draw… a stick If you write like this everyone will get it’s “ы” of course And now let’s get a group of letters where cursive is not similar to print This is “Л” Lots of foreigners really write it this letter like this. But this is insanely difficult It’s easier to write it like this A small one… is written the same way You can writhe it like this This way or this way And a small one is the same The next letter is “Г” A big one is written by hand like this At first we draw a stick with a hook up And cover with a lid This is how big “Г” is written A small one is written Like this. We start… from top on the left and draw like “wave” This is how “Г” is written The next letter is “Б” In the ABC it looks like this — the big one. On the keyboard it’s often similar to something like this. And everyone confuses it with number 6 But we never write it like this at all We can write it like this but never like this. You can find it on the keyboard only [and in a typed text] A big one… is written We make it round And cover with a lid This is how “Б” is written A small one is written… like this Let’s repeat it This is a new letter for you to write I think We start… to draw and this is how it looks like The next letter is “T” It’s not written like this at all… cursive is not similar to print one It’s written like this A big one. We need to draw not one stick… like in “Г” for instance, but three ones We draw one like “Г” then draw straight one and the third one. And cover it with a lid A small one is written like this And this isn’t “м” — remember If you see a [handwritten] text in Russian and there’s this letter (it will be there probably) This is “т”. Do not confuse it with “м” So, what do we have here? Here’s “ЛГБТ” (LGBT) The letter “Д” is written very frightfully Something like this Nobody writes it like this It’s very difficult We write it… It’s not that logical and obvious but we write it… Start from top then go down Then draw a “wave” and go up This is how “Д” is written A small one is written… like English “g” A line is here Also you can find this way of writing the letter “д” like this Sometimes we write like this but more often like this Remember that this is “д” as well Did you remember? Good The letter “М” This is how print one looks like We write it like… Start from bottom then draw a hook upper then go down, upper and down “М” looks like A small one looks the same This is how the letter “М” looks like And we’ve got “Ч” left A big letter is written almost like print one You can draw a tail here and here and make it round a little In general it’s the same A small one is written the same like this Here we don’t go down much and it looks maybe like English “r” Like… this. Some people write it like this In general there’re the same And we’ve finished the last group of letters So, there were all the letters According to rules of course you have to learn to connect them Russians learn it at Junior School But you can not do this For instance, I write letters separately And this is even clearer Let’s see We took the word “лишишься” before Not clear? — Not clear How would I write it? I would write “Л” like this, it’s easier to write for me But also you can write like this There’s no big difference I can write this word like this — and it’s clear if you have lots of “ш” or “т”, you can draw… these sticks. if it’s “ш”, then under a letter; if a word is for example “лото” You can draw a stick under “т”, it means that it’s “т” This is kinda… a lifehack That’s it If this video was useful for you — like it Subscribe the channel and wait for new videos! See you!

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