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How to Write in Cursive

How to Write in Cursive

How to Write in Cursive. Typically taught during the elementary school
years, cursive writing builds on the letter formation of block letters or printing. The pencil doesn’t leave the paper in cursive
writing and letters flow together. You will need Internet access Printer Paper
Pencil Book Practice and tracing paper (optional). Step 1. Find and download practice sheets from the
internet. Study the cursive alphabet and examine how
each letter is formed. Place tracing paper over the practice sheet
and trace the letters with your pencil. This will train you to mimic the flow of the
letters and obtain the proper form. Step 2. Practice writing each letter of the alphabet. Write the letters over and over until they
look like the letters on your practice sheets. Rather than practicing letters in alphabetical
order, group similarly shaped letters together. For example, write h, n, m, and x together. Step 3. Write your name in cursive, which is your
signature. Practice copying short sentences from a book,
until you can form the letters without thinking. Step 4. Proceed to writing full paragraphs. Be sure to incorporate the more uncommon letters,
such as the capital Q, X, Z, and F, in your writings in order to master them. Step 5. Keep practicing your cursive writing until
it’s second nature. Did you know A recent study showed that children
write faster and longer with a pen rather than when typing on a keyboard.

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