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How to Write in Cursive with LEGOS | BRICK X BRICK

– Welcome back to Brick By Brick. I’m your host, Adam Ward,
and I am going to show you how to build something we’ve
never done on the show before. I’m going to show you how
to write cursive in Lego. I’ve decided to say three
very important letters. Y, E, S. Sure, there’s a time and a place for no, for safety or for other reasons, but most of the time, better
stories, a more exciting life, all sorts of amazing lessons
happen when you say yes. Pretty basic pieces for this one. We’ve got one by one, one by two, one by three and one by four bricks. When used together, you can
make practically any curve. And don’t forget your
graph paper and pencil. These will make your life so much easier. Before we build anything, we use our good friend, graph paper. So I already knew that this build was gonna be two base
plates next to each other. So that means it’s twice
as wide as it is tall. These base plates have
32 Lego dots across, so it’s gonna be 64 Lego
dots by 32 Lego dots. So I’ve gone ahead and made a
rectangle on the graph paper. This rectangle is 16 by 32. So if this is helpful, you
can just think of each square on the graph paper as equal
to a two by two brick. That’s gonna help so much when it comes to actually plotting out the build. There’s nothing worse than
getting to the very end and not having enough space. Here we go. My third grade teacher could see me now. Yes. It’s nice to hold your
base plates together, so I just like putting a
little two by two at the top and a two by two at the bottom. That way, we get a nice one piece. Sometimes, I just like to rub
my finger along the plates and get like a general
idea of how it’s gonna go. One thing you’ll notice is I have a bunch of our essential pieces
stacked on top of each other. That way, I can just hold it in my hand and actually place them on the base plate like I was drawing. And they look a lot like celery. Now, on the graph paper, our Y was three squares from the top, so on here, it’s gonna
be six dots from the top. Here we go. One, two, three, four, five, six. So if you’re looking to have
a pretty dramatic curve, a pretty significant slope,
it’s nice to do something like a one by four or a one by three, and then as we get into more
gradual parts of the curve, we’ll start using smaller bricks. Once we get to the bottom of the Y, mine’s pretty symmetrical,
so I’m just gonna copy what I did on the left
side, on the right side. Come up nice and smoothly. So now my Y goes up a little bit. As we’re sloping down here, basically using one by threes for a while. Okay, now this is about
to be a really fun part because when my Y opens back up, it’s gonna do this awesome
like karate move across and this is one of my
favorite things to do. Bam, bam. (swooping noises) Sweet, and when you come back through text that you already laid down,
no need to go over it. Just skip it and think of
what would actually be there. So if a one by two would live right there, then this is kind of doing that job, and a one by two would live right there, and I just need to put a
one by one in its place and then keep on that line. One thing I always do when
I’m building is make mistakes, and it’s all good, but
I’m already noticing that this E, one, it’s
not quite tall enough and it’s so close to the Y. So I get to space these spaces
out just a little bit more. There, that’s gonna be a lot better. Boom, now our E has nice height
and it starts coming down. So I’m using some one by
three, some one by four, it’s back to one by three, one by two, to get this nice curve that comes around. Now we are walking up the base of our S. S is a really cool letter. It’s like the curviest,
cursive-iest letter of them all and it’s super fun to build. Coming down the other side of the S. I’m going back to that diagonal design. Again, kind of imagine
where these would be. Piece right there, and
we come up a little bit and the last part of the
S, it’s like, I don’t know. It’s like kicking a ball or something, and that comes out down this way. Gonna come up a little bit right here. I do wanna save a little bit of space for an exclamation point. One way to mix it up is to
give our exclamation point a little bit of a subtle curve. I’m feeling about this exclamation point. Could it be a little bit
bolder, a little bigger? Boom. Now, this is just basically
the skeleton of this. Now, we can go around it with one color, with multiple colors. The cool thing about lettering in Lego is once you’ve laid out the letters, you can add so much more. Let’s surround it. What do you think about orange? Orange, it is. Got some carrots for my celery. When you’re going around, you can decide to just do the outside, do
the outside and the inside. You can make it thicker,
you can make it thinner. I’m just gonna go around
and basically cover each single stud that’s
outside of the green ones. So it’s pretty easy. It’s kind of like
painting within the lines, but you’re bricking outside the ines. So I’ve gotten to this
little dot right there and the one by two won’t fit. (humming fanfare) One by one to the rescue. Our path of orange is about to come back to where it all began. And we have a one by one to save the day. Let’s do the exclamation
point, that looks fun. See what that looks like. Exclamation point is some nice long lines. We could use a bunch
of these one by fours. (swooshing sounds) It’s nice to take a
little step back from it. Check it out. Let’s do the inside. That is an epic yes. I think this is a nice, complete piece. That does it for this build. You could add more colors to yours. If you like, you can fill in
every single piece of blue so the whole thing is elevated. But I think the answer to the question, is this build done, is yes. Now, I’m gonna take
this out into the world and see what people want to say yes to. You might do some, like,
graffiti-esque bombing on walls but it’s brick-iti, graf-bricky. Brick-iti? No, that sounds like something you wear and be super uncomfortable. Well, I’m gonna write
some other messages too and get people excited
about life, about love, about their day, about saying yes, and maybe because I took
more time to make this, people will take a little bit
longer time to look at it. It’s not an Emoji, it’s not a text. This is Lego cursive, and I’d
love to see what you built. What did you write? And even if you don’t have bricks yet or you didn’t build along, tell me. What would you say to the world? What would you say to me? What would you say to the
people you care most about if you wanted to send
them a message in Lego? This has been so much fun. Thank you for hanging out,
and I will see you next time. Peace. ♫ Soul Pancake, subscribe Few things bring me more joy than seeing the Lego creations that you have built. Seriously, I wanna see what you’ve made. So create a video of your Lego build and share a link in the YouTube comments, or send us a picture with the
hashtag My Brick By Brick. And of course, there’s
more Lego builds to watch by clicking on the two videos here or in the info card in
the top right corner.

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