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How to write Chinese characters like a native? | Cursive Chinese Handwriting Practice | 女

How to write Chinese characters like a native? | Cursive Chinese Handwriting Practice | 女

Hi welcome to my channel, recently I’ve got some comments from you guys, asking how to write Chinese characters in cursive, or running script. You probably have already known how to write wo ai ni/我爱你/I love you in Chinese, but wanted to learn how to write them faster, right? to be honest, I’ve read many English handwriting scripts from native English speakers, but still, have no idea to figure out they actually are, growing up in the current education system, we don’t have handwriting class to teach us writing in cursive, the opinion in this series of videos are my own, if you trust me. Since Chinese characters are consist of radical or radical and components, I will show you how you can write the most commonly used radicals in cursive, and then extend to other related words. before we start, I highly recommend two videos to you all, the first one is: the first one is: how to write all the basic Chinese stroke orders step by step. the second one is: understanding Chinese stroke order rules. I will put both links in the description,be sure to check them out later. now, let’s get into the video. The first signle character in cursive I’d like to show you is 女, means woman, in block letter 女 will be written like this: 女, it has 3 strokes in total, in running script you can write it like this: right-falling stroke, plus a capital letter J, or whatever you name it. in many cases, 女 also used as a radical, here are some examples, 好,奶,她,妹。 let’s write in cursive one by one. 奶奶,grandma 妹妹 sister 妹妹 Let’s make a sentence: first one: 好好学习 study hard. study hard and make progress every day. 好好学习天天向上。 奶奶,grandma。 Grandma, may I ask you a question? 奶奶,可以问你一个问题吗? she is fine, 她很好。 妹妹好吗?How’s little sister? 好好学习 study hard. / 奶奶,grandma 她很好 she is fine. 妹妹好吗?How’s little sister? other samples you can find in: 姓 family name. you can write like this: right-falling stroke, capital letter J and number 4 and number 2. family name 姓名。 what’s your family name? 你姓什么? name seeming what’s your family name
this is your mom ma-ma-ma-ma-ma 妈妈 Mom. 娘 Mom. normally used in ancient China. However, apart from 女 used as a radical, it can be also used as a component in a character, for example, an/安, an/安, as radical 宝盖头 means house or home, (underneath a) component 女, a woman in a house, it’s safe. it’s ok to write 安 as such, but I wouldn’t recommend that. A better way to write 安 in cursive would be like this… here’s another example qi / 妻/ wife. do not write it like this but you can write like this. see the differences here? it’s okay, this one. next sample, qu/娶 means to marry a woman. marry a man means jia/嫁; qu/娶. 娶妻 get a wife, so you can write qu/娶 in cursive like this, instead of like this. normally you can write like this one, it’s ok. when 女 as a component on the right side of a character, for example, zhuang/妆 means make-up. Write both sides similar size please do not write zhuang/妆 like this, but you can write like this… Do you like make up?你喜欢化妆吗? zhuang/妆/make-up an/ 安 / safe; qi / 妻 / wife qu/娶/marry a woman; zhuang/妆/make-up OK, that’s all for today. most importantly, please take out a pen and paper and write. 3 times or 10 times or whatever, until you fully mastered them. I hope you find this video helpful. if you want more videos like this, please let me know in the comment section. Don’t forget to subscribe, like, and help me share this video, thank you so much and I hope you have a wonderful day. goodbye~

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