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How to Use Icon Fonts in WordPress Post Editor

How to Use Icon Fonts in WordPress Post Editor

Hello and welcome to the WPBeginner channel.
In this video I’ll show you how to use icon fonts in WordPress post editor. No HTML required. Icon fonts are vector icons used as fonts.
Designers like them because they work better than bitmaps. And they can be resized and not lose their quality when they are being resized. They can also be highly stylised using CSS. Many of today’s themes use icon fonts, including
the Twenty Thirteen and Twenty Fourteen themes. The easiest way to start using icon fonts
is to install the WP Visual Icon Fonts plugin. Once it’s activated, we can go to settings–>icon
fonts and choose a font set. Our options to choose from are Font Awesome and Genericon Once that’s set up, we can now use a font
with posts, pages, custom post types and even add them in our theme’s template file. So I have a new post here and you can see
next to the Add media button is a new button called icon. To add an icon you can either scroll down
until you find one you like or you can search with the name of an icon. When you click on the item,
it is added to your post. If you click on the Text tab in your visual
editor, you now have the code to copy and paste anywhere in your theme or widget area I hope you liked this video and found it helpful. If you did, click on the like button below
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