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How to use handwriting, voice, and swipe keyboard in Windows 10 | Microsoft

How to use handwriting, voice, and swipe keyboard in Windows 10 | Microsoft

>>To be honest with you one of
the most amazing things about Windows 10 is all the ways
that you can write. Now, of course you’re
used to typing with your mouse and keyboard and
that’s not going anywhere. But we have exciting
new input methods in Windows 10 using your pen, using your voice and even
shapes to type at great speed. So, I want to show you just a
couple of these great demos. I’ve opened up
this beautiful Word document that is completely blank except for, of course, the flashing cursor. Now, notice when I press
that with my finger, it brings up this onscreen
keyboard ready to go. But I’d rather type using my pen. So, if I press here with my pen, you’ll notice I get my
handwriting input panel. So, if I were to write something, so let’s just say, welcome to, notice how terrible
my handwriting is. This actually makes it really
great for those of us who are not so good at handwriting.
There’s a reason. This is looking at
the movement of my pen across the space instead of
the after image of what I wrote. So, it is using that in order to find exactly what it
was I was trying to say. So, it’s one of the most advanced handwriting recognition
tools available. Surface, you notice
is not capitalized, but it is the second
suggestion right there. So, I have some nice other
suggestions of what it could be. So, I’ll type that in. Now, let’s say, I want
to divide a word in two, I can draw a little caret symbol
and that will separate them or a little union symbol underneath
to combine them back together. I am still using my Surface Pen
which possesses an eraser. So, if I don’t want a word
anymore or even a certain letter, I can use my eraser and
strike out those words. Alternatively, I can also
cross it off, just like this. If I want a word to
say something else, maybe I misspelt it or I want it
to be a different word entirely. I can just write over it. So, here I’ll write the word “be”. You’ll notice it’s changed or
I can simply cross that out. Here, I have only remaining
the word “Welcome”. I’ll remove that for
now as I show you the next main way to
type on your device. We have multiple keyboards. You can access them by pressing this button next to the microphone. This will show you a whole bunch
of different symbols. Allow me to help you decipher them. This one looks kind of
like a small keyboard. It simulates a smartphone
type of keyboard. So, this is a bit more familiar
if you’re left or right-handed, it can be moved to whichever side of the screen is most
comfortable for you. Then you can, of course, type using this keyboard. But what I wanted to
show you in here is a tool called Shape Writing. So, a little bit more unique
and new here in Windows. If you use an Android phone
or a Swype key keyboard, you’re more familiar with this. But what I’m going to do
is I’m going to write the word “anticipation”,
a larger word. To write it, I’m going to start
with the letter “a” and simply draw a line through all of the letters
that I’m trying to say. So, I’ll start with the letter “a”
and I’ll write an- ti- ci- pation. This also allows me to write at
great speed using the Surface Pen. If you’re not the biggest fan
of handwriting like myself, this is a good way to use
your pen to still type a lot. So, let me give you an example, “This is how we can use “the Surface Pen to type quickly.” Period. Just like that, I have a nice kind of
perfectly accurate sentence, very quick and easy. So, I really love using this
to type with my Surface Pen. But what about your own voice? What we’re using right
now to communicate. How can I use that to type? Your smartphone has
done it for awhile. It’s about time that Windows has too. This uses our intelligence
and AI services to have almost parity with the human ears
in terms of understanding voice. So, I want to give you an example
of what that looks like. To use dictation, all you do is simply press
this “Microphone” icon. You’ll see that at the top of
all of our onscreen keyboards. I’m going to press
“Microphone” and give you a demonstration
of how this works. This is speech recognition
inside of Windows 10. Period. The punctuation will appear once I am done speaking.
Exclamation mark. This is an amazingly
accurate way to type large bodies of text while
talking at full speed. Period. After just a moment, it recombobulates itself and then it adds in all of the punctuation. So here, we can see
“speech recognition side of Windows 10. “Once I’m done speaking,
accurate way to type “all of these text,” you get the idea. It’s really quite accurate. This is not just for Word
or our Microsoft programs. This is a system wide keyboard. You can use this to look
up things online to search for a song or whatever
it is you’re trying to do, wherever you need to type. This is available, all
of these keyboards. By the way, if you want
to know how to use that dictation feature on the fly. It’s Windows key and then H.
When you press “Windows H”, you’ll see a bar appear at the top and that will
allow you to instantly begin speaking out loud and it will type wherever
the cursor flashes. Those are just some of
the ways using Surface Pen and your voice that you can
transform the way that you type.

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