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How to Use Evernote for Genealogy and Family History: Handwriting, OCR, Video and Upload Answers

How to Use Evernote for Genealogy and Family History: Handwriting, OCR, Video and Upload Answers

I’m Lisa Louise Cooke and this is
Genealogy Gems today we’re going to talk about using Evernote for genealogy You know, these days Evernote is the
tech tool a choice for genealogists who want to
capture, organize, and store their research notes. Well, every
time I teach a class on using Evernote for genealogy there’s a round of
excited followup questions and today I’m going to take time to answer
some of the most common questions. let’s start off with two great questions
that I received recently from Karen she listens to the Genealogy Gems
podcast. She wrote: The handwriting app on my phone is WAY COOL, yet Evernote doesn’t seem to
recognize any of the words that I thought it would by
applying OCR to the handwriting. Is that just
premium feature? Karen’s asking about the premium version of The OCR that Karen is referring to is optical character recognition which allows Evernote to read the text that appears
in your images and your web clippings. IT can read handwriting, but the key is to print clearly OCR can not read cursive. Also, if you’ve created your
handwritten note, and then immediately tried to search for
the keyword and the note was printed clearly, it may not have found it because you searched for it
before it had had an opportunity to synchronize through the cloud and
apply the OCR. So if you’re in a hurry, click the SYNC button in Evernote. Also premium accounts do
syc and apply OCR a little faster than on free accounts. Now here’s Karen’s second question: “my
husband has a single note file that he has been putting all his daily notes into for years.
currently about fourteen megabytes. Once he’s upload that file, then when he makes additional notes to it each day, is that going be “charged” to his account?” for the entire file being saved again or just the incremental portion? Good question. No, he won’t be using
40 MB of upload each time he saves it The key here is “upload.” You’re charged uploading for the first time you upload the item to Evernote. If he adds a paragraph that is 1kb then he’s only gonna have that one
megabyte charge as the monthly upload. Now one word of caution: if he has a
desire to someday publish a book or some other
project with this daily notes I really wouldn’t recommend Evernote. As
you saw the export file types are limited and it
does not export directly to Word or to a .txt file. However, , if he just wants it for record-keeping, I think Evernote is a great solution for that. Now do have any old home movies footage, or a history interviews are any
other type of family history video that you want to keep track of?
Well recently I heard from Ricky and he had this
question: “How do I add video to Evernote?” Thankfully it’s really easy to add
to your video to Evernote. On your computer simply: open up Evernote, click the new note
button. Open Windows Explorer. Resize it
so that you can see both the window and Evernote. Then locate
the desired video on your hard drive. Just click on the video and drag and
drop it right onto the new note. That’s it! You can also add video that
you’ve taken with your mobile device if you have to free Evernote app
installed. To do that just locate the video. So for example on your iPhone open the Video app. Tap to share icon select. Email and start typing EVER… and that’s going to tap into your unique
Evernote email addresses associated with your Evernote account and just auto-fill. Then tap Send. This is going to send the video to Evernote as a new note. Now keep in mind that
video files are really pretty large and that could
take up a lot of your monthly upload limit. If you’re an Evernote premium member then that’s not too much of a
problem. Do you need more help using Evernote for your family history?
We’re here to help here at Genealogy Gems. My Evernote for Genealogists Quick Reference guide is available for both Mac and Windows. Order
the one that goes with the computer operating system that you use at home.
And of course our Genealogy Gems Premium Members at our web-site get exclusive
access to full length videos on how to use
Evernote for family history. These are my most popular classes including How the Genealogist can
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Cenealogy with Evernote, and Using Evernote to Create Research Plan. We will take you
right through the process. If you’re not a Premium Member yet,
what are you waiting for? The Evernote video series alone makes
Premium membership worth the low cost of the annual fee. Head over to and click Premium in the menu, and you
can get started! And of course you can check out our free
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which is also available in iTunes. If you have a question about finding your family history click the Contact button while you’re at the website and send me your question and you might
just get your answer right here on the Genealogy Gems YouTube channel! Thanks so much for making Friend, I’ll talk to you soon.

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