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How to Use Alcohol Markers and Heat Embossing!

How to Use Alcohol Markers and Heat Embossing!

Hi it’s Therese from Lostinpaper and
today I’ve got an easy way to use your alcohol markers with heat embossing so this is part of a release hop from
Altenew and it’s a new set of markers it’s set D and I’m going to give
you some details shortly about how you can win but first we’re going to start
by stamping out my image now I’ve got the beautiful blossoms stamp set it’s a
large it’s like a background stamp and a very intricate stamp too so I thought
it’d be just easier to stamp this using my Misti tool I’m just using the
packaging here to work out where I want the stamp to be on the cardstock it’s
just easier to see with the lines on the dark plastic than it is on the actual
stamp because it’s a clear stamp and I’m just lining up the image how I want it
to be and picking it up with a little stamp tool now when you’re coloring with
alcohol markers they don’t play very nicely with heat embossing it
can actually ruin the tib the tip is a tip or nib anyway the tib I think that’s
a new word it can actually ruin the nib of your marker
don’t stress if you have ruined it you can actually buy replacement nibs
from Altenew for their markers so I will actually link those with all my
supplies below so when I was thinking about making this card I wanted it to be
a heat embossed image with the marker coloring behind but you can see just how
intricate this design is so the way I got around this was to stamp the image
using the permanent black ink but I did stamp it off once because I didn’t want
to be really dark not that it probably would have made much difference anyway
because I am going to be stamping directly over top and embossing it in
white and that’s another reason why I use my Misti tool so know that
everything’s going to be in place when I come back to restamp at the end so I
did color out some of the images but I only thought I’d share one of the
flowers with you today because I’ve got a little bit detailed there and forgot that
I was going to be embossing over top so I was adding lots of shading and things
and you don’t need to this is only going to be more of a subtle color in the
background behind the embossing but I did think it was worth adding some
shading because you can see it on some of the larger petals and the colors that
I’ve used today are sand dunes rocky shore and mocha which is part of the
coffee break set of ink, they coordinate with that and I thought I’d
sort of make this more of a monochromatic design but I did use the
other new colors on another card that I’ve got shared at my blog so head over
there to check it out and those two sets are the really pretty as well. they are
the seashores which is all that sort of teal blue green color and also the pinky
purple set which is called rose petal and I’ve got a card that I shared at my
blog and that’s also how you can have a chance to win so if you head through the
link below in the description over to my blog and I’ll have all the instructions
there on how to win also the links to the other blog posts that are associated
with this hop and how you can win from those blog posts too so this panel is
actually cut larger than what I need but that’s because I wanted to angle the
stamp but I don’t know if you can notice that in the Misti as I’m stamping here
it is on a slight angle and that way I figured I could cut it down to the size
that I wanted so I’m just prepping my cardstock with the powder bag before I
actually add some ink I’m using the altenew embossing ink and just gonna
stamp again using the Misti I know this is going to be in exactly the same spot
because I’ve got the corner of my cardstock pushed up into the corner of
the Misti like I did before it’s a very intricate stamp I probably pressed a
little bit too hard but I didn’t want to have to come in and if I missed a bit?? but you know how it
goes it still worked out beautiful I think
this would make a really good set of cards like a set of gift cards for
someone and you could use all different colors and came together really quite
quickly especially once I worked out I didn’t have to do all that shading on
the flowers and here’s the magic of heat embossing I’ve used the white embossing
powder which is a fine detail one so it I think it just really brings this image
to life if you didn’t want to emboss you could simply just re stamp the black
image overtop or use a colored ink but I know that the embossing no the permanent
black is alcohol marker friendly so the sentiment today it comes from a build a
flower set its the ranunculus one and I wanted to create sort of a ombre style
sentiment so I’m using the delectable delights and started with the two
lightest colors and I just stamped it straight over top I didn’t like and how
it’s just too light so then I came in with the darkest ink which was the milk
chocolate and actually just tapped the ink pad it’s a large pad but I just
tapped on the very bottom of the stamp and then I’ll come in with the almond
butter and just tapped the top of the stamp and then rest and this is a great
technique to be able to do with the Misti and you’re not actually having to
mix your inks so you don’t have any chance of contaminating one of the ink
pads by doing it this way now just cut my panel down to fit the front of my top
fold card and I used some tape runner to add that and some foam dots to add my
sentiment I did consider using some sequins or embellishments but I changed
my mind and kept it really simple don’t forget that you can subscribe to
my channel and I’ll be back again real soon with some more videos and also I
love it if you would click the like button and like this video if you did
til next time happy papercrafting bye

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