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How to translate Happy New year to Arabic from English! Digital Mobile Post January 1, 2019

How to translate Happy New year to Arabic from English! Digital Mobile Post January 1, 2019

hi guys okay this is going to be how to
make Happy New Year in Arabic so we’re starting off with English English okay
I want something underneath my paper here so it’s a little softer to write on
okay and we’re doing Happy New Year happy new New Year this is 2019 oops I
forgot the zero but we added it right in there okay
and so in arabic it’s sana judy de sayyida sana judy de sayyida okay so I’m
going to but I want to draw the characters so we’re going to do I’m
going to start off and do this it’s got kind of a little point right there like
that do you see that and then we’ve got like a little kind of a little thing and
then a little wisp here and a little taller wisp here and they’ve got kind of
like oh they’ve got kind of like little points right there like that and then
this thing goes around and there’s like a thing like that there and they are
like that and then there’s like another zero looking thing here that’s got a
little point on it like that and then it looks like it’s probably done with with
a calligraphy type of a of a tool if you’re familiar with ink and calligraphy
okay so we’ve got another one like this I don’t have any
calligraphy I used to have calligraphy pens I’m not sure what happened to him
if I got rid of them or what but I did used to have some calligraphy ink pens okay hopefully I’m not juggling you guys
around too much there okay so we’ve got one more here I’ll do up and then up and
then like that and so then oh did I mess up yeah I forgot I forgot this one right
here and this one has it’s kind of like an eye it looks sort of like a diamond
right there like that do you see that hang on let me see if I
can zoom you know you see if I can zoom in a little bit yeah yeah okay and then
we’ve got a little wisp around here like that and so if you want to make it
thicker I think it’s kind of fun to draw a little extra sometimes I’ll use a
different type of the ink pen and make it a little bit thicker like this and
kind of fill it in a little bit and just I like to make it stand out I just like
to make it stand out so we can see it just like that
just kind of coloring it in and so yeah this one this one I is a
little bit fatter and so I’m using Google Translate yeah that one’s a
little fatter like that but it’s really pretty I need to put Arabic up here to a
are a B I see and so then I like to do like the Google Translate does and from
English to Arabic Arabic to English translate okay and so okay s s a and a H J a di D u H s a II I D a sauna Jodi de
sayyida I think that’s how it’s pronounced let’s let’s share everything
let’s see what Google translates oh my gosh it says it completely different
from how I said it oh that’s completely different okay
and so this is well I like to call it a okay do we need to zoom out yeah we need
to zoom out a little bit there let’s call it a a digital mobile post because
it is a digital a digital mobile mobile post
on paper orange paper at that to orange and so yeah and today
yes let me move this up a little bit like that
will do January 1st 2019 and so ok there it is there it is ok thank you guys for
watching let me know what you want to see me do next

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