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How to TEST and FLUSH brake fluid on TOYOTA Camry 2015-2017 / ALIMECH

hello its ALIMECH in this video I’m gonna
test the brake fluid and then flush the system today I’m gonna work on my 2017
Toyota Camry let’s pop up the hood and get to work so before doing anything we
need to take this filter out and emptied the reservoir let’s test the brake fluid
make sure the testers tip fully submerged in a brake fluid and we have a
red light it means we have %3 of water content in our brake fluid now
let’s empty the reservoir we can do this by using turkey baster
but I use vacuum pump it’s way faster after taking the old fluid out I’m gonna
fill it up with toyota DOT3 you can use DOT3 & DOT4 as it’s mentioned on
the cap now we have to bleed it from farthest point which is rear right
caliber and work our way to closest point to brake reservoir which is front
left side if you wondering how I painted my calipers I have a step-by-step
tutorial on how to clean and paint the calipers I’ll put the video in the
YouTube card and description box below I’m gonna use my DIY water bottle and a
horse to bleed the old fluid and now start the car ask somebody to press the
brake and hold and then open the valve to bleed the system I’m gonna repeat
that until I see new brake fluid comes out this is the farthest point from reservoir
so you not gonna see new fluid that soon we are done here let’s put the rubber
cap back on make sure you fill up the reservoir with a new fluid after each
caliber bleeding and now let’s move to real left side and it’s gonna be the
same process and again fill up the reservoir with new fluid then move to a front right side for those of you wondering how I drilled
my rotors I have a step-by-step video how to drill the rotors I will make sure
to put in a YouTube card and description box below so far I bleed that much from
old fluid and then again filling up the reservoir and move to front left side and we are almost done put the tires
back on and lower the car and filling up the reservoir to the right lever for the
last time and this was the easiest way of bleeding
brake system if you guys liked the video hit the like buttom and subscribe and I
will see you in the next video

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