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How To Start Hand Lettering – first steps (for beginners)

How To Start Hand Lettering – first steps (for beginners)

hey you what’s up legend if you want to
learn how to get started with hand lettering then you come to the right
place see I’ve been seeing these videos of
people spinning the pens around their thumbs and it’s just mind-blowing how
they do that and I’ve been trying… I think I need to spin this around oh oh maybe it was just luck but… okay I’m gonna teach you how to spin your pen
around your thumb but when you’re starting out of something new
you’re gonna look dumb and this is why I’m going to break down lettering so far
it’s gonna look dumb but you’re actually gonna do the very first step alright
let’s get started step number one is getting ready
so before we start lettering we need to prepare our workspace just as you would
do it before you start cooking you don’t want to start with a dirty kitchen you
want to start with a clean kitchen and therefore clean desk
so first up clean out your space make sure that your desk is empty and ready
for you to draw on step number two preparing your tools. So unlike popular
belief, you don’t need all of these fancy brushes or an iPad for that matter all
you need is a pen or pencil and something to write on piece of paper for
example what you can also do is go through your trash and see if you can
find a used envelope kind of like kinda like this one over here to start out
lettering it’s pretty much all you need so on a scale of 1 to 10 how hard was it
so far lettering is supposed to be easy we haven’t drawn or done anything yet
but this is really the first step that I still have to do to this day I still
need to prepare my desk I still need to prepare my tools to get started to
lettering and when I’ve done these first steps then I can get started in one by
one I keep going on ok are you ready for step number three we’re gonna start
drawing out a word a simple word a four letter word and we’re gonna start just
by writing it down on the piece of paper in a large way I’m saying writing
because drawing actually scares most people of all right
so I’m gonna start off and I’m gonna start up here there we go
you really see how easy this was perfect step number four we’re gonna draw out
lines around every single letter and to make those outlines even better space
the outlines around the letters equally all right
last and final step we just got to fill it out so now there’s two ways of
filling out to go in with the same stroke all the time or following the
stroke of the letter and we’re done congratulations you just
finished your very first piece of lettering wait wait are you disappointed
were you expecting something else see this is how you get started you don’t
try to run a marathon in under three hours on the first go no you start by
running around the block and then move from there you just jog around the block
in lettering terms you start it and that’s what matters now you got to keep
going and you gotta keep moving on you can repeat this process over and over
again and you’ll see at every time you’ll improve something in the next
video I’m going to show you how to improve your lettering with five simple
tricks don’t want to miss that subscribe to this channel and turn on the
notification bell thank you guys so much for watching I hope this encouraged you
to start drawing please leave a comment below if this was your very first
attempt at lettering and please don’t forget keep drawing keep creating and
see you next week alright see you in the next one

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