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How To Speak Arabic, Without Knowing How!

How To Speak Arabic, Without Knowing How!

*gibberish* How to speak
Arabic… oh! Well, I had a good run Hi I’m Sam Tucker, and welcome to: How to
Speak Arabic Without Knowing How to Speak Arabic. It’s simple! First things first,
only speak in anagrams of llama. *llama anagrams*
Only speak in anagrams of ‘llama’. Good. every word holla holla holla holla holla
holla holla holla yeah Harlem good well things are
sounding pretty great already you may even want to put a bit of a tune to it
see if you can guess this one Mahalo Mahalo mallamma mal mal a phenomenal
that’s right oome Bob now just make sure to put in some benign English words so
as not to scare any Westerners more holla holla holla ha Backstreet Boys
Nagila bucola laka laser therapy Mahalo Mahalo tax return good ah now it’s time
for the secret and the secret is in my name holla holla holla holla holla holla
holla me Loco Mahalo Mahalo man fa la la la ilaha john
travolta Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo haba if you run into someone who does speak
Arabic and you’re worried that you might have offended them it’s okay wait no
ticking it’s okay just play it cool oh hello Mellie laughs I’m a felon and
that’s how to speak Arabic without knowing how to speak Arabic mm aha
Makar Bulava Halland um-hum funk found him a lotta g-funk (Clock ticking) SUBSCRIBE TODAY! Funkin’ Time!! Oh hello ah I
hope no one was was offended during the making of this video I mean I’m just
celebrating all the differences that make us all unique and funky come on the
Irish people didn’t have a problem okay so um if you want to get offended early
then why not become a funky Patriot at forward slash Sam time to it
quick quick Oh fireworks nice

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