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How to Shave Your Face! (In Arabic)| كيفية حلاقة الوجه للسيدات

Hello! Today I am going to show you how shave your face a lot of people ask me; why do you shave your face?! Are you crazy? They don’t understand why I do it when I first started blogging, I learned that a lot of beauty icons shaved their faces like Marilyn Monroe, Elisabeth Taylor and I was so confused and wondered how these beauty icons shave their faces and still look gorgeous I have a lot of hair on my face, all over my body to be honest and my husband is the complete opposite; he is Portuguese so I thought to myself, maybe I should shave my face I read all about this beauty hack; the right tools to use, its benefits and so on so it turned out that it has a lot of benefits the first benefit is exfoliation; it gets rid of all dead skin cells your skin will feel so soft and smooth the second benefit is regarding wrinkles and fine lines so when you exfoliate regularly, you will notice that your wrinkles are fading away I cannot stress enough on how important this is in fighting wrinkles when you get rid of dead skin cells, wrinkles will diminish noticeably the third and the most important benefit is that you will get rid of all those tiny hairs on your face this is awesome because the hair will not grow thicker! I was so shocked when I learned this why would I wax or thread and end up with acne all over my face and my skin would become so sensitive I only shave my face once a week, my skin feels and looks better and the fuzz on my face haven’t thickened at all, on the contrary it became less visible the first thing to know before shaving is that you should use the right razors there are many types of razors, ones that are tiny to shave above the eyebrows and narrow spaces then there is this type of razors, they are perfect for eyebrows and precise shaving I have plenty of these and I have tried them all out but this is my favorite I have been using it for 2 years now, it is called Twinkle Rose it is so cheap; you can get for like a dollar or two I got this one from Korea where shaving is pretty common for women I like to buy tools from experts, and they are definitely expert in shaving some people like to use regular razors like this one but I don’t recommend it at all It is not precise at all, which is not good if you want to use it, be careful and gentle with it because it is designed for your legs, not your face. I start off with a clean face and I don’t use any shaving cream or water during the process your face should be dry. If you apply water before shaving, the hair will get thick so be gentle while shaving and make sure your skin is dry do this and you will see a difference in how your skin looks and feels the wrinkles will start to fade and the fuzz on your face will go away gradually your skin will look radiant I always start in this area, I have some fuzz here the hair on this area cannot be removed through laser because it is so thin I will start off with this razor called Twinkle Rose and I will tug very lightly on my skin, I don’t want it to sag even more I am placing it like this on my skin, slightly angled and I will start to shave the hair very gently using short strokes as you can see I am shaving upwards opposite to the hair growth direction you can see the fuzz on the razor you can even see dead skin cells as well that’s what you should see you don’t want to get a ton of hair on it, just a little bit if you use this technique you will have better results I like to shave these areas if you want to change your eyebrow shape, this razor is excellent for that and the hair will grow back in the same direction I’m just lifting up my sideburn and shaving underneath it as you can see, the hairs are so thin and they used to be so thick and dark. When I used to shave my legs, the hair got so thick I don’t have any now since I had them removed through laser but before they used to be so thick and dark but when I used the razor on my face, the hair became so thin My skin is sensitive in this area, so I use very light strokes to prevent any skin reaction i don’t have a lot of hair between my eyebrows but I do have a lot of dead skin so I like to exfoliate using this razor be careful not to touch your eyebrows in this area, you can use a razor like this one this razor is perfect for the brows I LOVE shaving my face! My skin becomes so clear and radiant when I shave even your makeup will look better, but make sure to be gentle on your skin my eyebrows don’t need tweezing at the moment, I will shave here just a tiny bit. I love to shape my eyebrows with a razor, i think it is better than tweezing when you tweeze or wax you stretch your skin too much and the hair may not grow back in the same direction or may not grow back at all I posted a video on my Instagram where the girl used the razor very randomly on her face but never apply pressure while shaving your face, be very very gentle! So guys this is how I like to shave my face I hope you enjoyed this video leave a comment down below letting me know what you would like to see next! Don’t forget to thumbs up and subscribe to my channel and I will see you guys later. Bye!

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