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How to read arabic script – Introductory Arabic

How to read arabic script – Introductory Arabic

a ba ta tha ja Ha kha da dha ra za sa sha Sa Dha Ta Tha Aa Gha fa qa ka la ma na ha wa ya i bi ti thi ji Hi khi di dhi ri zi si shi Si Dhi Ti Thi Ei ghi fi qi ki li mi ni hi wi yi ou bu tu thu ju Hu khu du dhu ru zu su shu Su Dhu Tu Thu Uu ghu fu qu ku lu mu nu hu wu yu The discussion is about vowels in the Arabic Language Unlike English where vowels are made from the letters of the Alphabet In Arabic, we have 3 distinct signs for vowels and they are on the left hand side, Dhamma, Fat-ha and Kasra. So here we have the noon, so the way we would write the dhamma is as follows it’s like a small waaw and it has the
sound of “oo”

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