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Hello everyone! This is Julian from and thank you guys for clicking and watching this video
and if you’re new to this channel absolutely you might be one of my
students so I really appreciate you for subscribing in my channel and
of course don’t forget to click on the notification bell to make sure you’ll
be posted with my weekly videos alright So for our lesson for today we’ll focus
on the BASICS OF ENGLISH which is The twenty-six letters in the English alphabet which
consists of five vowels and twenty-one consonants alright so again 5 vowels
and 21 consonants so five vowels includes A E I O U and the rest of the
letters are called consonants alright so let’s try to practice these 26 letters
so you guys will be able to like you’ll get the habit of pronouncing these words
correctly every time you spell out these letters okay
let start A /eɪ/ B /biː/ C/siː/ D/diː/ E/iː/ F/ef/ G/dʒiː/ H/eɪtʃ/ I/aɪ/ J/dʒeɪ/ K/keɪ/ L/el/ M/em/ N/en/ O/oʊ/ P/piː/ Q/kjuː/ R/ɑːr/ S/es/ T/tiː/ U/juː/ V/viː/ W/ˈdʌbljuː/ X/eks/ Y/waɪ/ Z/ziː/ or /zed/ okay so I want you guys to repeat this
every now and then so .. you know until you will get the habit of pronouncing these words correctly and now I have a challenge for you guys So let’s use this English alphabet to think of a certain
country around the world or a specific country around the world that starts
with the letters in the English alphabet so to start with let’s say for example
we have A for Argentina We have B for Brazil C for China D for Denmark E for Ecuador F for Finland G for Germany H for Hungary Oh! I’m hungry. πŸ™‚ I for Italy next we have J for Jamaica after J we have K for Kazakhstan After K, what’s next? L for Libya M for Malaysia We have N for Nepal O for Oman P for Philippines of course my country and we
have Q for Qatar we have R for Russia RRUSIA we have S for Switzerland T for Tajikistan…. If you guys know this country. we have T … U.. U for Ukraine .. U for Ukraine V for Vietnam W for WAKANDA! No.. Wakanda is not a country I’m pretty sure that there’s no country that starts with W and also with the next letter X hmmmmm I can’t think of any country that starts with letter X as well I believe W and X don’t have any countries that starts with these two letters We have Y for What’s Y? Yemen Yeah! man! πŸ™‚ and of course ….the last letter Z for I can only of two countries that start with
letter Z Zimbabwe and Zambia okay so that’s it so we just
collaborated or we integrated the 26 letters into some countries around the
world okay so here’s what we are gonna do so I want you guys to leave a comment
below by spelling out your name with a specific
country or with a certain country that starts with that letter for example my
name is Julian so comment down J for Japan, U for Ukraine, L for
Libya, I for Italy, A for Afghanistan and N for Nepal I want you guys to leave a comment with
your name and also type in a specific letter not a letter but a country that starts with that specific letter That’s it for our lesson for today thank you guys for watching
and clicking this video once again and if you guys have any suggestions for our next lessons feel free to comment down below alright well I wish you all
the best again and Success and keep practicing I’ll see you guys later and bye!

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