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How To Pronounce Arabic Countries Correctly

How To Pronounce Arabic Countries Correctly

Mike, are you still working in Dubai? or was it Kuwait? no, no, wait… was it Kuwait or Qatar? I can’t remember oh, you know where i’d really like to go? Ras al-Khaimah this video is about teaching you as a non-Arabic speaker how to correctly, or more authentically should I say, pronounce these four places Dubai Kuwait Qatar and Ras al-Khaimah first place most people say Dubai Dubai Dubai… they say Dubai or Dubai either with a ‘j’ or a ‘ju’ i mean… I guess there’s nothing wrong with that and in our English language, I know some people get very particular about saying Dubai but if you go to Dubai and you start calling it Dubai or you talk about Dubai with people who know and who’ve lived there maybe are Arabic speakers they will think you’re a bit weird because that’s what I think of people who call it Dubai I think, ‘you’re weird, why do you call it that. You clearly have never been here’ it’s Dubai, it’s Dubai nobody who lives in Dubai is going to call it ‘Joobai’ can you even hear the difference? Dubai Dubai… de.. de… Dubai… Dubai like daddy you wouldn’t say ‘jaddy’… jaddy… some people would Jaddy or jaddy ‘da’ let’s think of a different example like ummm…. dahl the food dahl, that came to my head because I like eating dhal ‘da’ did did you… did you see Dubai Dubai.. it’s a ‘Da’… Dubai okay, I think i’ve talked about Dubai enough next one is somewhere I used to live I’ve gone into speaking Arabic, apologies, sorry, I do that sometimes now Kuwait… lots of people pronounce it, probably because of Trevor McDonald during the Gulf War calling it Kuwait good evening he used to call it Kuwait ‘qu’… almost like it’s like a Quebec or a… or a… quintessential or a queen Kuwait it’s not Kuwait, it’s Kuwait Kuwait ‘k’ the first letter of Kuwait is a ‘K’ in both English and Arabic the ‘kaf’ in Arabic ‘K’ ‘K’ Kuwait it’s not ‘Q’ not ‘qu’ not Kuwait, it’s Kuwait you wouldn’t start pronouncing a word like kilogram kilogram ki… kilo… kilo… no it’s kilogram you wouldn’t pronounce another word beginning with ‘K’ k…k… you know I can’t think of any other words with ‘K’ other than that this is how most people say it Quwait this is how it should be said Kuwait next Qatar when I first got my job in Kuwait a lot of people said to me ‘oh Mikey, have you moved to Qatar yet?’ ‘when you moving to … when are you moving to Qatar?’ Qatar… Qatar now this one is not such a big difference Qatar Qatar catarrh Qatar Kutarrr Qatar Qatar Qatar… do you want me to do it again? one more Qatar Qatar okay? now i’m pronouncing it the Arabic way but you’ll notice… i’ve seen this trend of gradually, more recently, more and more people have been pronouncing Qatar the correct way or at least somewhere closer towards the correct way than what previously has been said so people would always used to say back when… i’m sounding old now but i’m in my mid 20s but 10 years ago to me it was always Qatar Qatar… Qatar Now, maybe it’s just because of the places i’ve been and the circles I move in now but most people call it Qatar… Qatar Qatar… and that’s a lot closer if you’re going to call it Katarrr or Qatar… call it Qatar Qatar… Qatar… Qatar is the proper way with a qaf, Ta, ra there are some problems with Qatar and al-khaleej… the rest of the Gulf at the moment but… not going to go into that right now next one ons Ras al-Khaimah Ras al-Khaimah is one of the Emirates, one of the 7 Emirates in the United Arab Emirates, the UAE so you’ve got Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah,… got to name them now Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras al-Khaimah, Ajman, Um al-Qaiwain and… Sharjah and… Ras al-Khaimah (again), I probabaly missed one (Fujairah) but you get the idea, there are 7 Emirates Now Ras al-Khaimah, most people call it Ras al-Khaimah Ras al-Khaimah and I don’t blame you, cause the ‘kha’ is hard to do the ‘r’as’ is not something which comes naturally most Brits or English speaking people can’t roll their Rs although I would heavily suggest that you should learn to roll your Rs because it’s a worthwhile skill to have and a worthwhile investment to make in your time to learn to roll your Rs and I don’t buy the fact that ‘I can’t roll my R’s’ well you have a tongue, you have teeth… roll your Rs just practice go RRRRRRRRR like that kid out of ‘Stranger Things 2’ RRRRRRRRR he does that a lot so Ras al-Khaimah most people say it Ras al-Khaimah Ras al-Khaimah Ras al-Khaimah Ras al-Khaimah Russel Caimah (who’s he?) Ras al-Khaimah okay? slightly different but you can watch that, rewind that again and see it, how it’s correctly spoken now the last one, the bonus one which I didn’t mention in the beginning but I just thought of now Bahrain have you been to Bahrain? I’ve been to Bahrain, have you? Bahrain, fine, call it Bahrain it’s very hard to pronounce it correctly but if you really want to stand out amongst the crowd and show off to your colleagues, to your Arabic speaking colleagues or friends or someone who knows all about the Middle East like me for example then you might want to try and pronounce it correctly this is how most people pronounce it… Bahrain this is how it’s correctly said… Bahrain again it’s that ‘R’, it’s the ‘RRRR’ Bahrain rain… rrr… rrrr… rrr… rrr… rain… rain… rain or ‘ra’ Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain Bahrain the other difference is… rather than saying ‘Ba’ you say ‘bah’ ‘bah’ ‘bah’ and it’s the ‘Ha’ which is this Arabic letter which looks like this and it’s the ‘Ha’ Bahrain Bahrain so, to recap, we’ve got i’m going to do this all in one go Joobai Dubai Quwayt Kuwait Kutarr Qatar Russell Caimah Ras al-Khaimah Baaarain Bahrain okay, I hope you find this video useful if you did, please like it, share it and give it a thumbs up and leave me a comment cause I read them all at least at this point I do and can you please leave me a comment down there and click one of these buttons as well there’re more videos form this channel there, you can subscribe to this channel there I’m Mike, I teach Arabic I appreciate you coming here and watching this video I’ll see you again soon, for now, bye bye

100 Replies to “How To Pronounce Arabic Countries Correctly”

  • HeSsA SONE says:

    قطر صارت غيتار '-'؟؟؟؟
    انا من البحرين ههه… علمهم يقولون اسم حصة 😢

  • Russkiy Deutsch says:

    Words like “Qatar” and “Bahrain” are very hard to people who don’t know Arabic pronounciation. The “Q” and “H/7” are very difficult 😂

  • S E says:

    I'm from Bahrain <3

  • Falah Alharbi says:

    Its useful 🌹 thnx

  • Falah Alharbi says:

    I want to ask u mike, did u met some kuwaiti friends in kuwait, cause i didn’t see any body with u in kuwait by your videos, cause i want to advice u to meet some friends to hanging out going there and there like “ malls , chalet , farms , coffee shops and more activities 🌹 cordially 🌹

  • sweetxtoota says:

    Alhamdullah I lived till this moment to hear a British man pronounce Bahrain correctly

  • Aimy Candy says:

    stranger things I can't lol

  • najd mohammed says:

    I’m an Arabic speaker and I can’t roll my R 😔

  • Norca Umm Yusuf says:

    Shukran Mike, I'm not from the middle east but being a Spanish speaker I can more easily pronounce the Arabic correct way and I don't know why I had started pronounce words in the English way, this video made me want to stick to the original Arabic pronunciation of words, I want to impress the Arabic speakers haha
    "Bahhhhhrrrrayn, Qatar… " 🖐️

  • Skyrux Art says:

    hey I am from kuwait and i really enjoyed your videos and started watching them, i really liked them and its quite interesting seeing an English man speaking arabic or visiting our country and i am happy that you enjoy the stay here, and i was saying did you come around february 25th and 26th because you know kuwait international day, and stuff alot happened

  • قنوت احمد says:

    so for me I need to practice how to not roll my R

  • fadhel97 says:

    تعال البحرين بعزمك على غدا

  • death trap says:

    Russell Caimah does sound like a real guy's name 😀

  • Mvslim ِ says:

    Ras Al Khaima .. Russell Kaima, its how it's pronounced by non arabs 😂

  • Racim says:

    In your videos you teach Arabic, but l'm flowing you just to learn English, it's a little bit funny

  • Ahmed T Yass says:

    قناة جيدة وفيديوهات جميلة

  • Alaa علاء says:

    Please do
    Iraq – عراق
    Oman – عمان
    Palestine – فلسطين
    Jordan – اردن
    Syria – سوريا

  • LordMandlof says:

    thx mike now my Canadian friend call me حيثم insted of هيثم fix hos mind plz 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Shona Loren says:

    I’ve never heard anyone say Jewbye instead of Dubai! :/

  • zoz says:

    Have u visit البحرين before?

  • Nuance says:

    It's not Q-wait… but it's also not Q-bec. It's pronounced Ke-bec

  • Sneha Arvind says:

    Your videos are super fun to watch! I grew up in Muscat, Oman. Lived there for about 15 years. Really regret not learning Arabic. Having seen a few of your videos now, I feel worse about it, haha!

  • Samah Habib says:

    Very good job dude.. And I'm from Bahrain 😄.. If you want you can contact me via email or facebook

  • Lsk Hxiej says:


  • hy a says:

    I've heard some people pronounce Qatar like "cutter". Is that also closer compared to "ka-TAR"??

  • Natali Todorova says:

    Sweet! Do you know anything more about the countries?

  • رمساوي says:

    انت اول إنجليزي ينطق حرف الحاء ( ح ) المهم معزوم عندنا في رأس الخيمة 😘❤️

  • Saberio says:

    Dubai. Dhuu baay.. As in دبي, دوبئی, दूबाई, ਦੁਬਈ. Not do bye

  • Osama Wazni says:

    Can u say Iraq in Arabic

  • DudeizRandom says:

    I was born and live in scotland (uk) and I already roll my r 's. Only like 2 years ago I could do that. Not anymore though. And u said most brits can't roll their r's

  • Mohammed Namlah says:

    See Batman begins when Liam Neeson say “رأس الغول”

  • Jamila Hadade says:

    Hi Mike your Arabic is astounding! I hope one day I can speak as well as you, Inshallah

  • German Joker says:

    Can you understand the Qur'an

  • Haseeb Saqib says:

    You're still pronouncing Dubai and Kuwait wrong.

  • F33 435i says:

    Russel cayma

  • Teen Peerawid says:

    Useful and enjoy this vdo

  • Rola Mohamed says:

    I'm Egyptian and I'm in love with the British accent 😂😂❤️ I really wish I can learn it

  • AsunaBR says:

    I'm starting to study Arabic and pronounce the 'R' is soo difficult for me. Everytime I try to make the rrr I feel myself ridiculous because I can just tremble my tongue very pitifully,and then it stays there all static. It really sucks,hahahaha

  • sdaly 1 says:


  • sdaly 1 says:

    قناتك جميلة استمر في محتواك

  • Hunty Baby says:

    You need a daddy?

  • Ghanim Alkuwari says:

    Qatar is a safe country even though there is political tension it is still fine and nothing has changed since the blockade. I’m a Qatari and nothing has changed compared to what they have been showing in the media.

  • AYL Yi-Huh says:

    nothing's worse than I-RACK

  • Leila Molaei says:

    Sorry but this is the equivalent of saying we should call Germany Deutschland in English. Makes no sense. There is an English name for each place using English sounds.

  • Neutral Bruh says:

    How urdu speaking people say those :
    Dubai – دوبآی (doo-bai)
    Kuwait – کووےت (ko-waitt)
    Qatar – قتر (qua-tar)
    Ras-al-qaima – راسآل قیما (rasal-kheema)

  • muhammad40000 says:

    You should add Arabic subtitles

  • bachelors of trolling degree, 2013 says:

    I cant roll r's but I can roll joints

  • I N says:

    приятно слушать)

  • Hammany 7978 says:

    Well I live in Bahrain

  • Hammany 7978 says:

    هل تريد تعليمات

  • AzazTheKing says:

    It's really interesting how people warp sounds like this. For example, I study Mandarin, and it always strikes me as odd when people pronounce Beijing as "Bei-zzhing". They needless complicate a word that actually has fairly simply pronunciation. Same thing with these UK ways of saying Dubai and Kuwait.

  • حسن شراباتي says:

    I call you good and wish you progress I love you with all my heart

  • Ahmed prince says:

    very nice

  • صلاح الوائلي says:

    English spelling is very difficult for me as an Arabian guy

  • Christian Diress says:

    Your channel is the best. It helps many people who wants to learn"Al Arabiya". Barak Allah. Arabic for English speakers is the difficult thing ever. You are brave. Elelelelelelelay💃🇧🇭. Ra's al-khaimah is so beautiful. I want to know if you have went to Bahrayn.Maselama

  • miyagiX79 says:

    You are cool

  • Snowman 雪人 says:


  • Nahla Harba says:

    على فكرة حتى وانت عم تحكي بالفصحى مايك لهجتك خليجية😁

  • Maureen Crawford says:

    Nicely done ! Could you teach us how to say Saudi Arabia? Thanks.

  • ffion says:

    Yeah, except when people speak English we don’t pronounce country names authentically in their respective languages. They’re like loanwords. You’d just sound pretentious if you roll your Rs every time you say a Spanish loanword, or make that guttural CH sound every time you mention Bach or lochs.

  • J R says:

    Cringe things in this video:
    -incorrectly using Quebec as an example of a kw sound in a video about being more culturally aware of how to pronounce place names
    -repeating the word "daddy" again and again unironically
    -pretending that you accidentally slipped into arabic without even realising you were speaking it

    That said, I do like your videos, I just think this one could have had a tad more prep, that's all.

  • Andrés Campe says:

    Thank you very much fot this video. I came across it trying to find how to pronounce the name of the Sahara desert in arabic. Although google's and youtube's algorithm did not find an answer to my question, I watched and liked your video.

    I'm from Argentina and my first language is Spanish, and i found your video very interesting as, from my point of view, you explain the pronunciation of a third language (Arabic) from a second language (English). This helped my sharpen my pronunciation of the name of those places. The transliteration is very clear about the pronunciation, and i found funny you trying to explain the british how to pronounce the names, and specially the part of rolling the R. Although the transliteration's pronuciaion is closer to Spanish than to English, most people here just don't care about the real names of arabic countries, places and cities as we have a spanish name for all the countries and the main cities and places in northern Africa, Middle East and the Arab Peninsula. For instance we call Egypt Egipto, Al-Qāhira El Cairo and الدار البيضاء Casablanca.

    I'm interested in languages, i study about a dozen of them in Duolingo, including Russian and Chinese, so i'm familiarized with the transliterations. I'm still waiting for some kind of "standard arabic" to be taught if that exists, or a regional variation that could be widely intelligible. I don't know what would be the most convinient, as Saudi Arabia has 30 million people and Egypt almost 100 million. I guess Arabic from Arabia migh be closer to the Quran and might be as well closer to a scholar/religous/classical standard, but maybe not the most widely spoken. I'd like to be able to be understood from Morocco to Iraq if that could be possible using just one single variation.

    What do you say from your experiencie in Kuwait?

  • Bader says:

    I know how to pronounce them I am an Arab Idk why I am here

  • Mokhtar Almuwahid says:

    الأغرب من ذلك هو أسماء دولتي الجزائر و مصر!
    It's not Algeria but Al-jazair!, and it's not Egypt it is Misser!

  • شوق المحري says:


  • Rasburry 2333 says:

    I’m happy that he was actually able to like say the ‘kh’ is raas al Khaima because a lot of non Arab people don’t particularly know how to pronounce so yeah I’m happy

  • captin meme says:

    I live in bahrain in riffa

  • OHM-968692 says:

    Are you sure your pronunciation of "Dubai" is correct? All Arabic speakers I've ever heard pronounce it closer to "du-bay"

  • Petros Ps says:

    In Greece we call Dubai and Bahrain like you said

  • Petros Ps says:

    We also roll our Rs and kha is easier to do

  • s1r_dr2g0n says:

    JEWDubia ??!!!

    [ ISIS Get's TRIGGERED ]

  • Madhulika Korde says:

    I love you. Urgh. You're beautiful.

  • Hzhz Fzfz says:

    لغتك العربية جميلة جدا يا صديقي، أتمنى لك التوفيق.

  • Sara Begermy says:

    You pronounced Abu Dhabi wrongly. It should be ظ not ض

  • Jeska Estrada says:

    Kuwait and Quatar? Looks like quatar has a twin called Bahrain 🇧🇭🇶🇦

  • TheUtubewatcher2010 says:

    SO I ROLLL MY RRRR CAUSE I AM SPANISH will that help me learn arabic?

  • SomeRandomGuyOnYouTube says:

    You'll be shocked at how different Emeratis pronounce "Dubai" lol

  • Walaa Ali says:

    لغتك جميله واصل التقدم اتمنى لك التوفيق والنجاح
    اعذرني إذا وجدت لدي أخطاء في الإملاء
    فأنا لا أزال في الصف الثالث اي اني لم اتعلم الكتابه بطريقه صحيحه بعد ولا أزال احاول التحدث بالفصحى مع اني لا اجيدها وشكرا

  • Shadwa Barghash says:

    I'm Egyptian and I have a weak R, you don't need to roll it; just pronouns the rest of the letters correctly.

  • Peashooter Winmo says:

    In the west we call it Dubai in the first place, noone says J
    Same with Kuwait.

    Outside of Britain, we say oo a lot more and yu a lot less.

  • Parissa MKho says:

    Dubai is not Doo+baai but more Do+bey
    And kuweit is not kooo+weit bit more Ko+weit

  • Israel Amor says:

    It's funny when you said "Qatar" is the easiest one because as a Filipino, it's the most difficult to pronounce among all 4 places.

  • mbmh says:

    In the Qatari dialect we pronounce Qatar ( Getar) G is like the G in the world Girl and T is (ط) the letter he pronounced in the video.

  • Don O says:

    How about EYE-RAN or EYE-RAQ 😂

  • hamzali says:

    I think people should say “dubei” instead of “dubai or dubay”

  • Bader Sy says:

    I'm a native Arabic speaker, I don't know why I am watching this. Still, good effort, mate. Please teach people how to say properly Aladdin too lol.

  • Lovecatx says:

    Wow, I've never heard people saying "dyubai/jewbai" for Dubai, and I'm from the UK. What an odd mispronunciation. (I've not really heard "Kyuwait" much either, though I have heard that a wee bit.) Interesting to know though.

    Also most people I know roll their Rs in their general speech, I didn't know that was difficult at all. It's standard for me. A rolled R or a tapped R, depending on the word.

    Sometimes the most interesting stuff is finding out what other people don't know or find odd. It's probably a theory of mind problem for me.

  • WRLD says:

    There’s two sounds in Qatar that aren’t in the English langue sooo

  • HHTV3 says:

    This is how we pronounce those names:
    Dobay, people in UAE pronounce it dbay.
    Ra's El khaima
    El Bahrain
    El Kuwait

  • Exnyy says:

    Why am i here since im arabian- no hate but this is true owo

  • Munt Munt says:

    نصيحة اترك اللهجات العربية لكي لا تعيقك عن تعلم اللغة العربية الفصحى
    I advise you to let the arabic dialectic in order to they not hamper you from learning Al FUSHA

  • Eduardo Garcia says:

    Dude, you’re the best.

  • YAGAMI LIGHT says:

    What about IRAQ Most people say IRAQ (Q) It's ق not ك

  • Jefferson Souza says:

    Man, id like to be your friend. U have a good vibration…

  • Kat Aw says:

    الشارقة و ليس الشارجة.

  • amun sikandar says:

    Well this was fun and educational😊

  • Luke says:

    In Saudi Arabia Born And Raised
    On the minefield is where I shot most of the gays
    Chillin out maxin relaxin all cool, shooting some kids outside of the pool
    When a couple of guys they were up to no good!
    Started killing women in my neighborhood
    I got one gun fight and my mom got scared!
    She said “You’re joining the guerrilla in a town called Baghdad.”

  • qTdR says:

    Dubai is kinda like "Do-bay". Take the "bey." from Beyblade, and you got yourself a correct pronunciation.

  • Zuzu Seeara says:

    ras el khaimah is not a country 😂

  • Ali Mohamed says:

    انا أعيش في بحرين لنا انا بحريني

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